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Dismantling the Channelers: Part 1 – Here Comes the Boom


Dismantling the Channelers: Part 1 – Here Comes the Boom

[This is a repost from July 5, 2013. Take special note of the channeled message about “Ascension.” I want spiritual people to see the Ascension idea for the recycled Kool-Aid it is before I start posting about real solutions to our world’s “elite infestation” problem.]

If you have been awake for a while, you’ve probably fallen into a lot of the same traps I have. Once you wake up, it feels like you are home free, but you soon discover that the land around the thought prison is littered with mines, snares, quicksand, and mantraps put in place by the prison warden. You find there is a massive maze that has been set up to slow you down, confuse you, break your will, and send you slinking back into your cell. This being so, those of us who have stumbled through those grounds owe it to those who come after us to set signposts along the way. That is the reason I’m writing this series.

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Comment by CHRISTINA on Monday


Comment by CHRISTINA on Monday

i can concur with what you're saying, carolyn

Comment by Carolyn The Pleiadien on Sunday

If they could come and intervene in this chaos they wouldn't have sent so many of us here at this time to help in cleaning up this mess. They would have just come and done it themselves. A lot less time consuming and way less taxing on OUR weary souls having to put up with this place believe me.

Steven Greer is a Draconian, David Wilcock Baby is one,  and I'm sure Sheldan Noodle is one too. Be suspicious or anyone teaching savior from the sky propaganda instead of self responsibility and co creating our own destinies

Comment by Carolyn The Pleiadien on Sunday

I agree. Starting with Sheldon Noodle is a very good idea. False channelers encourage passivity rather than self respansibility and stepping up to the plate. They trump true evolutionary progress at every step. gain looking for a messiah or savior outside ourselves rather than being the creators of our own destiny. 

Im telling you, most come out of the dementedminds of these Dracos themselves. They created the whole new age movement.

Community Galactic and Star Family abide by hand soff and universal lar of non interference. Thats why so many of us star seeds are here at this time of transition to influence from the inside because they can't intervene directly. They will not lean up our mess even if the could. We ar enot babies we are more than capable of taking our world back into our hands. 

These false channels are MOST DEFINATELY not coming from our star families at all. They won't touch this with a 100 foot pole

Comment by CHRISTINA on August 5, 2017 at 7:58am
Comment by CHRISTINA on August 5, 2017 at 7:55am

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