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E-mail from The TRUSTEE: "Who is the Trustee? Before Abraham was, I AM."

E-mail from the Trustee:


I AM the Trustee of the original strawman trust wherein a trust was created at birth as a transmitting utility to facilitate the flow of our credit to the civil administration, corporate U.S. In that trust I AM the trustor as 100% of the value comes from the sovereign man. I AM the Trustee of that trust charged with the duty of settling all charges against said trust via acceptance and return for discharge against the pre-paid account. The civil administration corporate U.S. is the beneficiary of the original trust having created a debtor obligation to we the people upon execution of the trust.

This is not be confused with the fraudulently created superceding Trust created by the secret adhesion contracts that we have all been tricked into entering without full disclosure. This secondary trust, created when we entered into the adhesion contracts associated with the Social Security, Driver license, bank accounts, etc., was created in secret by the corporate U.S. to avoid their debtor obligation to the sovereign American for the use of their credit and fraudulently identifies the sovereign American as the beneficiary and debtor to facilitate the rape, pillage and plunder of the private property of the American people.

Every American is the Trustor and Trustee of the original strawman trust, a pre-paid account wherein the U.S. has a debtor obligation to we the sovereign people of America.

The problem that must be overcome is the corporate U.S.’s continued operation under the fraudulent secondary trust contrary to our best interest, thereby voiding our rights as the trustor and their debtor obligation.

It has been said that because I post under a recognized moniker that I AM hiding in some way.

The truth is that I have openly and willingly identified myself to the staff at Rumormillnews immediately when the question arose.

I created and maintained the website until it was high jacked and subsequently shut down, wherein I responded to all questions and comments in my own name, openly sharing my name, history, contact info, etc. I have given seminars and participated in numerous conference calls wherein every single participant was fully aware of whom I AM.

My name, address and personal history, complete with various pictures has been splashed across the internet this past week laying my entire life, works and all, to exposure.

If you remain in the darkness it has nothing to do with any attempts on my part to hide, for I hide from no man nor institution and I make no excuses nor offer no defenses for my past nor present. My past represents my trek through darkness that I chose to travel in this life to awaken to the light; to conquer the ego and awaken to the I AM. For we cannot truly know the light until we have experienced the darkness. We cannot appreciate unconditional love until we have experience the lack of love. We cannot realize peace until we have gone to war.

The key here is that today I stand in the light having risen above the darkness; having risen above ego, doubt and fear to realize the I AM.

I have spent years overcoming ego, allowing the soul to operate the outer form, but, then that too represented the separation from the I AM; separation from Source. Today I realize that I AM spirit having a human experience. The ego and the mind have become mere tools upon which I can call upon, or not. I, the spirit, AM one with Source; one with the light.

I believe that circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him. I accept what is, with no judgment, no anger or bitterness, no hostility or remorse, with only a quiet willingness to go with it rather than to fight it.

Some of the responses to my posts have elicited vicious venomous responses and attacks. I take none of these personally for they have nothing to do with me but are a mere reflection of that which lies within the authors of those responses. Those readers who read my posts and see darkness and evil might look to the darkness and evil within their own hearts. For the reader who states that I could not look him/her in the eye was exposing their own inability to look into the eyes of Spirit and Light for I have stood toe to toe and face to face with the darkest manifestations of evil on earth and looked them unwavering in the eyes for the eyes are the window to the Soul where all is exposed to the light. My protection from darkness lies within the light for the darkness cannot overcome the light, it can only create the doubt and fear in another and hope they willingly shade the light within themselves exposing themselves to danger. The darkness has no power to overcome the light as the light dissipates the darkness.

For the reader who sees sinister intent by the Plural “Americas” in the International Postal Treaty for the Americas might seek within for the sinister intent that he sees, for the Treaty is a contract for and on behalf of we the sovereign people of America, the land MASS, who are members of the united states of America, the republic, and defines the rules of interaction between the former to the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A simple contract in a world of contracts that seeks to promote and facilitate peace and prosperity for and between the three separate and distinct plural Americas. No sinister intent nor secret agenda.

I intend to stand as a beacon of light, one with Spirit; One with the light; One with Source, lighting the way to a bright new world of peace and prosperity, love and compassion.

I AM James-Thomas of the McBride family.

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