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Elite Pedophiles & Over 100,000 Missing Kids to be Exposed with DOJ Indictments

Elite Pedophiles & Over 100,000 Missing Kids to be Exposed with DOJ Indictments

by Thinker

There are over half a million kids missing in North America and not one agency that Americans spend trillions on to keep everything safe is doing their job, if children can disappear. Headline news reporting to Americans about a few hundred girls missing in Africa, when there are almost a million missing on their own continent. How can so many children be missing with all the security, agencies for child trafficking, and so many others who are supposed to be looking out for America’s children?

Who is running these agencies?

Have Americans put the fox in the hen house with the chicks?


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There is news in mainstream media coming from every direction attacking the President of the United States for as many things as can be found by the new world order who lost the race for the president slot. Now the the cards that weren’t supposed to be exposed to the the masses are being turned over. From former presidents, congressmen/women, organizations at the highest levels, and most of Hollywood is full of people who prey on children and women. Like Kevin Spacey in the House of Cards television series to real life, it seems the show isn’t far from telling the same story of the life of one of America’s greatest couples, foundations, missing money, witnesses, and the biggest game changer of all.

Little girls who are now women are feeling empowered to call out the men/women who have preyed on the children to satisfy sick beliefs. Will the NYPD release the tape that will be the end to a new world order or will Trump be removed by a Pentagon that was filled with computers with child porn and no one to blame. PURGING THE PEDO PLAGUE & SAVING SOCIETY — Sarah Westall

Source: investmentwatchblog

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