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Some time ago some of us tried to let you know that the amount of Blogs you add per week seems a bit egoistical. You see, there are some discussions that we'd like to keep on going, but because you post so much, those discussions get to the bottom of the page really quick without giving people a chance.

I understand you are eager to share stuff with us but everybody should have a chance to have their posts being read and discussed on.

Sometimes you even post without allowing comments, so people are not even allowed to share their opinions on the matter.

Can I give you a suggestion?

Why don't you create a group called "STARSEED BLOG" or something like that, so within this group you can post as many blogs as you want per day and people would that are interested can be part of your Group and read all your blogs, in one place! You do post interesting articles and I, for one, would check out you blog now and again.

I think this is a nice and fair idea, don't you? This way you wouldn't be clogging up the main page Blog section and people would stop being upset because they will have a chance to be heard.

This should apply to anyone that post a lot.

What do you say?

Please consider this with love and respect for you fellow members of SoE.

Thank you very much.


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Comment by CrystalClear2313 on February 26, 2011 at 9:43pm

Simmy I agree, I am not one who comments a lot or posts a lot neither, but I would like to see the posts to stay longer and see what everyone has to say. I love the way you stated this matter very lovingly.


Comment by Trudy on February 26, 2011 at 9:17pm
You're absolutely right Simmy. If Starseed Claude starts his own group, he can make as much posts as he wants about his favorite subject '' Ego '' ...
Comment by Lydia on February 26, 2011 at 8:38pm

I must agree with Simmy ~ As Much as I Know You Claude that are Doing it because as Simmy says you are eager to Share as Much as Possible I must say that with the Amount You have it would BE Best to have Your Own Group as Simmy suggested and Even post Videos there because I have the Exact Issue with You posting soooo many videos ALL at Once for example that guy with a Black took a whole page just recently so then All the Vids that we share get moved right Out of the page and That is frustrating for me when I see that ! :(

I believe I did mention this to You Dear Brother Claude ~ I Love your Info but its Just too much too quickly and the Best solution would BE to have Your Group and I too would Gladly visit it on daily basis as I truly Value your Input and Know you have Great Great shares.

So I Vote YES ! You Go Claude ~ Keep Posting to Your Heart's Desire ~ But Create Your Group and That way No matter How Much You post blogs or videos it will Not affect the rest of us who need more time to Digest this food :)))
In Service Of Love Light and Blessings to ONE and ALL as ONE ! xox 

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