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Embrace The Positive and Negative In Wholeness

Embrace the positive and negative
in wholeness

"Only when we can love hell will we find heaven."

-- Unknown source

People often view the spiritual path as a search for the light. In truth, spirituality asks us to bring light and darkness together in wholeness. And in fact, this is the only possible solution. In our world of duality, any effort to focus all attention on the light only serves to increase the power of the darkness. Our aim is not to deny or reject anything but to embrace it all.

"When you are able to contain both the light and dark together, that is a very enlightening state. It means that you no longer have to choose one experience over another. You do not have to choose love OR hate, blame OR forgiveness, sadness OR joy, anger OR openheartedness. You are no longer polarized; no particular feeling boxes you in and keeps you from the light of true self. You then have access to the full range of human experiences you came into this life to embrace."

-- Martia Nelson

"True Freedom is ~
When We No Longer are Trapped in our Egoic need for DIVISION

Lydia ~ En Lak'ech ~ Namaste ~

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Comment by Lydia on July 17, 2009 at 3:16pm
Yes I do...He was a Great Human BEing... ;-)))

Comment by nicole on July 17, 2009 at 3:11pm
I noticed you admire Einstein, too
with Love

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