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Many of you may know about crop circles, and it is a very popular concept within recent years. If you research some of the crop circles that could not have been human replicated, is their a general message from them? Yes! There are two things they "talk" about; evolution/ascension and warnings of what we are doing to the planet, and in the process doing to ourselves.


What is it going to take to realize we can no longer live off fossil fuels and survive? We are facing; right now a choice from Mother Earth. That we can no longer treat our brothern; our animal friends like crap, whom are part of the same mother and a long line of evolution. That we can no longer treat each other hurtfully. Its all beautiful and is part of the greater good, but as we purify ourselves - so will the Earth. Its gotten to the point of no return; its too late to slowly tapper off our addiction to fuels. VERY Soon we are going to have to stop completely. Please learn as much you can about wilderness survival. Earth changes are real, and it is better to be safe then sorry -- like they say lol.


You can find a lot of info on it on youtube. Search "wilderness survival".


Here is a link:


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