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Drake’s Radio Show from July 17, 2014, plus a personal Skype conversation with Peter Eyre

Drake’s Radio Show from July 17, 2014, plus a personal Skype conversation with Peter Eyre

Peter Eyre contacted me on Skype very early (for me) this morning. He was on the run to catch a plane. I was able to share with him the info from Abel Danger, which I have every reason to believe is reliable.

He gave me permission to share the following:

“Hello Jean….I have sufficient research to show that MH17 was 200% a false flag event that had no connection to the Russian President’s aircraft. All of the details shown by various cabal controlled media are totally false and simply do not add up.

“I have sufficient personal experience to prove both were false flags and that the evidence in both cases is bogus.

“. . . Yes, and they want WW3! What better way to rub up the Russians into some sort of conflict which would bring China and the BRIC countries into the fray. What better way for the US to clear is IOU with China (its main provider of finances, etc.) by going into conflict, boosting arms sales and putting up the price of fuel etc. Job done — except to say the US is no longer capable of fighting such a mammoth consortium….. [THANK GOD!!!]

“I will not offer the proof right now, but documentation shown via the media is false, aircraft details are false . . . I need to keep it close to my chest as the false flag details keep changing.

“Suffice to say that the aircraft that was photographed at the gate was not the aircraft that came down if the ATC details were correct….there is one clue. Other evidence lies in the wreckage. Paperwork shown also false.”

Peter suggests that everyone listen to the interview section of Drake’s radio show — advance the cursor to the second hour . . . which includes him, then Neil Keenan, Rob Miller, and Dr. Aidun as guests. I have just finished listening, and I can tell you for those seeking the truth it is well worth your time.

Hugs, ~Jean

Listen to the broadcast @

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Comment by Besimi on July 21, 2014 at 2:03am

7.18.14 PERSEVERE!

Frequency Lesson!

This one is about flowing with CHANGE. It is radical, and at the moment it is as much for ME as  for anyone who reads it.

In my case, its about knowing that “‘frequency lesson posts’ are useless until and unless they are useful to those who read them.” (Decode THAT one, and you’ll get way more out of it than you “thought” you would.)

In general, this lesson is about 1.) attuning in every moment to how RAPIDLY a complete shift in consciousness is occuring, and 2.) recognizing the many ways in which such a radical shift can play out.

Some will try to navigate it as if it is “same old, same old,” and so blame themselves for “failing,” and retreat… and so they WILL, bless their hearts.

Others will like the “concept,” but not really “buy it,” and so think they can “get by” with talking the talk without walking it… until they learn that the way they walk IS the path.

Still others– those who are so traumatized that they do not trust anything but “power over others” as a means of survival– well, they may resort to violence in their panic (and already ARE, in fact). And even that will serve to enlighten the collective, albeit in a painful way — but only in exact proportion to those who REQUIRE the shock of such drama in order to “see ANEW.”

The most challenging experience of all for those of us who DO see, however, are our daily interactions with the majority who as yet do not see– and to FEEL the pain of the gap. To those of you, I say YES. FEEL the isolation such “seeing” results in. FEEL the fear and grief, the very fruits of separation, until you know it in your bones. FEEL your heart aching as if it surely will break in two. And PERSEVERE.

I say this because I have a FEELING, almost overwhelming in its power– that this perseverence in holding the frequency of whatever you believe in most– is about to manifest into forrm. Big Time. So, be conscious of the frequency you choose, hold on, and PERSEVERE. That’s MY two cents, anyway… YOU decide what its  worth.

By the way, if you want more than two cents from me every now and then, don’t forget about the monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings, held on the 3rd Sunday of every month throughout 2014.



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