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FIRST CONTACT WITH EXTRATERRESTRIALS UPDATE: The process will be: Global UFO Disclosure announcements -> First Contact: Mass Landings -> Coming together of ETs and ourselves

FIRST CONTACT WITH EXTRATERRESTRIALS UPDATE: The process will be: Global UFO Disclosure announcements -> First Contact: Mass Landings -> Coming together of ETs and ourselves


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Sheldan Nidle Webinar Update - MUST READ!!

by REENA on DECEMBER 9, 2010

Here is a basic summary of Sheldan Nidle's Q & A webinar of 5th December.

I didn't make the live webinar but got hold of a recording. Sadly, at present, I'm not allowed to add the audio to this blog, but am told they may have webinar archives available after the New Year. So you'll have to make do with my words for now?

Okay?the webinar?And my word! What totally mind-blowing stuff! The detail is amazing. It's better than Star Trek, Star Wars and Dr Who put together!! Because it's for real?But then the little voice says '?at least we hope so.' Indeed! Indeed! It can't not happen!!

And the basic message?

Well, UFO disclosure is imminent - like within the month? And wait for it - we'll be going to inner earth for a few days where we will go through Light Chambers and transform into fully Conscious Galactic Beings?

Read on?..

Key Points (in no particular order):

- Sheldan Nidle's Syrian ET contacts put two special implants in Sheldan at a young age, an ethereal and a physical implant, to enable him to communicate directly with them, and see what they were showing him in 3D holographic images in his head.

- A new reality will be created in a twinkling of eye, like a switch going on (previously there was talk of 3 days of darkness vis-a-vis the Photon Belt but not anymore), a switch of a new consciousness. Prior to this there is an interim process which we are now in.

- UFO / ET Disclosure is imminent; Sheldan Nidle: "We are on the verge of Disclosure. I see Disclosure happening very, very quickly. It could happen in the next month, it could happen even sooner, it could happen this week." "People cannot believe how close we are to all this happening."

- The process will be: Global UFO Disclosure announcements -> First Contact: Mass Landings -> Coming together of ETs and ourselves ? New Techonology ? Full Consciousness

- Ref the mass landings this is what will happen: all over the planet will be heard the sound of heavenly trumpets which will herald the fleets coming, Angels will be seen, then Ascended Masters, then the ships will come slowly, all of us will hear a special voice that will tell us to keep away till the doors open and the crews disembark. Everyone will have a full chance to see these beings. There will be technology releases, machines to make life easier, education, training, and more. Special message from Commander of the First Contact mission.

- India, Brazil, and to a lesser extent, China, Russia and Belgium are committed to and pushing for disclosure. BRIC = Brazil, Russia, India, China. They are leading the world towards not just Disclosure but a new economic system. Sheldan Nidle: "I see India and Brazil as the two most important countries for Disclosure on this planet right now. And the third country is Belgium." The governments 'fighting it tooth and nail' are US, UK, Canada and Australia, because they understand once they open up this can of worms everything else will come out also and it will be their demise. "Disclosure to them is that giant incredible issue that changes everything. It changes it immensely. This is like a blockbuster for the history of this planet." - UFO Disclosure is the key step in the creation of a new world / Consciousness.

- Shortly after Disclosure (or simultaneous?) a change in government will occur, only weeks apart.

- The Galactic Federation has a backup plan, a Plan B: To force Disclosure if things do not move as quickly as the Divine has it scheduled to happen.

- New technology given to us will include:
- Conversion of cars to free energy
- Teleportation devices that will allow us to travel around the planet quickly
- A little device with an antenna for each home and business - this will take care of all electrical needs
- Translators which access your mind, take what you want to say, this goes in to the recipient's mind and comes out in their own language. So we will be able to speak to space beings who have another language.

- Earth allies are concerned it could all be too much too quick, but the ETs seem to be leaning toward this change happening very swiftly (like in a week!). Sheldan Nidle prefers the fast approach.

- Other sentient beings - In our Galaxy there are about 40% humans and 60% are other sentient beings. First Contact team is just humans, due to xenophobia on even Lightworkers' parts. So we won't be reunited with other (non-human) sentient beings until after the Transformation is complete.

- Inner Earth - 800 miles to the inner Earth, right at the center is the Crystal Core which is 800 miles across. - Earth is hollow, not solid in the middle. Crystal City of Agartha is located all around the inside the earth just as we are all around the top of it. Agartha is an inner city world. Huge accumulations of crystal in Agartha, spread across the entire inner Earth. Crystals are alive, give off an energy field which produce pastel colours. When inside Agartha you are in a holographic reality where you can make things big or small. Energy fields that allow things to change. We will be in these types of cities, and we will go down to inner Earth, to be a part of their reality. "We will be in inner earth for a matter of days?" There, we will change into fully conscious beings through the Light Chambers?We will do this as a group (6.7 billion people). We as a group are a Consciousness, as a Being, as well as individuals. There, we will understand what it means to be a fully conscious being - how to interact with each other, with other sentient beings?etc, and we are to learn this very quickly. We're going to be visiting Venus and Mars. The Earth changes will only take a few, eg 5, days. Timing? Inner Earth transformations could occur in 2011. Every single individual has a Light Chamber, a place in a City, and each one has a transportation system. The Cities are sitting there for us. All will have a mentor. When you first go to inner earth you will go to similar surroundings as you are used to, and you will be with your family members. It's after the transformation that you may go to a different clan (no doubt it would be your choice). Everybody will go to where they need to be according to their life contract."Everybody came here to go? We are completing our Life Contracts and we are also preparing for our change into becoming fully conscious beings."

- When we become fully conscious we will naturally become part of various groups, and will have a basic 'function' as per Galactic society. The Syrian Human Galactic Society for eg has 6 basic groups / functions: Spiritual Warrior, Science & Engineering, Administration, Life Sciences, Life Sciences Engineering. (Pleiadians have 12 groups). Everybody will have a group, a place.

- 300,000 beings are part of the Galactic Federation of which 78% are fully conscious. Of the beings that are not in the Galactic Federation, a third are still in the third dimension. (I think this is 300,000 civilizations not individuals)

- Zero Point Energy - causes things to happen, eg anti-gravity effects (Hutchison Effect)

- Earth changes - A new earth grid is coming which is involving changes to take place. The magnetic field changes are causing changes in the atmosphere and the Earth.

- Nibiru - an artificial battle planet captured by the Annunaki, the 3,600 year orbit is now being changed so Nibiru will not affect us.

- Economic changes - Economic collapse of our entire planetary economy is coming. "The collapse will now happen, and this means there will be a new economic system." BRIC is forcing a new economic system upon the world. "This collapse will happen, it will destroy everything, from the ultra wealthy to poor people?this mighty, monstrous avalanche that is about to fall on all of us." As the chaos level increases we are moving into the ending of this particular reality as we know it right now, it cannot be sustained anymore. The engine of the car just doesn't work anymore.

- Prosperity Program - Based upon the initial World Trust which was set up by St Germain in 1729 (?). This Trust is a system that allows for the expansion of monies based upon a single fund, a fund that is covered (backed?). This Trust expanded its money (using methods used by the dark cabal disclosed to them by those who switched from dark to Light), this became enormous and was merged with hidden gold etc resources. Check out Nesara. When the programs open prosperity will be for everyone. There is a chance that the St Germain prosperity funds may be released before the end of 2010. Bank shut-downs - Sheldan Nidle doesn't see it as necessary to take out your money out of the banks prior to their shut-downs. Money will be replaced with hard currency. The amount of deflation is going to be immense, c90%. This means the dollar will then get to be worth more, more value for money (in new system). The Prosperity program, Disclosure and government change will happen very close together. 144 countries will participate in the PP. Within weeks, months at the most, people will have funds. "Amazing spread of this money around the world."

- This from Sheldan Nidle's Update of 7th December 2010, two days after the webinar: "It is to be a decentralized, regional system and will be partially reliant on the spread of the abundance funds that are to be issued on the same day as the temporary regime takes over the reins of power."

- And: "The timeline that you are on has been altered by Heaven and the divine plan, and will shortly deliver you to the great changes we have long been telling you about. The inability of the dark cabal to change this new Heaven-bound timeline is what set off their initial panic. At this point, the cabal is fully cognizant of the fact that a positive first contact by the Galactic Federation is inevitable and underway!"

- Wikileaks - Doing a job that the world's press should be doing. Wikileaks will help along the destruction of the current system. Julian Assange - courageous and willing to stand for what is right. Sheldan Nidle: "He is allowing this world to change."

- Body changes - Angels come in through your crown chakra and adjust you, and sometimes you may hear noises - tinnitus.

Okay so that's the info. It was a 2-hour long recording! Thursday's webinar apparently had some other questions too concerning body changes and the prosperity program, but I didn't get to hear that.

Yes, some of this info does raise some questions, especially when you think of other ET messages. For example, if we are all to be light-chambered into a new collective consciousness, then what of the conscious choice for this, for Ascension? If we're all going to 'fixed' then what about individual karma/lessons and soul contracts? Sheldan Nidle says we've pretty much completed our contracts, but when you look around you (and not very far either) this doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe he's primarily talking about those that are aligned with the changes and welcome them, and no doubt there will be those that won't be able to accept the changes and will cling to the old. Anyway, we will find out at some point "very, very imminently" it seems?

I tell you what, if I'm still blogging about Disclosure being imminent in even 3 months time, I'm going on blog strike?LOL. Come on sentient beings, show yourselves.

Comments, as always, welcome.


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Comment by patrick on February 23, 2011 at 8:38pm
Turquoise, MM is as reliable as any other channeled information I think but we must individually use discernment.
Comment by patrick on February 23, 2011 at 2:40pm
Mathews Messages says this about Sheldan Niddle and his Galactic Federation,
"Some messages - such as mammoth changes in seas and land masses will require your evacuation by ET's and when you return to the planet, you will have to live underground - are pure nonsense."
If you have a funny feeling about his stuff and similar, listen to that feeling and be discerning.
Mathews Messages February 15th 2011.
MM does also say that the pole shift will not be as violent as visionaries are seeing.
Comment by nonya on December 26, 2010 at 3:13pm
what on earth is this guy smoking? he is never right in any predictions. He must be toking some of that disinfo weed.
Comment by CHRISTINA on December 26, 2010 at 9:33am
Welcome Turquoise. All I can say for now is, go within and follow your inner guidance :)

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