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Freemasonry is related to and started the New Age

I find it “curious” that Helena Blavatsky (supposed starter of the New Age) kept such interesting company as Satanists, Witches, Sorcerers, and other such beings…, don’t YOU???

However…, many New Agers consider Blavatsky beyond “reproach” because of this single photo!


Above, she is supposedly “pictured” with what are called in the photo: ASCENDED MASTERS…, who just happened to “drop in” into the physical realm (temporarily) so they could take this photograph with her.

The “MASTERS” supposedly pictured are:




Have you ever seen a “group” dressed in such “fine” clothing in all your life??  They almost look like Kings or Princes in this photo.  So if Madam Helena Blavatsky (A Freemason) regularly kept the company of Satanists, Witches, Warlocks, and Magicians…, then WHO EXACTLY are the men she is pictured with above??

And, more importantly, what is it that people like BLAVATSKY and fellow Freemason PIKE, really believe in anyway??

Now let’s compare the very first Logo of the CHURCH OF SATAN…, with the logo’s of Blavatsky and Pike Medal. Notice that all three have the Serpent swallowing it’s tail!


So what have we “established” so far in our research?

  • Freemasonry is related to, and started the NEW AGE. 
  • Most high level Freemasons are Satanists! 
  • Most high level Freemasons are Witches and Warlocks!
  • Freemasonry started WICCA (supposedly a form of “White Magic”). 
  • The founders of Wicca were Satanists!

Now…, I have not even begun to get into the connections between the Satanists…, Pedophilia (child rape)…, child torture, Ritual Sacrifice, Blood Drinking, Vampirism, as was so evident in the Hampstead, UK case, where two young children and many others were being sexually abused right inside their “school” and the neighboring Church by a group of self proclaimed Satanists.

It came out (from the kids police testimony) that the group was actually ritually killing babies, and then cooking and eating them right at the school or the neighboring church!

Strangely the UK Government covered up the entire affair…, and even the police assisted in the cover up!!

So what kind of “RELIGION” is Satanism exactly??  Well, this is taken from a book of BLACK MAGIC that was written by yet another 33rd Degree Freemason!


Do you notice that he calls upon the EMPEROR LUCIFER?   Curious isn’t it that a Freemason would call upon LUCIFER for direct help??  But remember this?


So my question to you is this…, IF BLAVATSKY revers LUCIFER as much as other Freemasons do…, then who are these men with her in this picture???


More will be coming!!



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Comment by CHRISTINA on November 27, 2016 at 9:43am

ascended masters are CON MEN !!!

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