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1.1 This Declaration applies to ALL TIMELINES (at my discretion), and ALL NATURAL LIVES and ALL incarnations, (past, present and future), at my discretion.

2) I AM ETERNAL, embodied at the moment inside of the human skin/body suit, and am “created” by the Infinite, Immortal Creator of ALL THAT IS.
I claim all rights as such, and FULLY RESERVE them for my living being, while removing ALL EARTH BOUND AUTHORITY standing between my living being and Prime Creator unless designated by my fully conscious and informed consent.

2.1) I REMOVE ALL assumed or presumed tacit consent present in any part my life,  my natural life, on all levels and timelines forever!  Consent for everything must now be asked for each individual act, the reason and situation explained to me completely face to face, and terms for that act negotiated (which are fully current and up to date), and finally a CONTRACT must be SIGNED BY ME IN WET PURPLE INK before any consent can be secured and/or assumed/presumed in any circumstance for such act.

2.2) This Declaration is my own creation! Therefore, let it be known that I alone am the final arbiter, and the final authority on what it means, and what I meant it to say!  I REMOVE ALL permission and consent for ANY of these words to be used against me in any way, shape, or form, because this is my CREATION – and it was never created with the intent to harm its creator!  If there are any questions at all concerning a word, (even if those words are “and” – “or” – or any other words) and what they mean in relationship to this Declaration, and what I meant these words to say, then simply post a comment under this Declaration…, and I will answer your question!  NOTICE: Only the definition that I give will be used.


2.3) When I say and write the words “I”, “me”, “my”, or “myself” anywhere in this declaration – I am referring to my living being (both as a Soul and as a living and breathing man). When I say and write “my life”, I am referring to my natural life…, which is the experience that my living being as a Soul, and as a living and breathing man is having upon the EARTH!

2.4) What ever form of contract is ever presented to me for agreement, in this life, in my natural life, or in any other life, I RESERVE ALL FREEWILL RIGHTS given to me (MY SOUL) by our eternal and loving Source, also known and acknowledge as PRIME CREATOR.

1) I remove all consent for this act.
2) I withhold any and all consent for this act
3) I withdraw any and all consent for this act.


Every human being and living entity, (whether chattel property, or not) from Earth and Not from Earth, from all timelines and dimensions (past, present and future) who, in any way cause a measurably NEGATIVE affect upon my sovereign living being, my natural life, (my mind, my body, my soul, my astral, my magnetic and emotional essences), is now affected by this DECLARATION.


Each second of Earth Time (A second is one 60th of an Earth Minute) is an event that can (according to my discretion) be billed or charged to any living and breathing man, living and breathing woman, secret group, corporation, agency and agent, AI or machine Intelligence, Off world group or beings, Extra Dimensional groups or beings, or any other entities known and unknown who take harmful or negative action/s against my personal living and breathing body, mind, and soul, which are integral parts of my NATURAL LIFE here on the Earth.

Since each second is an event, then each second of negative influence and action against “me” can be billed at FULL COST AS LISTED against those who are “planning” , “ordering”, and carrying out these “HARMS” and “NEGATIVE INFLUENCES”!  

NOTICE: I am the final and ONLY arbiter of what will be defined as HARM and NEGATIVE Influence! If any being, “person”,  entity or group is worried or concerned about such costs…., they have the right to CONTACT me in person by e-mail only at:  The purpose of such contact would be to arrange a meeting, and secure a face to face negotiated CONTRACT with me that would absolve them of any such costs for all of their actions. In the absence of such contact and the signing of such contract, it is thus assumed that these rules, definitions, and notices have been read and are 100 percent acceptable to ALL, since it it publicly posted where anyone can read it.

NOTICE TO ALL!   NO distinction will be made between those beings who cause me (in my natural life) harm, those who “planned” that harm, and those who ordered that harm.

Specifically worthy of mention are those men and women who do work with the NSA using Frequency or Wave technologies!  See these two links:

The planners, the order givers, and the order followers (whether claiming to be sovereign or chattel property) will be EQUALLY held accountable for each single act, thought, frequency, wave, and ALL other measurable forces, that targeted my life, and “my natural life” in any way.

The use of these technologies covertly is a DECLARATION OF WAR against innocent souls, and against my natural life…, and my eternal soul!    This war…, having been declared, WILL BE FOUGHT on the higher levels…, even after physical death…, for as long as it takes until each soul involved in any way…, has PAID THE ENTIRE COST, and the consequences of choosing such heinous actions!




Harm, as defined here, is any act, and attempted act, which causes a measurably negative affect upon my natural life. This “harm” can happen in thought, in word, and in deed.  It can be anything done overtly, or covertly.  It can result from the “planning” of physical action, the planning of psychic action, and the planning of dark magical action.  It can be the planning and the use of Ancient and Esoteric Knowledge against my Natural Life.  Harm can also be the “ordering” of other beings and entities, spirits or machines to commit acts against my natural life that are physical, psychic, and darkly magical, which result in a negative effect upon my natural life.  It can be the use of nanites, chemicals, frequencies, waves, GMO’s, Vaccines, Mercury, and any other “force” which then causes a negative effect.


I am the SOUL of my own being, I am the owner and author of my own natural life, and I operate from there.

I AM eternal pure love
Bradley L.



3) ANY AND ALL computers and “electronic writing books”, that are in my possession, and are my personal property, paid for with effort put forth my me, and are assigned to me for my private use, and are/were purchased by me with trade-able energy that I earned by my own fair effort…, are OFF LIMITS.

No outside authority (or A.I.) is EVER granted access into the internal workings of any device I hold in my possession whatsoever, for any reason, unless consented to BY ME, by saying these audible words:  YES, I DO AGREE…,  and ONLY after a full disclosure of EVERY possible reason for making such an intrusion, AND a full public exposure of the reasons as given to me, and how any such intrusion will then be used subsequently.

Any additions to the software or internal workings of ALL devices in my possession that could have even the smallest possibility of affecting the actual device negatively, the software negatively, and that creates a covert way to intrude on my natural life and privacy, ARE FORBIDDEN by this NOTICE!

To be very clear, so that you cannot say ‘you assumed otherwise’ . . . all of my e-mails are private, no matter what computer I use. My natural life is totally private, no matter what device I use . . ., my personal phones, including cell phones, Skype Accounts, snail mail, etc. are private.

I remove permission and consent for any other living being/entity  to gain unauthorized access to any of these types of communications, which I reserve as Private!

The new Cyber Security Bill known as: CISA has now been duly noted.  I REMOVE ALL CONSENT for that particular rule/statute/law to apply to my living soul, body, mind, being, specifically my natural life.  Every man and women who breaths (in their own person and without Corporate Protection, (even if they are chattel property) will immediately and automatically be fully bound by THIS PUBLICLY POSTED NOTICE!

Any ACT done by any living being, entity, machine technology, A.I. or derivatives thereof, E.T.’s and ALL OTHERS, (including chattel property) which invades my PRIVACY using CISA and any other similar device as an excuse, justification, or reason, without first NEGOTIATING a full and current contract to do ANYTHING that such devices prescribe, with my natural life and living being (face to face) and by doing so, gaining my Freewill Agreement through the placing of my signature on that contract in WET PURPLE INK…., is now a CRIMINAL OFFENSE AGAINST MY NATURAL LIFE, AND MY LIVING AND ETERNAL SOUL.

This Declaration and Automatic Contract covers this, and all similar ACTS.

3.1) Internet browsing is now PROTECTED under this automatic contract as well! Any censorship and/or blocking of any information, news article/s, document/s, image/s, and video content, that I choose to access…, for ANY REASON, is now expressly forbidden by this contract.

To use machines, A.I., and technology to “censor” and to block my access to articles, video and information…, without first obtaining a fully negotiated, face to face contract, that has been signed and autographed by me, is considered to be a breach of this Declaration, and automatically engages ALL who do such acts under this automatic contract!

The act of using of the STING-RAY device, or ANY other type of device designed to intercept my private connection signal to the INTERNET is a double breech of my privacy, and will be charged under this automatic contract as double.

Any living being, entity, A.I., or other being (including chattel property) operating such technology as the STING-RAY, or any other device that is intercepting and/or reading the results of my INTERNET CONNECTION, or giving ORDERS for the use of such devices, are now fully obligated under this automatic contract IN THEIR OWN LIVING BEINGS AS MEN OR WOMEN as the case may be (without the aid of corporate immunity or protection).

4) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to having any human being, living being, machine technology (A.I.), entity, person, corporation, secret groups and/or: their representatives, their bosses, their off world allies, anyone working for or with the absolute psychopaths running Israel, and especially secret society groups, to spy, to look into, to watch, or in any way invade my PRIVACY for any reason.

4.1) I RESERVE the right to amend this Declaration of Freedom, and this Notice of Non-Consent at ANY TIME, and for ANY REASON, if it is found that something written here is either lacking in clarity, or has been misstated, and needs to be either corrected and/or deleted.

4.2) This Declaration of Freedom and removal of consent to “privacy invasion” includes all means and forms of communication that I currently use, and engage in, whether in my personal life, natural life, or in e-mails, phone conversations, computer usage, internet travel and access, and business writings.


4.3) Privacy is defined as: My own unique and personal life experience as had during the entire course of my natural life.
Each experience, had by my living and breathing being, is for my own personal growth and development. These are NOT for corporations to seek profit from, or to even record in any way!

These experiences, which are all part of my unique life, and natural life experience, are specifically protected from ALL use and abuse by any other persons or living beings in any way that creates money for profit, while demeaning, degrading, or negatively affecting my living being.

I REMOVE ANY AND ALL CONSENT TO: tracking, counting, organizing, collating, sampling, polling, listening in on, or in any way watching or spying on my living being and manifest body for the purpose of (but not limited to): targeting, marketing, psycho-analyzing, or any other form of intrusion whatsoever.
These listed things, and any other form of action or behavior that I would consider trespass and invasion, are expressly FORBIDDEN, under my definition of Privacy!


I remove all consent to being tracked by credit card/s, and debit card/s, and any other form of payments that I may make, including PayPal, for instance, and/or also I remove all consent to being tracked through the use of: Driver’s Licenses, Passports, Identification Cards or any other means!

4.4) PRIVACY, under my definition, also includes: where I go, and what I do with my physical body, mind, and soul, which is multi-dimensional!

4.5) The ONLY way any of the acts listed above could be done is to “ask” for my personal conscious consent, which could ONLY be given after a complete and total disclosure of every possible affect, or effect, (in plain and simple terms) that such an act would have upon my living being (with nothing hidden).

Such asking, and therefore the gaining of PERMISSION BY ME, would then have to be placed into a formal contract, and signed and autographed by me with WET PURPLE INK to be considered valid… WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.


5) There are invasions of privacy so egregious, that they are considered by me to be special acts of invading my privacy. These “special invasions” of privacy Include:

5.1) The THEFT of, and the Monetization and Collateralization of my Personal Soul Energy, and Personal Soul Entity, for the purpose of buying, selling, and/or owning.

5.2) The THEFT OF, and the Monetization and Collateralization of my Personal Human Body Suit/Skin Suit, which is laced with my unique DNA that is MY PRIVATE DOMAIN, for the purpose of buying, selling, and/or owning.

5.3) The THEFT of, and the act of buying, selling, owning, and trading of MY Soul Energy, or MY unique human body DNA on the New York Stock Exchange, or any other Stock Exchange in this world, or on any other world is forbidden unless I consent in writing.

5.4) UNDER 5.1 to 5.3 of this NOTICE…, The buying, selling, and owning of MY UNIQUE and Personal DNA is expressly forbidden anywhere unless done by me personally, with negotiated contract, and signed by PURPLE INK.

5.4.1) The “harvesting” of my energy is forbidden regardless of the form that harvest takes! Whatever the form it takes, my energy is my own creation, and I DO NOT CONSENT to having it harvested for others to use, or to profit from.

This buying, selling, and owning, without first obtaining a formal and openly negotiated consent, amounts to SLAVERY, and is forbidden by me under my own FREEWILL.

. So is the harvesting of my personal energy! If such acts have occurred, or are occurring, then immediately see sections listed below:

5.4.2 NOTICE OF CONTRACT (Item number 11), and the Effective Enforcement Dates located in Section 37 and 38…, (38.1 – 38.4)

5.5) If such acts as listed in section (5) have occurred or are occurring, then as stipulated in Section 59 and 59.1 called: SPECIAL ACTS, a payment of 100 quadrillion ounces of pure gold, (24 karat) is NOW DUE immediately.

A separate payment is due for each individual ACT of buying, selling, “harvesting” and owning, as listed in Sections 5.1 – 5.5 above, and under the terms of Section 59 and 59.1, with the effective enforcement dates listed in Section 37 and 38 (38.1 – 38.4)

5.7) This payment is due NOW, and PAYABLE directly to me, from each living being who engaged in these acts, without a valid contract, that has been signed and autographed by me personally.

Payments are to be arranged and delivered to me personally, and are ORDERED to take place at a place of my choosing.

(See AUTHORITY, Section 25, items 25.1 – 25.5)

6) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to the use of nanites, mind or body parasites, or any other type of infectious diseases and/or infectious technology, whatsoever, whenever, or wheresoever, now, in the past, or in the future, to be used upon my human physical body, or mind, or soul, while I am living here on the Earth!

7) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT TO ANY TYPE OF MIND CONTROL, OR THE USE OF INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY IMPLANTS (physical, ethereal, or astral), living or non-living, to be used on my living being, my physical body, my ethereal body, my electro-magnetic body, my astral body, or my Soul Body, which could possibly have any affect upon my physical body, mind, or soul in ANY way, without a current (up to date), fully disclosed and transparently negotiated contract (nothing hidden), and autographed by me with wet PURPLE ink.

I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to any NEGATIVE BEINGS creating dreams in my mind when I am asleep, or attacking me while I sleep! I REMOVE ALL CONSENT for invasive implants (of any type or kind) to be used and/or placed in my body (on any level) while I sleep.


For other sections see bradley love's website:

Fully Authenticated and/or signed by my living autograph, and consent

Bradley L. (a living man)

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