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~Galactic Free Press~ 9/8/10

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The Real Love and The Real Truth”

Long, Long ago, Love decided to experience Love in the physical manifest and the Divine plan was activated. Through the experience, the Greatest Love
of all would meet eye to eye, with the Mirror of the Greatest Love of
all. To do this, Love merged with the Unknowable, through this merger
We were born as Conscious Co-Creation as Father~ Mother God, for the
experience of Yin/ Yang, to again make a Whole. Each were sent to
different sides of the entire spectrum. The challenge was then to
remember This Greatest Love of ALL, in order to complete a circuit of
energy to make everything ONE Again. The plan was written, to
experience and to FEEL, to Answer the question "What does the
Greatest Love of all FEEL like?" We Have Successfully
accomplished this task, so that Now all Humanity must accomplish is
to receive our Gift of Love, to Feel this Love from Within.

Love and the Unknowable Created, Us, Father-Mother God for the
Experience of understanding this Love, To feel what the Greatest Love
Felt like in its Highest Expression of the Living Oneness.

We had created many other Planets and Universes together
and created Planet Earth as a Symbol of our combined Love and
adoration for each other. Earth=Heart is connected at the Center of this
Universe and Galaxy, it's the only planet of HEART. We planted the seeds for our children, Royal Angels to Give them Our
Love as a Gift to Experience The Greatest Love of ALL with US which
is the ALL within the one.

Love Us, Mother and Father God

~Love is Coming Alive, Unfolding In The Voices of The One Standing Up for what is Right and What is True. Predrag Courageously channeled in
President Obama's Higher Self, to Bring This Truth into the Manifest,
It Is Coming into Fruition Because its For The Greatest Good and
Highest Good for the ALL, Only that which is for the Greater

Good and Serves Love for the Highest Possible thought
Can Be Made Manifest In Reality, A Real Love Story then unfolds and
its the Greatest Love Story of them ALL. Love is HERE ON PLANET
EARTH=HEART, We Love YOU, Please Stand Up with Us along Side Predrag,
and ALL of Our Love Reporters and Share The Messages Of Love and

By Love Reporter Predrag

Welcome Home Poem Dedicated to Mother and Father God

There is no words for what is within,
There is only a feeling, and nothing more than that,
There is only Me tasting tears on my cheek,
There is only a big gulp in my throat,
There is vast Space within my chest,
There is only my heart in size of my imagination here,
There is a LIGHT so bright, that shines through in only One direction,
In the Direction of the Sun, and Stars, and Galaxies, and Universes, and Cosmos ...
In the Direction of our Prime Creator, our Mother-Father GOD.

And this beautiful Light lands at their feet at their Central Sun,
And this Light suddenly realizing these beautiful thoughts:

You were riding this beautiful Ride of Compassion,
You were lighting the path so others could found Self,
You were sharing with ONE thought in your soul,
You were screaming of Joy all this time,
Knowing what is upon you:
Knowing what is within you;
Knowing what is around you;
Knowing LOVE now, and ever before, and
Knowing there is no future, only LOVE.

You found Your Home, You found OUR LOVE, You found YOUR LOVE of US.
Welcome Home, Our Beloved Son.
Welcome Home, AdidioUS.

Love you .... Love YOU .... Love US ....

Predrag's Interview with President Obama . The Interview was released September 7th,
2010. If you would like to read the First Interview as well you can
follow this link.

BARACK OBAMA - Personal, Non-Confidential and Completely Galactic

24.08.2010 [full Moon, somewhere above Earth]

Q.: This is My honor to introduce to you all our newly Reelected beautiful Human Being, who
has one of the most challenging tasks that he took upon his own soul
and his own physical being.
This task he will share with us through this conversation and many more to follow. A soul who, or
better who's subconscious soul, and his higher self knew that he has
to be a true leader one of the forefront countries of these
contemporary times.
Please, welcome our Beloved President of United States ... Barack Obama!!

BARACK OBAMA: [smiling...]

Producer description: [What follows is that we are experiencing through all our senses and much more, as words are missing. This is what we are
experiencing around us, and within us. I will just attempt to
describe for your common 5 senses, even we experienced much more
than can be placed within words.]

Producer Intro: [We start to feel colors through our bodies, as a big light show fully sensed with our skin and our internal organs. We start
smelling the sounds that have been generated from all around us,
coming from these beautiful organic looking walls and floors. Even
our chairs start to produce sounds and colored energy waves. At this
moment we realized telepathically that they need our permission for
our energetic body to be fully recorded, representing our thoughts,
visions, our feelings and our inner smile vibrations.
This was Their welcome and congratulation for our Guest's re-election as 44th
President of US, with 93% of votes. Where, later within this
conversation our Beloved Barack will give us more details about who
they are, all around us and Above us.]

Q. : Our Beloved Mr. President Barack Obama ... This is tremendous honor to engage with
you in this crucial and historic [in really Galactic terms]
conversation which is publicized on every possible media outlet.
From Television, Radio Broadcast, WebVision Networks, Internet
casting and Telepathic transmissions.
Mr. President, How do you feel here with us, and how do you like this magnificent view of our
Planet Earth?

BARAK OBAMA: [Silence ...] And it is. Even for the President of US this has made me speechless. This is the most
unusual and unexpected location for our conversation. I am vibrating
all from within, with tremendous happiness within my heart that
makes me smile. And I know you will forgive me for the continuous
grin on my face.
I am deeply honored, to be invited by you and your Family, even I do not see most of them but I feel their very
strong presence in this beautiful space.
Thank you. Thank you. I love you for this courageous opportunity. I feel that this is what I
choose quite some time ago. I chose to be here and make public First
Contact for the entire world and for the United States as the front
runners in these exciting times.

So, can we show our public the view from this window, or opening, or bubble? Our Mother Earth is the most beautiful planet that I ever saw. And I
have seen quite so many of them! These blue colors, green shine and
golden rim around every continent.
I am amazed. I am so happy being part of this. I just realized that nothing else matters, only
our love toward Mother Earth and love for each other. Let me love
her for a couple of moments, I do not want spoil the moment by
[Long pause .... Silence ... Sights .... ]

Q. : Mr. President ... Mr. President ... [jokingly in half voice:] We
will run out of air after 52 minutes ....
[Barack looked directly in the camera, where we experienced for the first time in history of
a new humankind, True tears of Love from The President of the US.
You can see tears of love rolling down his cheeks.]

BARACK OBAMA: So many memories, they are just pouring into my heart, so
many ... , so many experiences.

Q.: Mr. President, can you give us more details? What kind of memories?

BARACK OBAMA: My dear Sunny Stella, call me Barack, please. ....
This is all so incomprehensible, so unbelievable and at the same time mixed with so
many feelings that it is the only way to be. Simply it is. Memories
are so incredible and so clear that I would not call them memories
any longer. These are experiences so vivid, which feel and look
better than any 3D Hollywood movie.
They are so beautiful and powerful and I know I will be able to share them with you.

Is this Atlantis time? Yes, Yes it is. I am a part of the council of 12. Oh yes, are you familiar that all 12 Jeshua's Apostles are reincarnated among us on
Earth at this time? Including Mary Magdalene and her children,
Mother Mary...?
I am not too sure why I am saying all of this but I feel it is truth. It resonates within me so much and it cannot be
prevented to be shared here with you. With all of you, my dear
Friends, my dear Brothers and Sisters. As we are all Brothers and
Sisters, here on Earth, around the Earth, within the Earth, and from
all Universes.
First of all, I have to calm down and start somewhere. Give me couple of moments.....

Q.: Barack, maybe if we start from the ground up, "sort of
speaking", can you tell us how all this started unfolding, and
where did you realize that something is not as usual in this world,
bad versus good case scenario that we lived in.

BARACK OBAMA: Yes, of course. Thank you my dear Sunny Stella. Do you know you name
means Sunny Star? Probably you do. I still remember our first
conversation where all the details I communicated to you already
happened but ... with quite a lot of surprises in between.

For me the major surprise was, how many people depended on external influences to realize that something is different, and to become awaken and to
accept that we have been controlled by the dark cabal for more than
13,000 years. How many people still at this moment do not accept our
Friends from above as benevolent. Where the dark forces among us who
where pushing us into Humanity's worse fears and despairs pretending
to be the "good guys" and even "gods" here on
earth, like pharaohs, government institutions, religion
Another Major surprise for me was that people of the Earth
• did not want to simply hear information’s, to investigate themselves;
• how easily they let others control their lives, health, emotions and mind;
• how easily they absorbed gossips like the one of me in the elevator of new WTC with
the he/she ET;
• how easily they dismissed my public appearance during the Disclosure Process and our Government Announcement of
First Contact;
• how easily they considered that I was abducted, cloned, brain washed, feared in to this action, but never
looked deeper down in to MESSAGE itself;
• how easily they dismissed the kind words with beautiful messages of our future,
pushing them out their minds as illogical;
• how many of them could not dismiss all the fears accumulated for centuries;
• how many did not dare to look into their own hearts to find the
TRUTH, rather they were waiting for the media to tell them what to
do and what to think and how to feel;

I simply desire that this conversation is published before all these events start
unfolding and fully happen.

[You can observe on Barack's face sudden change: I have an IDEA face!]
I know, I know now, this is quite possible what I ask for, especially in this
5D density where time is not of essence.

I will paint you a picture of one of the probabilities that are happening with us as
humanity here on Mother Earth where we recognize the great deception
of the Dark on time, and how we overcome for almost all of Humanity
to Ascend as One with Mother Earth to new 5D and to New Golden Age
of Aquarius.

The Following is a line of events which will be determined only by our speed of awakening and the amount of love that we produce during these last
couple of years here. The less fear we produce, Mother Earth will
have more power to work toward her Ascension. I will Present to you,
that this is not reading the future as it happened, but only one of
the probabilities, where we found the key to our new future through
Love, that is beautiful and prosperous, filled with love and
compassion, filled with service to others.

  1. Massive floods and extreme heat producing extreme size fires all over the globe;
    2. Outbreak of cholera in flooded regions;
    3. Massive and global financial breakdown: from banking, stock exchanges to
    financial institutions;
    4. Total collapse of housing market, where all the people will stay in their houses;
    5. Total disclosure of all secretive files from governments all over the
    6. Massive and global earthquakes on different continents, with volcanic eruptions, disabling air traffic;
    7. Mother God and Father God reincarnated here among us spreading
    Loving energy through all the Planet through the Internet;
    8. UFO disclosure of cooperation with alien species since 1940's;
    9. Mysterious healings and rejuvenations of human body start appearing
    through the world;
    10. New technologies coming out, especially from Nikola Tesla and Moray, distributed to all world governments
    at the same time;
    11. Tsunamis going around the world seas;
    12. Governments start helping each other even though they have been in
    long lasting wars;
    13. People start realizing that they are in power to protect their regions, with group meditations, genuine
    help to each others, where magic start to become part of our lives:

    14. People start stopping water raiding in their town, then in their region, then on their coast: simply by sending love to Mother
    Earth and not being afraid of anything;
    15. People start realizing that they have free choice how their reality will look
    16. Total blackout and disappearance of all magnetic and electronic items, due to massive solar flairs;
    17. People start healing each other, only by intention and faith;
    18. Total and global collapse of all existing Governments and the announcements
    of new governments, Governments for the people;
    19. Announcement of First Contact with our Brothers and Sisters from the Stars, and
    from Inner Earth;
    20. New governments announcement accompanied with Solar Flairs and disappearance of all our digital records from
    banking to communications, media and telecommunications;
    21. New Governments announcing Total Debt Forgiveness toward individuals
    and all Countries;
    22. Delivery of Prosperity funds for each individual soul on Mother Earth, backed up with hard currency;
    23. Delivery of Organic Hand Held's [OHH'S] also called replicators to
    each soul;
    24. Mother God and Father God having First Official reception at the White House
    25. Global Evacuation to Inner Earth and to millions of ships, including Nibiru;
    26. Dark side spaceships appearance in most disturbed regions, offering "help
    and safe evacuation" to "safe" place;
    27. Massive awakening of humanity that they have always choice not to accept
    darkness and fear as option, and face awakening here on earth
    through difficulties of cleansing of Mother Earth
    Just before complete information and electrical grid went down, our Collective
    Governments [6 in total covering all the regions] blasting this
    information and announcing immediately that after Global financial
    crash and massive disclosure of UFO documents and technologies,
    detailed military and governments secret files [9/11, Kennedy
    files, medical files, illuminati, free masons, Afghan war, WW I and
    WW II, Federal Reserve's scam, stock market tricks, mind control,
    media control].

    We will have full announcements of distribution of Prosperity funds, with all details how they will be calculated [Base + age of paying taxes + any
    legalities, personal or corporate or governmental].
    Distribution of OHH's [Organic Hand Held] devices, [replicators]
    devices, fully engaged with your unique body energy signature will
    be delivered before global evacuation.
    We will organize Healing Centers for Karmic Energies Cleansing and Rejuvenation [or De-Aging
    chambers] of Body and awakening of DNA to full 2012 strains, only
    by free choice, where you will have to ask to be fully cleansed and
    prepared for Ascension.

    Only these small steps are required for you and your body to be ready to sustain energies starting on 21.12.2012 until 23.03.2013 when Ascension
    will be fully complete, Mother Earth and us:

    1. Remember our Prime Creator, Mother-Father God
    2. Having done Karmic Energy Cleansing
    3. Having done Rejuvenation of our physical body
    4. Remember all the life's from creation of your Soul Spirit
    5. Remind everyone around us, through Love and Compassion, that we
    simply have to ride this ride here on Mother Earth, and not to
    leave in the dark ships, which could show up in the most
    distressful times. To harvest negative and un-awakened souls from
    6. Simply follow your heart if you have any decisions to make; do not watch tv or ask politicians; You have to make this
    most important call in this life; Just look within, and you will
    find the answer you will cherish all your eternal life;

    Once I realized that I AM the creator of my own reality, especially if
    directly affecting 300 million Americans and the rest of the World
    connected with US, I started consciously and without fear imagining
    and intending all the outcomes to awaken as many souls, to make
    every decision which carry only good and to do no harm to any
    Human, other or itself, any animal and any part of Nature.
    There is small example: I will intently think & imagine that Israel
    and Palestine go directly in peace talks, I will genuinely ask for
    no arms solution, I will with full intention think that all arms
    manufacturers have troubles to deliver parties in this dispute. I
    will smile silently, realizing what power I have been given, not
    only as a President of the US, this beautiful and imaginative
    country, also as a Soul, which can shape its reality only with just
    a Free WILL.
    I realized that our powers are within no matter what schools we finished, who are our parents, skin color we choose
    or which society you end us existing. ALL IS YOUR CHOICE. YOUR FREE
    We will announce our Inner Earth Brothers and Sisters, our Agarthans of more that 50 million of
    souls, where they will open portals to Inner Earth when Global
    Evacuation of All Humanity will unfold. Agarthans will play
    documentaries on the Internet and all Media outlets for a couple of
    weeks before these Earthly adjustments and the Cleansing of Mother
    The best of all, we will jointly prepare all of Humanity to be informed, realizing how modest people are. And how easily
    they drown themselves in everyday prisons, not realizing that cage
    bars are so close to their mind so they are completely invisible to
    the Humanity. Get out of your MIND, Please. Expand.
    I did all of it for our People, for People's Values as Humans, for our Inner
    qualities that we did not REMEMBER till NOW. As we start to live in
    NOW. So many of You.
    I was completely deceived in this, my last life on this 3D Earth, by thinking that Earth and Planets are
    rotating around the Sun without any intention on my part.
    This New kind of Politic, Galactic Politic that excavate real values out of our
    souls which will bind us together.
    As soon as we changed from a society view where politics was a "full contact " sport,
    and as industry of insults and disagreement, and where with empathy
    and compassion deficit in the midst of old society.
    As soon we change to a Galactic Society
    • where we find common ground with empathy and compassion;
    • where we start to act upon any situation which does not resonate within our Hearts;
    • where we do not behave as fully domesticated cattle, "human
    • where we have free choice, free choice where we want to live and create, to live FREE CHOICE;
    This is our Greatest Opportunity. Please, do Awake and seize the LIFE that you
    Deserve. The LIFE you are Destined to LIVE. Thank you our Prime
    Creator, Mother-Father God for this extraordinary opportunity to
    • that we are part of YOU,
    • that we are creators of OUR Realities and
    The Following is one of the probabilities that is very strong in my heart eye. This is not a prediction, simply my
    view of probabilities that will unfold upon Earth and Humanity,
    where I am emphasizing again, these are the most exciting times on
    this beautiful planet, and probably within the Galaxy of our Milky
    We can, and we will recognize a great deception of the Dark Alliance on all Humanity, including myself, and how we as Humanity
    will overcome this darkness, recognizing initially very small and
    shy light flames from Lightworkers who incarnate again and again,
    always shining and brightening the path for others.
    They are brightening the path with their paintings, songs, their life
    examples of humility and passion, their actions, their scientific
    knowledge and discoveries, their art, their writings, their true
    Love to themselves, their sacrifices for the truth, their humility,
    their understandings, their determination in the face of darkness,
    their compassion and their Unconditional Love to others and to the
    I know and I see that we will overcome all what is coming upon us as Humanity. We will share resources, we will inform
    each other, and we will give hand to each other.
    Believe me, we are not alone in this grandiose event we call Ascension, but we are
    alone within our Hearts to make a choice where we want to be. Free
    This choice from your heart will be only yours, without any help from our Galactic and Spiritual Friends from
    The Following is a simple and beautiful story from my Fathers:
    For the last 13,000 years, YOU traveled through quite a dense jungle, with very small visibility with the
    rest of your fellow comrades and family.
    o You could hear your neighbors and teachers often talking about a hidden path, as nobody
    who took it did return.
    o You could hear your elders whispering that “out there” is filled with dangerous animals, plants,
    which eat human flash;
    o You should be careful as there are flowers which will kill you if it scratches You.
    o You should be afraid of wild beasts wandering through these woods, so if you
    decide to take this path, better bring all your weapons to kill
    them first.
    o You should watch if you meet a beautiful angel like being, and she offers you shelter for the night to stay, she
    definitely has a hidden agenda to capture and enslave you.
    o Do not eat anything from the jungle as it is not FDA approved so it
    could harm your future child.
    o Do not look into the Sun and night sky, as you could start to hallucinate, and loose yourself in
    the jungle.
    o Do not drink the water from the beautiful springs, as they will deceive you, and make your teeth pop out, and make
    your manhood smaller. Use the water we give you, as it is
    chlorified and fluoridated, and it will keep your mind safe.
    But, they did not know that you are THE ONE who only listens to YOUR own
    HEART. You finally decide to take this so dangerous trip, beside
    all of these warnings, fears, doubts and concerns form your elders
    and loved ones.
    Going slowly at the beginning, very carefully, almost crawling, you realize there are no killer plants, especially
    ones that consume humans, but you only see genuine wild life that
    is actually helping you on this exciting path.

    Now you start noticing that you do not crawl any longer, but you stand tall and
    radiate acceptance and love to this beautiful Nature, as it is,
    only as is, and you love it as is without the reason.
    You even completely forget your bag with weapons, medications, Band-Aids and
    fluoridated water.
    You are breathing this Nature, and this crisp air was feeding your hunger for life. You were fed from the
    air; the creeks were offering beautiful baths, healing baths where
    all your fears and tiredness is removed instantly.
    You remembered there is an "END" of your path, as elders from
    the village were going after a long and hard life. But, something
    strange you felt in your heart being in this beautiful Jungle of
    Life. You somehow knew it is not a path you want to take; this is
    not a path to your end, just to be dead and be buried with honors.
    You felt that you want to Live without fear, without fear of death,
    without worry what is next after that.

    You knew there is something more than just death. Something is coming through your
    Heart, shining on the path, more and more.
    Suddenly you decide to make the choice that you always knew was there, but it was so
    hidden, so much covered by veils of the mind.
    But you knew this path would open your eyes which you did not even knew you had. One
    starry night, after meditating by staring in the night sky, our
    heart area starts shining the light. Little golden-white light.
    Very shy in the beginning, but it was enough so you put fire down.

    Your little heart light grew bigger and brighter, as you surrendering your self to the Nature and the sky. Your light starts
    to point in the direction of a hidden path that you felt all these
    years, it does exists.

    You left all your belongings behind, knowing in your heart that you will not need them again. Ever.
    You even left your glasses suddenly realizing that you see
    You thanked all of your friends of Nature for being so patient with you, realizing that you can hear their thoughts and
    You could feel they love you so much. They felt that you are doubting about your choice, and all of them pointed at your
    Heart Light. You can feel them thinking: "All answers are
    there. Just follow this beautiful Heart Light. Simply trust your
    Hearts Choice."

    So YOU went.
    The Jungle started to open in front of You like magic. Little and Big creations of the
    Jungle were smiling at you standing peacefully on the side of this
    road. They bowed and smiled they did. They were sending you Love.
    They were so proud knowing a being once called Human. They were
    chanting the ... name ... you cannot feel it clearly... You did not
    fully understand as you were watching every step of yours on this
    new path.
    You end up at a fork in the road, which was so brightly lit with lights, with street like lights, fake flashy
    lights, colored bright unnatural lights.
    You looked in your Heart Light, and it was completely overtaken by these unnatural
    bright lights around you.
    You decided to sit. You decided to breath for couple of moments.
    You start to doubt. Are these moments of my life living in the Nature completely wasted? Is this
    all there is? Simple fork in the road? Is there anything more?
    Then after quite some time as you concentrated on your breathing, and
    decide to close your eyes. The bright lights start disappearing,
    more and more.
    You start feeling Love in your Heart.
    Love toward yourself.
    Love toward all animals and nature.
    Love toward your friends in the village of the past.
    Love toward Prime Creator who made this all around you and who made all within
    You start feeling the Sound. It was sound of The Song. You can hear all the animals and trees singing a song to your
    Your HEART starts to glow, the most intensive golden -white light directing it to the right path.
    And you knew:
    This is my Choice.
    This is My own Free Choice.
    This is My Heart Choice.

    All doubts dissipated like a fog at dawn.
    You could hear thousands of miles around.
    You could see all the way in to the Sky.
    You could feel all the Love from your animal friends and Mother Earth.

    Now YOU can hear them cheering:
    Welcome OUR Brother.
    Welcome Being of Heart Light.
    You are THE ONE.
    ONE of US.
    AS You are FREE.
    You are FREE to JUST BE.
    You are FREE to BE A LIGHT,
    To be LIGHT from your HEART,
    And you knew, this is the ONLY PATH,

    Q: [Speechless....]
    To be continued ..... With Love only ..

Now From Love Reporter Marc Chauvette!/profile.php?id=658105692&re...

"If you put god outside yourself, you're a slave to that god. If you find God Within, you are that God. You can only serve one master, the
Oneness you Are together with Everything, or your illusions. If you
serve your illusions, you're a slave to things that appear to be
outside of yourself. Then you've got car payments and house payments
and credit card payments and somebody you work for... It's a form of
slavery not unlike the “classical” form, but with a new twist.
You're forced to go to classes to indoctrinate you on how free you

One nation, with liberty and justice for all” (and there's a different version in each country), repeated every day until people are
completely confused about what freedom even means. It's much easier
to keep a slave who believes they're free.

A Conscious Being doesn't work for somebody else, a Conscious Being works with Everybody willing to work together for Real Change. What
this looks like is unique to each Being. That's True Government,
Universal Government, of, by and for the people. Everybody working
together as One. A Free Being is in service to Reality, which
includes their True Self. In service to the Love We All Are, we find
our true Freedom. We're accountable only to the Love We Are, why
would we serve anything or anybody else? There is no separate god in
control of anything, there is only the One God That Is Everything. A
god in control makes slaves of everybody, a God of Oneness is
Everybody sharing Freedom Together. In ignorance, work becomes toil
and drudgery. In Consciousness, everything you do is you celebrating
your Love. The chains are only inside your mind. we are oneness"

Now Love Reporter Barclay Littlewood!/note.php?note_id=149372171761241

Heart Explosion!

by Barclay Littlewood on Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 10:23am

Here I am back again and blessed,

My heart is exploding through my chest,

Once a week it comes now, it’s the best!

Love for you, best when freely given,

Beyond that there’s a certain rhythm,

Hard to pin in words, may our attempts be forgiven,

Love the divine essence in all others,

Love beyond the form that covers,

Your thoughts of them, this pure love smothers.

It’s not a thought, nor feeling or act,

More divine experience, a scared pact,

Your hearts connected, invisible track.

There's no one else here,appearance falling like a pack of cards,

Mind laid to rest, it's joy in making shards,

It’s deep ways, your hearts unwanted guards!

I have left you now, my conditioned mind,

Your baggage and depth was my bind,

There was nothing for you, to really find.

I live in my heart and simply revel in you,

The greatest that ever lived, a God so true,

Nothing more, all thoughts, this experience blew.!/barclaylittlewood

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