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GALACTIC FREE PRESS -10/4/10 "Love is Flowing In Quickly"

~Galactic Free Press~ 10/4/10

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Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow

"For 13 Milinia ignorance has been the real disease on this Planet, well we are gonna take care of that, and very quickly."

Cool Running, "I can See Clearly Now"

Creation is The Greatest Symphony in the All of Everything. In the Presence of Being, Being Feels the Presence, and the Presence of Other Beings, Beings can Feel The Presence, Balanced Harmonics. All
Hearts Tuned to The One Note Of Love, and The Angels

It matters not what those in the illusion plan, WE are Already Here, and We have Brought The Rest of Humanity's Family with US. WE Have Billions of Starships, including Our Flagship "Eye of Ra, Heart of
Light" actually in the Atmosphere of the Planet, some of you will see these as
Cloud Ships, most of them are cloaked at the Moment. There will come a Moment,
when All The Lights Will Come On. This is Quickly Approaching per The Divine
Plan, Star Ships are In the Final Approach, they will not do a touch and go,
this will be a Touch and Land. Spread The Real News If You Would Like, Love is
Landing. Love Mother and Father God We Love you ALL, Focus On The JOY, Joy is
Real, the rest is nothing.

~The Love is Flowing Because The Veil has dropped. Between 3d and 5D, as You Can See 5D is Far More fun, than 3d could ever be, Enjoy The Love Flowing Quickly, this is
the next quickening, preparing for 10-10-10.~

End Transmission~ Smile


Love Reporter Predrag!/predrag.bracanovich

"To Love or not to Love?" That is the Question

Asking this question your Inner-self quite a challenge is;


Whether we recognize or not, that we have OURSELFs,

Or to acknowledge that Our-self is indeed Ours;


To start opening to possibility of 3Dimensional illusion,

For hope that IS not ALL, what IS seen and felt.


Realizing that we have been lied for millenniums,

For these lies, we have been born in TO,

For These deceptions we were buying by every moment,

That these dualities were only elaborate illusions,

very elaborate, and very cheep illusions;


But accepting that this illusions are only in our Mind,

And that we can simply separate US from our mind,

As Mind is just a product of 3Dimensional darkness,

By Ascending Spirit become a part of 5Dimensional LIGHT;


Start finding Genuine Forgiveness within your

Forgiveness toward others, toward money, toward self;

Start forgiving your partner for not seeing who you really are,

Start forgiving your parents for lifetime of misunderstandings,

And finally forgive this Beautiful Soul of yours, in this place of


This wondereous soul of yours must become YOURS again,

And this useless Mind of yours freely give it away,

Where you will charge nothing for IT, as worthless it IS,

Stop feeling guilty, because someone else was controlling your thoughts;

Now it is your TURN, turn to stand TALL, as
ONCE YOU were.



Start Loving and Loving is Start to be your way,

where way of the stars is the the only path to find SELF,

When YOU Find Your self within, somewhere within,

deep, so deep within your HEART.


To LOVE or not to LOVE: that is Not the Question?

where I would say, again and again, but


More from Predrag

Heaven on Earth”

Heaven on Earth, we are all creating it,
we are all divine souls standing together as ONE,
and experiencing this beauty of Existence.
Be proud, as with every word,
with every thought of kindness

we are Closer to God within.
Our Ultimate Creator of all these experiences.
And They are Among US. Father God and Mother God.

with Love, Predrag

Father~MotherGod Amon Ra:

Indeed We are, With ALL Our Love to Share and Give to ALL Of You. Our Prayer to Love, Is Humanity's Awakening. Love says Prayer answered. WE Say, " YES" "YIPPEE" WE LOVE YOU ALL OF HUMANITY OUR HEARTS

Love Reporter Desi and Willow

"Dream Dancer"

I dance across dreams

Like the maiden in the spring sowing the seeds,

Of the acorn within the oak

The Seed within the apple heart

Hear the sound of the tinkling bell

As they are nurtured to blossom

With love they are nurtured,

Water flows to them for nourishment

They take root deep within the fertile soil of our soul

With the rising sun the sprouts pop from the soil

They grow towards the light

Branches and leaves burst forth

Flowers blossom into the fruit

Oaks, and Apples,

Willows and Rowans,

Ashes and Poplars

The trees are marching

Slowly the elders

Our Earth Guardians

Come to council

They join in

It is time for the harvest

Balance to be restored Mother Earth, Gaia, Tara is Healing

We sow the seeds to begin anew

Connecting together through our Oneheart

The fires might burn but from the ashes

The phoenix soars at the Dawn! 

Love Reporter John E. Hall

Open Up Your Heart”

Open up your heart, It is real!!! Children of the sky…
Look inside, you’ll find a deeper love The kind that only comes from high
If you ever meet your inner child, Tell them everything is gonna be
World, Come one, everybody in the universe, come on World, hold on to Wonder
you will have the answer inside Open up your heart You are all the children of
the Light, alright
Together now, unite, Open up you heart, for peace, love for everyone to the
four corners of the world Sing it loud, Right here,spread love, everybody join
together now One people , One Heart, One Love and One Unity, everybody sing

World Hold On

Letters to and From The Crystal Children With Love Reporter Crystal Child Chris Harris

Rosemary Rainbow to Crystal Child Chris Harris

Good Eve ** I am open minded and have always been that way .. I'm extra sensitive.. I heard something outside my bedroom window about a month ago that did not sound like a airplane or a helicopter fly
over and trust me we are not far from ...the airport and the sheriff's office
so sometimes we get a bit of both ... at night .. I am open to meeting others
and I believe I have talked to others not from this planet at times, the
direction I am going Spiritually is to be a Shaman ... I am always open to
learning others ... all for now **Sincerely, Rosemary

Crystal Child Chris Harris

Thank You Rosemary. That is fascinating stuff, I trust and believe in all that you are saying. It could be any manner of craft or portal or even Spirit or Advanced Being when you hear definite sounds about
the atmosphere that you cant make... out. That is the time when we have to draw
on our Feeling & our ExtraSensory Perception & Cognition. And you with
the mind, Soul & Spirit to become a Shaman, I know I dont have to convince
you much of our abilities to do that.

I AM a HyperSensitive too, so I Know all that you speak of is real and I can
relate to the Knowing that there are Higher Realms of Existence & Higher
Beings of Consciousness all around us and all about the Expanse of Space. I am
a Channel for them, I AM a Anchor for them, I AM a Conduit for them...I AM a
Vessel. So I can tell you without doubt or fear that you should remain as
vigilant as possible to the social changes going on around you, but most
important the MultiDimensional MetaPhysical changes that are going on around
you, because this Transitioning of the Ages is a very important, its VERY real
and its an unprecedented phase to more than just more than jus
Earth...and of this Planet, of this Solar System of this Galaxy... there are
many different, competing and collaborating Legions of Beings, including
Humans, that have "a stake" in these changes, that have a fear of these
changes... and many of us dont have a clue what is going to happen, we just
have to wait & observe but most importantly, ABSORB.

I am on the same level as you. Everything I AM is based on Spirit & Nature
above & beyond...I dont spend to much time below, down here, 3D
Earth...when I do...I am subject to all of my lesser energies and the way we
are treated and reared by society being from the ghetto, being of the
citizenery class, the vassals... but the fact that I am Crystal means I can
escape, I have escaped through Ascension, even though its a lonely, financially
ruined, disrespect filled road, given the human internal and social condition
in 2010. But there is so much to know in the mysteries that have been kept from
our lesser selves on the lesser levels, and their is so much to remember about
the HIGHEST Self and the Author of all Creation.

Its a fascinating time to be alive, awake, & Ascended Rosemary, feel free
to share with me and I will share with you, nothing is more important to me
these days but Spirit & Nature...for the Great Reveal is churning away
gettin brighter everyday & the Great Merger is at hand.


Love Reporter and Channeler John Smallman [Saul]

As you know, because many channels have been telling you for quite some time, enormous changes in the way you live and experience life are shortly to occur. You have
been doing lots of preparatory work below the level of your conscious human
awareness, and a very large number of you are now ready to embrace
enthusiastically these, in your terms, amazing

Your experiences of hardship and suffering have been intense and have been ongoing for far too long. While you have been living those experiences in your physical bodies,
other aspects of yourselves have been cooperatively planning, with great
efficacy and competence, to build a new and magnificently hospitable
environment through which you can depart from the illusion into your eternal
Home. It will be a kind of staging-post to enable you to adjust safely and
comfortably to the realization that you are the beloved children of the sublime
Intelligence that created you in Love to experience eternal

Many of you have been conditioned to believe in a fierce, judgmental god, who finds you sinful and unworthy of his affection, and who requires that you be harshly punished to
cleanse you of the hideous marks and deformities with which your sins have
stained you. This collective belief in your unworthiness has been quite
disastrous, as it has suggested to you that some of you are far more unworthy,
in fact irredeemably so, than others, and this has encouraged you to compete
against one another to prove that you do not belong to that class of
irredeemable ones — the eternally damned. This fiercely competitive
holier-than-thou attitude, which people have frequently attempted, very
ineffectively, to conceal beneath a cloak of false, pious spirituality,
compassion, and “good works” fools no one, and those who engage in it often
join together in groups attempting to convince themselves of their god-fearing
righteousness while refuting their blatant hypocrisy, which is so obvious to

But God is Love, infinite, unconditional Love, and He judges no one. He wants you to awaken and recognize your true beauty in the glory of eternal Oneness with Him — and so
you will. Those who have ingrained within themselves a sense of sinful
unworthiness will indeed have it cleansed, not harshly by a critical and
intolerant god, but by the soothing balm of unconditional, divine Love offered
freely and indiscriminately to all in every moment.

The relief and untold happiness of all who have believed in their own unworthiness, and in the unworthiness of others, will be wondrous to behold, as the dark clouds of
gloom, depression, and judgment, with the inevitable suffering that they
contain, just dissipate to reveal the brilliant light of

Those who have judged and condemned and those who have been judged and condemned will once more know each other as beloved and inseparable sisters and brothers, at one
with each other and with God, as the stress, anxiety, hate, and fear that have
apparently controlled and driven them for so long dissolves with those dark
clouds, leaving them in a state of peace and exhilaration which, at present,
they cannot possibly imagine.

Your Father’s Love for you is infinite, boundless, all pervasive, and irresistible, and you will be uplifted into that state and enveloped therein for His and your
everlasting ecstasy.

With so very much love, Saul.

Love Reporter Ellion's Commentary:

A very soothing balm from the eloquent writer, Saul.

It is getting easier to speak to people about these things, and I've noticed that

hostility about this is absent lately.

Just last night my self, my sons and my grandson discussed this and my two sons

actually sided with the Oneness of man and the divinity of Us! I could hardly

believe my ears. It was a pleasant moment to experience and no doubt a shadow

of what the Sun will bring in the days, months and years to come.

Love and Peace,


Father~MotherGod's Commentary to Ellion:

So, Very True. WE Are Observing this Planet Wide. Hearts Are Awakening, Listening, Participating, and Breathing IN the Truth that ALL there is, IS Love Everywhere. This was
Inevitable. WE are In Joy that Finally Now You can Experience exactly what we
have been sharing. That WE are All Connected and We are ALL One. WE shared with
Many in this Group specifically, what was to come, That is NOW. Enjoy,
Everyone. More Are Awakening Each Day and this Adds and Strengthens the Energy.
The Heart cannot deny Love, When Love is So Everywhere Around them. And That is
Just a Simple Truth, Love Wins. Love Mother and Father God

Love Reporter Lucy

Love is Patience”

Love is patience and has no end. Love is always waiting for the right moment to shine in people’s hearts. This is the time! Time is up! For emptiness to know; who is there. Hearts are being filled with
truths that had been hidden for so long.
God has never abandoned his children, and never discouraged even one of them.
They themselves discouraged themselves, believing in created fantasies of
dark’s control. Now all around the world you can see how many feel liberated by
the knowing that love is the winning call.

Today my email has been full. No time to read all; “lamentably”, for much great information is being given to us to know what we need to learn and do for a
better future and awakening of humanities hearts; but as I read all the
messages titles and news headlines, one got my

The MOST important article you will read today! Obama Tell His Jewish Slave Masters to F-Off!! - Is he a Reverse Trojan?
I stopped there and needed to know what was all about this head line. The words
in the head line; was shocking to me, and who would not be when we know that
these are changing times. So I clicked and went on to that site:

I won’t tell you what I read, but yes I will tell you what I felt with this.

I believe this post can be a two edge sword, but on one side in my opinion is; that Obama has to be a very special being right now in this world. When I first
knew about him I was surprised. All I could say was “And from where did he
appear to be selected for the presidency of U.S? I never knew he existed then.
But I follow the news and felt that he could bring changes to that great
nation. When time was to reveal the truth of him being elected; almost
everybody around the world cried to see that he was there, at the head of that
great nation, which was a common ground for many cultures gathered there from
all around the world, looking to live in a place of freedom. When I saw those
people all around the world crying, for his victory; I could sense the hope
they had in their hearts; that he could be the first president to be brave
enough to bring changes to all of us. While watching this event; even we
started to cry, sensing that something good was coming for our future that
would also affect the whole world.

I will not mention the ups and downs he has been through; because we all know, and I won’t mention about his opponents trying to discourage people, because we
know that they also have free will to do what they think is right for the
world; but yes I will say, that wars are not the answer.
And also I will say this:

That this post in any way; should be taken as one to start a war between brothers and sisters. Between all of those hearts that for eons have been
waiting for peace in this world. We can not let our hearts get summon by hate
or fear; for this is out from our hearts and it is past history for those who
believe in Love Peace and Sharing in this beautiful planet and especially at
this moment in our history.
One group of people in the past; long, long time ago; was able to start
controlling big crowds of people, turning them in favor of this groups wishes;
not knowing how this will end up turning against them later. This same pattern
followed us until recent and still is in effect, but now people are turning
their heads and hearts to the other side. The side of love and unity between
each other, to gain the right and fair place on earth as has been decreed by
Heaven. Now we know what God has created for us and we are not going to lose it

Heaven decrees with the law of love, and man unknowingly obeys when his or her heart is full with that love. Gently we must accept that humanity as a whole;
has embraced in their hearts dreams and wishes that are still waiting to be
We need to understand that we can not give up and surrender to the same old
patterns that devoid us from our rights to exercise the will of love. We must
accept that only by letting that love freed itself from our hearts will make
our future a brighter one at last.

I need to say here also, that not all of our Jewish friends are our contraries. As we say here we are all children of God, and color or race does not mean
anything to our Divine Creator.

Love is Patience
And meaning of Patience is: the ability to endure waiting, delay, or
provocation without becoming annoyed or upset or to persevere calmly when faced
with difficulties.

Ethics Train Full Speed Ahead! Not the End but the Beginning!

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With ALL our Love Unconditionally

Father~Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff

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