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Free will v’s FREEDOM in TRUTH .... ~ Author: Karen Doonan

Free will v’s FREEDOM in TRUTH Author: Karen Doonan

Many of you at this time may be in deep confusion as to how you can have free will within a karmic dimensional timeline, surely if it is karmic it is predestined? well yes and no.

The confusion is there deliberately for the old 3d earth reality will only ever give you PART of a picture, it will hide TRUTH at all times from you or attempt to.

So this blog will attempt to address the frequency difference between freewill and FREEDOM which are two SEPARATE frequencies and cannot be used in place of each other.

That is you do not have free will in the New Earth, you have FREEDOM which is expansive, freewill is a construct of the old 3d earth paradigms and as such is containment and suppression.

Within a karmic dimensional timeline you are placed within a bandwidth of frequencies, the bandwidth may be quite “wide” as in it may cover a range of emotions (an emotion being a manifestation of a frequency) but these will be limited to the frequency ranges of the bandwidth.

Think of a radio station and the frequency that it broadcasts, as long as you remain within the bandwidth you are able to pick up the radio station.

So within a karmic dimensional timeline you have freewill in relation to the options that are open to you within the bandwidth of frequencies.

As you walk blind in a karmic dimensional timeline, that is you do not realise at a conscious waking mind level that you are within a bandwidth, the people who are manifest in your life will FEEL familiar which then promotes a false sense of security to further keep you within the bandwidth, you will have freewill to choose the options that are presented to you.

These options are a frequency with the resulting manifestation, as long as you run a karmic frequency then you will only ever have options available to you within the frequency range of the karmic bandwidth that you exist within.

This is not FREEDOM in TRUTH for there are frequencies of ALL ranges that exist at all levels in the universe which you filter out through the teachings that are anchored within the karmic dimensional timelines.

Within the New Earth there is NO KARMA, karma is a construct, it is not natural and was CREATED within the old 3d earth paradigms in order to keep you within strict bandwidths.

Hence the dissolving of the karmic dimensional timelines prior to entering the New Earth and hence the reason that nothing from the old 3d earth can be taken through into the New Earth.

The frequencies do not match or resonate, they repel, they are too far apart in bandwidth. Hence the reason that much guidance is coming from the races/realms in relation to the dissolving of freewill, it is not needed in the New Earth for you will be in FREEDOM which is a different bandwidth and a different manifestation.

This is why I guide over and over that the New Earth reality that you are manifesting in the higher dimensional frequencies is not predestined, you are not aligning with a path that is already created for you, YOU are creating it moment from moment from the FREEDOM that is your birthright as a sentient BEing in the UNIVERSE of 3.

Many at this time are struggling with the karmic dimensional timelines, trying to stick to patterns that are now dissolving fully.

You birthed into a karmic dimensional timeline when you incarnated onto this planet because up until recently it was the ONLY way to access the human life experience on planet earth.

This is now being negated and there are SOULs now preparing to come into the human race completely FREE from karmic residue of any kind.

They are making themselves known to their human parents and said human parents are going through a process of releasing ALL karmic residue from their human vehicles in order to prepare for the conception and birth of these children.

In order for this to manifest the planet has to reach a certain level of frequency in order to support these children and the New Earth reality.

It is to be noted that the old 3d earth created reality was supported by the planet only because the planet was kept in a low frequency where she was located, she is now in the expansive energetic space of the UNIVERSE of 3.

Therefore she is now in a position to expand and deepen her frequencies hence the changes and shifts that are seen at a waking conscious human level. Many are expecting change and seeing chaos, underneath the chaos is TRUTH, it may appear as chaos but all is by design.

This is why it is vital that you ALIGN with your SOUL and that you FEEL TRUTH and not just look for it at a human conscious waking mind level, it will take some “linear” time to show itself in your outer waking life.

The time it takes is up to you for the more you align with your SOUL the faster the changes appear. ALL is dependent on the frequencies that you run WITHIN your human vehicle.

Again many are filtering this out and continuing to search for TRUTH externally, it will show as a manifestation of the frequency that you are running, no one can choose the frequencies that you run other than you for only you are incarnate into the human vehicle that you have chosen in this lifetime.

With FREEDOM comes responsibility and this is something that the old 3d earth paradigms teach deeply for you to lay at the feet of those around you.

As you do this then you place a deep filter upon your waking life experience, it is always YOU that waits on YOU for only you are creating your outer waking reality.

From within the karmic dimensional frequencies it will appear that you have a choice but those choices are dictated by the frequency ranges of the karmic timeline you are within.

To move out of the karmic timeline sees you triggered and actively choosing to dissolve the frequencies, as you do this it may appear that you have a void or a blank page in front of you, you will not be able to see the choice beyond the end of the bandwidth until you come back into balance and then the next part of your human life journey illuminates.

It is to be noted that at this moment upon planet earth the karmic dimensional timeline frequencies are no longer supported, this manifests as chaos in your outer waking life and “outcomes” and “plans” not manifesting as expected, they cannot manifest for they are no longer supported.

You are asked to begin to dissolve the frequencies of the lower dimensional 3 d earth created reality in order to manifest in TRUTH which IS supported.

So as you dissolve the old 3d earth frequencies and begin to anchor the higher dimensional frequencies of the New Earth you will be shown more options and more possibilities (click to access blog on this).

These possibilities will not have been available to you prior to the move to the higher frequency for they are a manifestation of the higher frequency that you have now anchored.

For further information on frequency and how it affects your outer waking reality please visit the Whispering Universe website.



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Comment by Besimi on February 8, 2014 at 1:21am

Remembering how to swim, gathering strength | Author: Karen Doonan

Many of you may be feeling as if you are drowning in your emotions at this time.

The energies over the last linear 24 hours have further expanded and may be triggering deep emotion with no “obvious” reason for these emotions.

The human race as a whole are now releasing vast amounts of grief and those of you who work with energy consciously may have felt and are still feeling this frequency as it is being released.

It may bring back to you all that you have experienced in this, your current human life experience, and I would guide you strongly to allow this to flow.

Strength is found as you release the tears, on a very personal level I was hit with what could be called a huge wave of grief in the early hours of this morning.

At the time I was watching a film, the end credits came up and the opening of Imagine Dragons “New World” started to play and the tears came in one huge rush.

When emotion arises within me at this depth I question where it comes from and “who’s” energy I am releasing, I was clearly shown the human race and planet earth.

The release lasted for around 2 hours, during this time I was shown my WHOLE life experience on this planet so far in relation to grief.

By this I mean I visited every scenario in my life where someone died.

But this time it was different, I was no longer just observing and watching, this time I could feel the release and I held the intention to physically release the frequencies associated with these scenarios, a complete surrender.

Never assume that you have let go of every last piece of a frequency, as many of you know I have blogged and worked with grief for many years and I can look at scenarios and feel comfortable talking and exploring them but the residue that was asking for release from me was the frequency of ABANDONMENT.

Each death of a loved one in my life has carried the distortion of ABANDONMENT and this is something that until the early hours of this morning experiencing the release that I had not acknowledged.

Because this had not been acknowledged it had still run hidden at a very deep level. Certainly over the past few months I have worked with this frequency on various levels.

My walk in FAITH and TRUST over the past few months has seen me at times close down to the very person I am closest to.

This morning was like a “bubble” had burst or a dam had broken. At a world level this is a frequency bandwidth change, only by letting go of the lower dimensional frequencies can a new life and a new way of living be birthed.

I have been aware that those who I love and have passed over have been showing up in my dreamtime, many of them have not appeared in many linear years but they were there and those who were together in the outer waking life experience have appeared together.

I have dreamed for example of my grandmother but recently started dreaming of both her and my grandfather and they appear together as a couple.

For many of you this may have confused you, there is much distortion around the passing of loved ones within the old 3d earth reality. Many energies are coming back to be released.

Whilst you hold on tightly to the grief associated with losing your loved ones you hold them in place, parts of their SOUL connected to you are not able to move in frequency, they are held in place waiting for you to let go and to allow them to move on to the next level of frequency and the next level of their SOUL expansion.

For ALL expands in TRUTH and all SOULs expand and grow, whether currently in form or not.

At this time you are asked to swim in the ocean and remember that you can SWIM, you have always been able to swim, the old 3d earth reality taught you to fear the water, fear the emotion and it TAUGHT you to tense up and hold back.

Tears are a natural “product” of the human vehicle, they are a natural part of the range of emotional responses that the human vehicle is capable of.

Within the old 3d earth created reality the shedding of tears is frowned upon, indeed it is often stated that to be strong you need to hold back the tears and grit your teeth and carry on.

This will work against you at this time. ABANDONMENT is a created distorted frequency that seeks to keep you locked into a karmic dimensional loop and this frequency is now beginning to dissolve.

As I have blogged repeatedly the choice of whether to interact with this or not is YOUr choice.

I have reached the stage in my life where I have done so much healing and gone through so many chaotic experiences, certainly over the past linear year that when given the option of release I will take it and embrace it.

I have a dream that I am shown and have carried with me deep within my heart that is almost realised and I will not stop until it becomes a physical, everyday reality for me.

There comes a moment in the transition process where you reach a momentum and you keep going, you have gone too far to let the old 3d earth pull you back.

HEAVEN CAN be created upon EARTH and I am shown this repeatedly. At this time the energies are working to show you the STRENGTH that you are.

It is not TRUTH to anchor ABANDONMENT for ALL ARE ONE, grief is a process, within the old 3d earth reality this process was highly distorted and interrupted.

The New Earth asks for you to now complete the process that has been interrupted, to allow the LOVE that IS to free you from the distortion, to make peace with those who have shared your life and who have now in human form passed over back to energy.

They have never left you, they have walked with you through your grief but you may not have been able to hear them for grief works to close down the heart space.

As they now step forward clearly to connect with you, either through dreams or through meditation you are asked to open your heart fully and allow the tears and emotions to flow.

Some of you may have stood at the edge of the ocean of your emotions, wondering how deep the water is, wondering if the water is too deep, that you may drown.

Remember you can swim, dip a toe in the water, run forward and begin swimming or dive deeply, the choice is yours at all times.

You may find that the ocean that the old 3d earth convinced you is vast is but a puddle, you were looking so closely at it that you lost perspective of the actual depth and width of it.

Whether it is a puddle or an ocean the strength to navigate is within, YOUr SOUL is now showing you this strength. For ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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