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~Galactic Free Press~ 9/9/10

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Love Train O Jay's

Last Night on the Starships, We had a Party where We were discussing when the rectifier that We installed in the grid, would download the higher levels of energy into the grid
for human Consciousness to develop into the highest possible expression. We
discovered that Today would be the Day for Humanity to connect in,

The Planet Will be able to breathe again when We take the world off of her! We will just pry it off. Like cracking an egg.

See right Now, We are Preparing Humanity for the 3 days of the void. Humanity has been avoiding this void. Well, We are gonna take you right through the void, cause when the
magnetic field goes to zero, everything shuts down, for the reboot of
humanity's connection to reality, Yipee!!

We highly recommend for these 3 days, you focus on Being You, Being. Not doing, cause if you are doing you are not Being, you're missing Being. Being you are in, Thank You for Being
Present and Participating.

There is only one way Creation can Go, there is no going back, cause there ain't no back to go back to.

Love will turn you around Kenny Rogers

The ones in the Light can see right through the darkness, the ones in the darkness can't even see the Light.

You See, Everyone that is connecting In Now, is Wondering What Part in Creation is their Part. Well, Once You Begin Participating then you will know your Part. This is Simple. It's the
how to participate part.



ignorance 0 =nothing


What About Now Chris Daughtry

Love Remains the same

The Decrees, Decreed

By Mother and Father God, and The Kingdom of Heaven

Decree 1- All Hostilities against your Brothers and Sisters, must stop NOW, even in illusion this is ridiculous, no more killing of Our Children, Decreed,
and So it is on Earth as it is In Heaven.

Decree 2- All of the religions on this Planet, that have taken from the People,
and lied to the People, must give everything back to the People, whom they have
deceived. Then Provide them With the Real Truth, Which Will be an OH! My! God!
Event!! And SO it IS!, and is Done, Granted.

Decree 3-All Corporations Being illegal, non-existent entities, Will Be
Dissolved immediately, Love is all That Exists, On Planet Earth=Heart, where WE
are all Equal. Cooperations will be installed in their place, effective
immediately. This is When NESARA will be released to the People. And So it is
on Earth as it is in Heaven, and SO it is, Decreed, Granted.

Decree 4- No Longer will the Resources of this Planet be exploited to feather
the nests of the ignorant. All the Resources on this Planet are Now, to Be
returned to the People, as They belong to the People. And So it is On Earth as
it is in Heaven and SO it is Decreed, and Granted.

Decree 5- The Entire 911 Truth, as well as The UFO Conspiracy Cover-Up, Must Be
Revealed immediately, with all Other Secrets. [Otherwise, We will Just Show-Up]
This will Be Revealed Now, to The People, which, The People, are the True
Government on this Planet, this is The True National Security, The People are
the Ones that make the Country Secure. If these are Not Revealed immediately,
WE The People, Will Abolish that illusionary Government. And So it is and so
will Be Done. Decreed, Granted.

Decree 6- AS soon as the Corporations are Dissolved and Cooperations have
replaced them, The NESARA Funds are to Be released to the People, effective
immediately, as soon as this occurs. And So it it is Done, and Decreed,

Decree 7- The Dream Machine, has been within the Pyramids, in which the
Illuminati tapped into back into Atlantis. They soon found Psychics who were
able to assist them. They found this and began misusing it, by implanting
dreams and lower thoughts for the use of their own purposes. Celia Fenn
Discussed this the Dream Machine in another Message. This has gone on for 13
Millenia. 13 Millenia is like one drop of water in a Multi-Dimensional
Universe, an Ocean of Pure Love, as Always Pure Love. Because of the severe
misuse of this Machine, The Planet has Requested it Be Reset to the Highest
Possible Thought. Now, We will be Very Gentle with this, because an immediate
Reboot would shock some of the Beings to Intensely. The Reboot will be a
process, of a Shutdown, and Restart. Everyone on this Planet has Until October
28th, 2011, To Readjust to the New Reality. Now, All Lightworkers that have
Already Stepped out of the dream, Your responsibility is to assist All Your
Other Brothers and Sisters that are still in the Dream, out Of the Dream! And
so it is, and so shall be Done. And so it is on Earth as it is In Heaven. And
SO it Shall be, as Decreed and Granted.

These Decrees have always been Ever Present. Meaning they have Always Been
Here. Now, it is Up to all Of you, to Put these into your Experience, Creation
in Motion. For this is the Absolutely Exact Right Moment, of Your Complete
Freedom if You So Choose, The Moment is NOW, When the Planet is Returned to the
People. The Meek Are Inheriting the Earth. And SO it is on Earth as It is in
The Kingdom of Heaven, and So it is, and So Shall Be as Decreed and

These Decrees Have Been Decreed, By the Galactic Federation of Light, The
Kingdom Company of Heaven, All of the Angels, All of Your Family of Light,
Mother Earth, The Ground Crew Medical Team, For First Contact and By Your Real
Parents of Creation, Mother and Father God/Amon Ra. Granted and Decreed and SO
it is, and So Shall Be done.

Attention all Lightworkers, Please Spread this Across the Planet. This is the
Highest Truth on Planet Earth=Heart, as Decreed and Granted to

End Transmission

Love Unconditional Father~MotherGod

~Conversation with The Editors~

US: Gerard, You had a Comment directed towards you in our groups site

Sent on Thursday


Gerard: Thank you. How are you ?

US: Wonderful

Connecting in with the people.

Gerard: I am so sorry, I have been very busy, but I have so much to ask you. Can we have a session tomorrow ?

US: its beautiful


what time?

Gerard: Shall we say the same time. That 's your time 09.00 hrs ?

US: sure

We will be here

We Love You

Gerard: I am delighted. Finally I could connect in with the site of the terrestrials. It is very very interesting.

US:You are a terrestial

Gerard: Am I ?


Gerard: Sorry I meant extraterrestrial

US: Yep That Too Also Equal

Gerard: Yes I understand now, but as I told you I never had something with extraterrestrials. But I have now.

US: yes you do now

Now is what matters.

Gerard: For instance I like the messages from Salusa very much. What a wisdom ! I know that now is what matters. I am learning every day. Its like the pieces of the puzzle start to fall

US: yep thats whats occurring, and a Love Story, The Truth is Unfolding on the internet

everyone is jumping in

Gerard: I am very pleased with it and I hope to chat with you again tomorrow. I 'll be there. I love you too, but I don't have to tell you that.

US: Yes, Chat with you tomorrow

Gerard: Thank you for the moment and until tomorrow !

Love you so much !

US: Be In Joy

Love You So Much

Gerard: Thank you !!!!!!

US: Before you go, did you read yesterdays Galactic Free Press?

Gerard: Bye bye

No I was busy with other earthly things, but I will read it tonight, ok ?



very Important

Gerard: Ok, I am reading already.

US: k


Gerard: I read it and can only say : it is The Truth and nothing but The Truth. For me it is just like I already knew those Words, but every new time I think of those words makes me very

Gerard: Thank you for the message. You give us hope and trust in everything we do.

US: Your Welcome and That went to Print

End of conversation

Love Reporter SD Penny with a Comment from the Editors:!/stardustpenny

Sd Penny ♥ The world shatters the love we have for each everyday... so why do we put our 'eyes' on those things? God is speaking love into us in every second... why are we not increasing that
vibration into the energy matrix? ♥ I shall only repeat those things of God so
my world becomes filled with love... so I see my Brothers and Sisters as love.
My 'eyes' belong to God. ♥

Sd Penny ♥ <333> May the peace of God fill humanity this glorious day.... ♥

FathermotherGod Amon Ra Yes, So Very True, Thank You For Being Right On The Energy!! We would Like to add these words to Todays Galactic Free Press if that is okay, with a link to
your facebook. All Our Love On this Glorious Day, AS Love Fills the Hearts Of
ALL Human Kind. Its True, and its Our Joy. Love Mother and Father God WE Love

Ponder Cory with a Message for Humanity

Ponder Cory

WE all are raising the unity consciousness around Mother Earth. For each person that seeks the truth, shares wisdom, shares love, gives compassion and feels joy helps create a higher frequency for all. This
vibration is all around us and people are feeling it in their hearts
everywhere. Small acts of kindness and just thinking about the truth creates a
higher vibe...light and love to ALL....

Would You Like an Awakening Session with Us? Email us at
for a list of
services follow this link

If You would like to join the rest of Your Family, you can join us at

With ALL our Love Unconditionally

Father~Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff

Highly recommended reads

Barbra Hand Clow “The Virgo New Moon Energy”

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