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Draco (Part Three: Impersonation)

Over time,  many benevolent ETs have traveled to earth looking to play the role of teacher.

When the Draco arrived and began their plans during the first civilization they created, one of technological marvel, comfort and entertainment, not all of the post-Atlantis humans wanted to live with the Draco.  They retreated to isolated areas and began small tribes or communities doing their best to survive.

This was the first period relevant to our now, in which benevolent ETs visited.

The second time was just after the Draco war that destroyed their marvel of a city when they were attempting to establish a new structure.  Several groups of ETs arrived attempting to give humans knowledge of their world so they could grow naturally.

Of course this went against the Draco agenda.

The Draco were preoccupied with their own work and would not notice or care about these occurrences.   When they became ready, they would then step in and push out the benevolent visitors and take over the area.

From there they will rewrite everything.  Take on the image of the benevolent visitor and teacher, to teach a modified version of the truth entrusted by the beings they pushed out.

The second occurrence of this process would be in the area we know as Egypt.  Ancient Egyptian teachings.  The reason why there are so many stories and feelings and messages and writings about ancient Egypt is many many amazing things were going on, and then.. The Draco came in and reenacted them all.  If you were to read it all properly in a book, you would get to the middle chapter and more or less find yourself back at the beginning.  Reading the same events, this time staged and perverted, all over again.

Going back to the earlier period is where they accomplished this deception for the first time.

A feline race who had arrived.   Lion like, and brilliant.  The daughter of their king will be the example we use. She was called Sekhmet.

Her love for humanity was unrivaled and she taught them everything the Draco would eventually deny.  All the knowledge of soul.

She taught how to travel through all levels and reconnect the knowledge gained while in this physical form to the greatest potential.  She taught to embrace the spirit of the earth to gain the strength of its potential.

Clearly the Draco were also not impressed and eventually attacked this feline race, overthrowing them.   They abandoned earth, all but a few.  Sekhmet stayed. As did some others.

She allowed herself to die as to not abandon humanity.  Not abandon the Earth (Her).  She died fighting, falling, crawling to a tree and holding it.

The Draco used her as the model for all of their martyrs dying for humans moving forward.

They impersonated her as if she had reincarnated.  Convinced the lingering followers of this passed teacher that she had returned in a new body.  She would then continue her teachings, but with a twisted agenda.

Even during the reboot of the later Egyptian period, they used the image as Sekhmet again, revisiting her teachings in their perverse form.

This has happened many times leading the Draco to develop religions and perfect their compartmentalized structures.  They followed this as it evolved and developed adjusting their game to suit the attempts of outside sources to enlighten some humans as to a bigger picture.   Up until they stopped worrying about this themselves 200yrs ago approximately, they had done an excellent job of distorting everything.

The Parents continued in their footsteps but with much different tactics.  This has all been supported by Archons and AI along with many malevolent ETs.

This writer says it all the time.. Names, names, names.   This is how it happens.

It's designed to confuse, but more importantly, encourage disagreement and competition. Let's stop allowing this to happen.  The lessons, the concepts and teachings are what matter.  Details of who ruled when and did what and killed who or mothered whichever "God", does not matter.

What matters is what we do moving forward.

You've learned countless myths and legends and ancient teachings and writings over the years collectively between you.  There is none that are wholly true.  They all carry a message.  Absorb this, and set aside (don't throw away) the rest.

Over the next few years this world will rediscover many places you've been and learned about.  Memories will return.  Just remember, a lot has happened.

The departure of the Draco does not mean much.  The damage is done.  Real problems still exist.  There is a great deal of work for humanity to do.

You can do it, though.  Look how very far you've already come.

Everything before and during  Atlantis they turned into fiction, myth or legend.  Fairy tales. Stories.

Their time is over. Time for us to remember, rewrite and move forward.

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