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Earth 101 ~ from the Eyes of the Wisdom Keepers

Earth 101, From the Eyes of the Wisdom Keepers

We have watched this civilization for quite some time. We know your history, the real history and see patterns; which continue without evolving. Patterns; which are detrimental to evolution. We have watched you kill your prophets and messengers. We have watched you subject them to all kinds of hardship, mental, emotional and physical. We have watched you suppress your children turning them into mindless robots. We have watched you destroy simple people, families, women and children for the sake of profit. Their only sin was to live on top of land and resources your leaders desired. We watched as your leaders and religions demonized others, created divisions, separations then profited greatly in wars they instigated forgetting that the Creator is Omnipresent in all Creation. We have watched you destroy the very platform for life with total disregard for mother Earth who gave you this physical expression. We have watched you turn a blind eye to unjust actions against your fellow man/woman and in some cases be a willing participant as a puppet of the beast. We are done watching. We are done sending our prophets and messengers. We are now sending our warriors. They are the rainbow warriors, heralds of truth and courage. The power of God, Creator, Spirit flows through them. They are protected by unseen forces. They are backed by a greater force which is unstoppable. We will now watch as Karma, action/reaction and the past come to the surface for all to see. Such are the days of the Apocalypse; which in truth means the great uncovering. No rock shall be left un turned, no harmful act against man/woman and nature will go unpunished. It is not the hand of God but ones own hand and choices that create these events.

We will watch, protect, and guide those who wish to live in harmony with each other and the Earth. The Earth will support these people just as she will cleanse herself of those who choose to act in disharmony with humanity and the Earth. Such are the days to come. Take heed it is upon you. Deny all you wish the changes are coming. The lines are being drawn and it would behoove everyone to take a long hard look at where you stand in this process. Who are you serving in this process? Are your choices and actions in alignment with the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. How dependent are you upon the beast. When the beast falls will you be underneath it. This civilization you have created is not very civilized. It is barbaric concerning how it treats its people and its environment. It is not sustainable, karmicly irresponsible, enslaving, and has little to do with the laws of Creation. There will be a parting of the ways. Which way will you be going?

Golden Wolf

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Comment by JIM4HOPE on December 3, 2010 at 6:14am
Those dark entities will use words you want to hear as there tools to decieve those into the shadows we must be very careful not to fall victim to this

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