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There Are Those Who Judge, and There Are Those That Are Walking Their Path. Those Who Judge Are Not Walking Their Path. How Is It Possible to
Judge? For That’s just your ignorance Sitting Along the Path You
Are Walking on Yourself.

Up Where We Belong- Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes

From Now into Eternity, Love is all that is Present. Nothing cannot go there.

Wouldn't it be Brilliant, if EveryOne on this Planet, Loved each other? That would be the Greatest Brilliance of Humanity's Real Brilliance. Love Each
Other, Lifts You UP.

Lisa Hunt '(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher' @ Italian Week

The Star Ships are just hanging around today, “saying wouldn’t it be fun to go down there and Play?” Invite your next door neighbor he might be up

What is it, God is in Direct Communication with Creation. Well, Creation can Communicate also, and that Is What I Hear. Nice Sound huh?

Those who Pray with their Heart, their Prayers get Answered Very Quickly, those who Pray with their Mind, are Praying with their Illusions, wanting
reality to be their illusion, thats what they are praying for. Prayer
not answered, impossible. Creation Hears the Heart's Prayers,
Creation cannot Hear nothing speaking.

All this conscious energy that makes up this realm, is quickly going to transform into the energy of consciousness that makes up, the Planetary Awakening.
In the Planetary Awakening. Whats going to Happen in Nothing?
Nothing. Whats going to Happen in Everything? Simple, Unification.

The Light Shineth Upon Us, and the Light Beheld it, Gloriously.

Part of the Joy I get, is that I get, to Speak the Words that We are All Saying to each other in Our Hearts, as an Extension of our Souls, which Extends to
our Beings, Boy That’s a lot of Extensions! The Heart Connects into
the Planet, Resource Activated. We Call that a Complete Circuit,

You Know In Some Places In The Universe, We Tell the Old Stories About How Everything Began. But We Are Always Telling the Stories that are Happening Now,
Because its Always The Beginning.

When We Got the Email from Obama, I thought for Certain that Obama was Going to Pull the Troops out of Afganistan. When We Looked at it Again it was
Iraq. But 3 of Us Heard the Same Thing, that it was Afganistan,
So We did hold that thought into the Grid for its manifestation. We
Will See How Quickly That Can Happen.

Love, Has Found, Loves Way, into Everybody's Heart, Now Humanity Needs to Find its Way to Their Heart Each and Everyone, and then Love, Will be Prevalent
Everywhere. Its a Nice Place, it Already Exists, You Just Have to
Show Up. Its More Fun That Way!

Love In Reality, Is the Universal Thought of Being, the Universal Being is not Isolate and Separate. Each and Every One On This Planet is a Unique Aspect of
that Understanding of the Universal Being, the Being of I am . Yes I
Am, but I Am Equal to You, Aren't You?

The Reason People Look Outside, Is Because It Appears to Be Brighter Out There. However, the Inner Light Is Much More Brilliant and When You Can See
That, Its as Simple As Being Present and Feeling what that Light Is,
Because that Feeling, Is You Connected, to all Love is, Enjoy!!

MotherFatherGod~ FatherMotherGod, whichever, We Are ONE

We LOVE You Unconditionally!

End Transmission


From Embedded Love Reporter Michael Boone

"We'll see what happens when Our light is brighter than a nuclear explosion going off"! At that a round of laughter, high fives, and
chuckles, and "We'll

go outside and let you work on your article". Amerith White Eagle, Father God passes me a pouch of tobacco. "Wow", he observes,

serving the wondrous observation with a chuckle and a big grin. We had just rolled up some American Spirit. "Bird friendly, that's nice".
White Eagles making

coffee, coming and going, pushing aside the blanket door. There he is again. Now pouring hot water over the coffee...drip..."Michael, would you like some

this coffee? It's a special blend!" "Sure", comes my response. Don't drink coffee every day these days. Prefer tea. Tufani had stopped by
last night and we all had Egyptian Licorice Mint Tea. Nice. Ran out
of nutmeg the other day. "Nutmeg

is the antidote for coffee in the Ayurvedic system", I had informed the gang one morning.

I can hear Lia, Mother God and White Eagle outside, conversing, reading the morning messages, laughing... That's the morning to wake up to. This

Having decided yesterday to write an article about communication, I have instead woken up to a story in which communication exists free of fantasy.

By paying attention to what those around me are doing, saying, communicating, the story comes to life.

Giving life. This is the gift of the life giver. I didn't make it up. A group of writers, writing.

White Eagle's making coffee,"Isn't it great when we can express ourselves". "I've got a book out now and a hip hop c.d., maybe I'll just
kick back and write for the newspaper for a while, like Mark Twain",
I comment. This morning I'm writing for the Galactic Free Press. "I
like Mark Twain"

White Eagle says. Mark Twain wrote for newspapers all over before he wrote his books. Even wrote some travelogues. Sometimes he made stuff up, if there
wasn't nothin to report on for real. I can here the guys laughing
outside. Dougs here now. I've just gone out there and offered some
coffee. "No thanx", says Doug. White Eagle says he well
take a little more. He asks me if I want some tea. "Already got
a cup of coffee, thanx". I'm walking back through the blanket
door, into the communal kitchen where I'm writing on the couch. Many
people have crashed out on this couch lately, rolling through for a
while, sharing.

"What's the fantasy today, as we go through transitions", I can here White Eagle Father God say between laughter and sound effects. "How
is it possible to judge", I can hear Mother God say, "that
is illusion, Love is all that exists, wouldn't it be brilliant if we
all loved each other, the star ship is looking down saying wouldn't
it be fun if we went down and played". They must be reading from
the morning message. "Creation hears the heart
prayers...planetary awakening...the light.." More laughter...
their talking about getting emails from Obama...pulling troops"Now humanity

needs to find it's way to love, we just have to show up".

What is communication in relation to reality creation? What is not communication? Are you willing to talk to everyone on the planet? Can
you really hear what others are saying around you? Doing? What are we
creating? Young Loc just walked in. He sits down on the couch
opposite me and takes a pull from his water camel, spits out the
door. White Eagle walks in, "Good morning everybody". Young
Lok says "hey", and White Eagle's grabbed something off the
table and he's out the door.

"There's a little bit of coffee left", I mention to Lok. Lia, Doug, and White Eagle all walk in at this point and sit down". "Hey
Lok", says Doug. "Your brain is telling you how your heart
feels, not

the illusion, yep, the perfect love exists in the highest vision, equal to all of the living moments of now, can you feel that, and that's the truth. Not
about all this conjecture, who's bigger than who". "Hum",
White Eagles ruminating. "You'll have an opportunity to sample
many kinds of coffee", White Eagle says to Lok. Lok has asked
about the coffee.

"Didn't get a quarter mile up the hill and I saw Jamie's vehicle. It was Karen sitting in the car. It was pretty random seeing Karen up the hill,
she gave me a ride home, seems like she uses her environment more
than most people". "Guess she feels entitled".

"Theres so many theories about coffee, I just figure drinking it is alright."

Something about Iraq and Afghanistan and then "that's our compassion".

\It's a bright day. Welcome home. How are we rolling? Communication is all around us, is us, is our sustenance. In reality co-creative light play
self-regeneration and flo we are our resonance. Check the flo to
organize abundance, to know, to fathom, to express. "Everyone
get their wings popped out". "Higher and higher",
White Eagle says with a chuckle and a high five with Mother God".
Just another morning in the hood for this love writer. "Everythings
already shifted and we're here to say catch up". "How did
the hare win the race" asks Loc. "He missed the turtles
company so he went back and walked with the turtle". "We
gotta do what we gotta do to get to the next moment", Doug says.
Lok replies "paying attention to dreams and what I'm excited
about doing". "Don't be stupid", somebody says.
Another says "equality"


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~ The Cosmic Ray of Intergalactic Service ~

Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions Tuesday August 24th ~

You Tube

Mp3 download

I align with my Mighty I Am Presence, Mother Father God, and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge,as I now call forth the
Overlighting of the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light, and
Lord Metatron, the Caretaker to the Super-Electron, to lift me into
the Cosmic Golden Flame of Metatronic Consciousness.

I now ask to be placed in a Metatronic Amplified Consciousness Chamber of Light,

for an accelerated download of Light packets of information. I request the full amplification of the Super-Electron, to the maximum Light quotient
possible, and a deeper understanding of my service work, through the
most appropriate disciplines relative to my cosmic consciousness
awareness and frequency patterns.

As I experience these foundational overlays of multi-dimensional templating within the

physical body, I am cloaked in this seventh dimensional Cosmic Golden Flame of Light,

and through this matrix of interconnectiveness and quantum light activations,

I experience myself as a nodal point of energy vibrating within this forcefield of Divine Love,

as the molecules and atoms within my body spin in increased frequencies of Light.

I now call forth to the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light, to take me to the Ascension Seat in Andromeda, and into the Cosmic Ray of
Intergalactic Service. As I enter into this Golden Flame of
Intergalactic Service, I experience the activation of my dormant DNA
to this seventh dimensional frequency of Light, as I now merge with
my seventh dimensional Selves, and activate my coded Divine Blueprint
of Light, experiencing myself through my I Am Avatar blueprint,

building my etheric, electronic, body of Light, and my perfect Adam Kadmon Blueprint of Light.

I now experience the perfect balance of Cosmic power, Love and wisdom within the deepest levels of my Being, as I release and transmute any power
issues, conditional love and any lesser-than-and-better-than
consciousness issues I may still have, lifting myself into the Cosmic
Heart and Mind of Mother/Father God, and the knowing of my own
Divinity as this sacred Master Being of Love.

I now assist in anchoring and activating this Cosmic ray of Intergalactic Service

in this Golden three-fold flame of Light, taking it through this quadrant of the Galaxy, through this Solar System, now onto Earth, into Shamballa,
and now into the Unity Grid of Light.

I connect with the Light workers, starseeded ones, the Beings of Light from On High, and Mother Earth, as I now wrap the Earth and all her Life in this
beautiful Golden Flame of Light,

bringing through the perfect balance of power, Love and wisdom for all Life on this Earth.

I now assist in activating the group planetary Merkaba through this Unified Field of Light,

through downloads of Light spiralling forth from the super-electron,and lifting all Life on this Earth plane into the higher dimensions, and into the
Heart and Mind of Mother/Father God,

through this Cosmic three-fold Flame.

I Am Power,

I Am Love,

I Am Wisdom,

I Am All That I Am.

Link In Tuesday ~ Local Times

Sydney, Australia at 8 pm

India at 8 pm

Paris, France at 8 pm

New York, USA at 9 pm

Johannesburg, South Africa 8pm

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Article: The Elders on the Rays

Written Invocations:

Article: The Cosmic Ray of Intergalactic Service

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