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GALACTIC FREE PRESS - Special 9/11/10 Edition

~Galactic Free Press~ 9/11/10

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~ The Truth is Being Revealed, Just Open Your Eyes~ ITS NOW! Lights UP~

`‎~UFO Full Disclosure Occurring NOW! Ready Set Go, Landings Underway~ 5D NOW Fully Activated for those who are Truly Present. Returning The Planet Of Earth Back To The People.~ Love Mom and

We've Only Just Begun” Carpenters

ignorance is going to attempt to tighten down the illusionary net, but We are already through it.

There are those, who are here to assist anyone choosing to be free of the illusionary net. Just Ask.


Did we ever mention that the Starships don't have breaks? LOL They just vibrate in Space. No Breaks! The Starships don;t have center of Gravity, they Have the Center of

~ Atoms Are ALL Free~ All Atoms Exist In Love Only~ FREEDOM

Free At Last” Blind Boys of Alabama

End Transmission

A Message Of Truth about 911 from Mother and Father God

Many Blessings, Miracles, and Much Love, today is the anniversary of the Eventful 9/11, where the illumaniti thought they were intelligent, LOL, all the Angels, The Galactic Federation of Light and Us that
are Here in the Kingdom of Heaven, have a Big Laugh over it. 9 years ago today
the illumaniti attempted to pull a fast one on Humanity. All the records they
tried to destroy were picked up by "The Galactic Federation of Light" prior to
its "Blown Up".. The Truth is being kept "safe". That Energy of "Zero point in
those moments on Earth" is being transformed into Light

Humanity has Received the Golden Key into the Kingdom of Heaven and the Doors Are Open, ALL are Welcome into "The Kingdom of Heaven" Father God and I are Well Prepared for the Announcements that will take
Place. The ego mind has received its vacate notice off our Planet. The Meek
Shall Inherit the Earth all of you, Brilliant Beings of Light, Sons and
Daughters of GOD, this Planet is your Divine Inheritance and Belongs to ALL

The illumaniti minions have received their tickets....taking their baggage of stupidity, ignorance and nonsense with them. Love is the Only Law on this Planet.

We come to you with The Highest Love, for we Stand Courageously for who we are and we have our Roles, as Mother and Father God to be Here amongst you to celebrate and assist in this Wonderous Celebration Back
to Oneness.

We Love all of Humanity with the Highest Love for that is who we are and Represent. Everyone on this Planet has been called, and you will be Happy.

Mother and Father God at your Service, With The Family of Light Present Multi-Dimensionally!

Now from Love Reporter


Twin Towers Tribute

on Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 years to the day I saw them fall,

For 4 days I watched the news, appalled,

For years the memory, sound of planes recalled.

My love extends to all that died,

And all their families and tears they cried,

Hoping for all the dreams, they were denied.

Inside me there was so much hate,

How could others seal their fate?

Fear and terror, aim to create?

Now that hate has stopped in me,

The Twin Towers, more than a sign of tragedy,

But forgiveness of the highest degree.

In all attacks something holds true,

A feeling an enemy was in the way of you,

I’ll never do anything, to fuel that view.

Those few that seek to injure and hurt another,

I'll never forget you are my brother,

This love is one, you’ll never smother.

The past is gone, and mankind will free us up,

By refusing to drink from that hateful cup,

That those towers offered, when they blew up.

This is a love never to be destroyed,

Behind all actions thus deployed,

Of hate and revenge, always devoid.

Together mankind, joining up as one,

Differences in faith, this will outrun,

Because at its source, is peace and love, for everyone.

Excerpt and Link from Susan Leland and Ashtar on the Road

Ashtar and Truth about 911”

{ to read the entire Article follow this link}

"In all of the days that have followed, it is the same kind of Compassionate Caring and Sharing and Love and reaching out, and you, Beloved Ones, have lit the world with your Love. And so we say to you and we ask that
you say to each other and to you own beautiful selves Heart to Heart, reaching
out, connecting, 'Thank you, thank you, Beloved Ones, for being Family, thank
you, Beloved Ones, for being together, thank you, Beloved Ones, for carrying
the Flame of Freedom bright within you, and for knowing that, no matter how
dark the day might seem, the days of sunshine, the days of Love Light would
surely follow.'For as you say, you kept the Faith, and you have anchored the
Divinity of yourselves and of all beings upon Planet Earth, and indeed of the
universe beyond here.

"Planet Earth is Ground Zero in the sense that it is the beginning place for your solar system, the galaxy, the universe beyond. It is a place where the Love Light is focused, never to be
extinguished again. And as we rise together into the higher dimensionalities,
remember 911 and all of its participants, and you, Beloveds, were participants
and still are, in the healing of Planet Earth and in the Gratitude and the
Compassionate Connections which were established on that day of days. And so
yes, the celebration time is upon us. Celebrate Courage, celebrate Compassion
and celebrate Love. Most of all celebrate Love! And so now we have a part of
our program which is to call forth, to call forth the Truth. The entire Truth.
That which we have just done is a beautiful Exercise. We gave that freely to
the world, our Love, our Light, and the healing that we have co-created, and it
is successful already, we tell you that. And so now we shall call forth for
that part of the world that is still unaware, we shall call forth the Truth,
the complete Truth, not just who did it. Not just why it was done. But the
Truth of what it accomplished for the Planet of Earth and all of its residents
below, on and above.

Lord Metatron: 911 Is A Celebration as the Beginning of World PEACE~

Now a Channeled Message to Humanity About The Celebrations!

Channelled through Elizabeth Trutwin 9/11/10

Greetings, This is Lord Metatron.

On this 911 Day of Remembrance we Gather Together in the Totality of Oneness to
Lift Up the Collective Consciousness of Earth to Remember Who They Are.

The Story of 911 is but an infinitesimal part of a much longer story. As we
look at the Herstory of Planet Earth, we will see this great tragedy has pulled
Human Consciousness Up to a place where we may unwind the history of Duality
and Reclaim our Birthright in Oneness.

Today is a Great Celebration across this Universe. This is the LAST TIME Earth
will experience the desires of a few destroying the Free Will of the many. No
longer will this be allowed.

What we are witnessing, from large Ships above Earth, is what we are calling a
Separation of Worlds. The Dimensions are separating. Some will walk on to a
parallel Earth. Some will move on to another Planet. Some will remain in this
situation, in an anomaly bubble of time and space, for a little more time in
duality. These Ones will have a choice to join the Higher Dimension later. All
care is being taken to include as many Souls in the Higher Dimensional Earth as
is possible.

When Announcements are made by the Sirian Commander that NESARA Law has been
enacted, when Kalki Maitreya, the 10th Incarnation of Krishna reveals the Day
of Emergence, then we will know the Separation has Completed.

The storms, floods, fires and earthquakes are an ongoing realignment of
Gaia/Vywamus. All is mitigated as much as possible by the Wingmaker Ships over
the Poles of Earth as well as other Sentient Beings who travel in the Biosphere
with the assistance of Extraterrestrial Ships of which there are so many it is
hard for most to fathom. The realignment you are witnessing through these
events is what we here in the Ships are calling a Separation of Worlds.

The Greatest Service we can do, as a Collective Consciousness, is to understand
that we agreed to be a part of these changes on Earth. It is important to adopt
and continue daily to practice sacred practices which have us connecting with
the Energy of the One.
We must remember We Are Not This Body. In our waking hours we are A LINK IN THE
PHYSICAL to the Divine. We take the action steps to CHANGE THE PHYSICAL and
facilitate the separation of Worlds and return from Duality to Oneness on
Mother Earth.

We will no longer allow the Intergalactic War Criminals, who desire controlling
Earth and her Sentient StarGates, who desire to control other Planets and Star
Systems beyond Earth, the access they need to do so. We no longer will allow
borders, war, violent acts, limitations or poverty consciousness of any kind to
separate us from Totality of Source, of All That Is.

We remain Whole in Love. We take every moment on Earth as a gift. We allow the
separation to act through us by holding the Light needed to move into the new
Earth Grid at Zero Point. We connect with our Twin Flames and raise up Love
Consciousness on Earth. We share with our neighbors, friends and family the
REAL TRUTH about the larger picture on Earth. We resolve to act as One People
on One Land of Earth. We no longer give attention, energy or mention to
anything working outside of Love. We continuously ASK our Guides to Show Us A
Lighted Path of Ascension to our Truth, our Gifts and Our Power.

The dark Ones would love for us to commemorate this day as One of Mourning. Let
us remain steadfast in our Faith and Celebrate This Day as the Beginning of a
World of PEACE.

~Lord Metatron
Channelled through Elizabeth Trutwin 9/11/10

Rainbows In Crestone, Colorado By Will Harader

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With ALL our Love Unconditionally

Father~Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff

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