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Exploring the Essence of Who We are By Kenneth Schmitt

Exploring the Essence of Who We are
By Kenneth Schmitt

We have lived in our ego-consciousness for eons, as if this is our total reality. Although we have expressed ourselves as our individual human conscious self, this living being is only an extension of our true Self, our Great Spirit. Beyond our human self, we are Self-Realized infinite awareness. We are our limitless conscious presence, potentially aware of the awareness of all conscious beings everywhere. We have also lived without knowledge of our infinitely-powerful creative ability; however, there is nothing keeping us from knowing who we are and what we’re capable of, except our self-imposed limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Our limiting beliefs are so deeply ingrained in our consciousness, that we have not even been aware that they may not be real. We have not imagined that we are immortal, because we do not have empirical proof of it. Of course, empirical proof is impossible, unless we die and return to our body, as some have done and reported their experiences of greatly-expanded awareness. Once we realize that we may be greater than we have believed, how do we resolve our limitations and transcend them? ...+

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