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13th August 2015

After a great deal of work and many pitfalls on the way we now finally have our first ‘Connecting Consciousness Global Action Group’ newsletter.  Normally a first edition of any new undertaking starts off with a celebration and recognition of how that position was finally arrived at.  However situations that are planned to take place on the 15thAugust mean that I will dispense with the niceties and get down to business.  You all should know that the CERN collider is scheduled to operate at its maximum capacity on the 15th August, this date also coincides with a nearly unique planetary alignment.  Like any living creature the earth has a natural biorhythm which rises and falls as the energy peaks and troughs – not unlike a roller coaster.  Those who devised and planned the collider intend to ride this biorhythmic wave as a surfer would on the ocean.  As the energy is increased in the collider it’s software is designed to match and maintain the frequency and output of the earths biorhythm, finally at full power as it were launching from a ramp at the top of the biorhythmic peak with its intended outcome being nothing less than the cutting of all humanity from source.  Of course there are other objectives such as portal opening, weapons platform and even a time interference machine but it is the potential of blocking human consciousness with source that must take our attention first. 
Will you all at 12 noon British standard time on the 15th August, either singularly or in groups, find a quiet place and focus in on the intent to prevent humanities dislocation from source.  I will direct the good intentions of you all and we shall see what the outcome will be.  We all only need to focus for 5 minutes. 

















           The first Connecting Consciousness                                                      Fran and Simon

               meetup in Derbyshire, England




Following a successful meet up in Britain on Saturday the 1st August I am now in a position to begin the process of allocating groups a coordinator.  Following a herculean task Fran has created and coordinated the entire list of all members of our group.  This means that we can be in contact with each and every member when necessary.  Each country, or when necessary each time zone, will have its own coordinator whose job will be to liaise and focus their local group in coordination with myself.  When I envisaged ‘Creating Consciousness’ I was clear in my intention that I wished to move away from the traditionally understood systems of hierarchy which have brought humankind nothing but division and anguish. As our organization develops I hope you will find that the system that’s in place to be refreshingly different and perhaps a model that could one day be rolled out across the planet. 
We were most grateful to Fran who opened her home and was such a wonderful host, she was tireless in making sure that everyone was being valued.  We can’t expect for Fran to do this every time so if anyone else is either in a position to offer their home or knows of a venue where we can hold future meetings please do let us know through the email  The high spot of the get together was the opportunity to finally talk face to face.  The second high spot was the raffle which went very well and was supported by Vijay who gave away gifts! and who also brought along his anti-chemtrail device which was most successful!  However that which was most surprising was the gazeebo which like Dr Who’s tardis was thankfully bigger on the inside than the outside as proved by sheltering everyone during a very heavy rainstorm at the end of the get together - thank you to Rebecca for providing the tardis and to Paul for installing it.  Due to the technical wizardry of Andy there were no electrical malfunctions on the day, thanks also go to Katarina who assisted so ably with the raffle and subsequently edited the video of our get together.  Thanks also go to Rebecca and Nicky for helping out in the kitchen.   However there was one drawback to the day, I cooked an enormous bowl of rice which took an absolute age to cook and which nobody ate, I’m not doing that again.  From a personal perspective it was truly outstanding for me to meet the very people whom I had skyped with over the previous weeks.  To my knowledge there is not another organization in our field that maintains and values this personal touch.  Thank you to all that attended. 
This is a wonderful opportunity to thank everybody who has supported ‘Connecting Consciousness’ whether it be through their time freely given or their money pledges.  Without the support of decent ordinary people no organization can flourish, with this in mind I personally thank everybody for all they have done and they continue to do.  In many ways you are all unsung heroes. 
Much love, much strength, much hope!newsletter/c1e09


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Comment by CHRISTINA on August 15, 2015 at 3:58pm

Comment by CHRISTINA on August 15, 2015 at 2:47pm
Connecting Consciousness Global Action Group Newsletter - Update
15th August 2015
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This is a very short newsletter because today has been so important.  In many countries around the world at 12 noon BST hundreds of people joined together to take positive action to prevent a travesty.  For too long we have been continually reacting to events or been reduced to ‘sending love’ well today we were proactive and sent very positive energy to where it was needed.
Here is what I know so far – at 3am BST today in order to prevent our actions the collider was activated.  This was a deliberate attempt to ramp up the power before its schedule and thus from their prospective ensure the outcome that they wanted.  I have to tell you that unfortunately the collider suffered a malfunction just after 3am.  This occurred in the tube and is why many of you when you connected at 12 noon BST were immediately taken to a circle or tube shape.  This is in fact the tube where particles are accelerated.  In technical terms the collider suffered a tube quench.  Again unfortunately this meant that the collider could not operate until close on to our scheduled connection.  The collider was repaired within a few hours but could not operate to full power and by the time it was restored the window of opportunity that they sort had closed.   Please look at the screenshot below, this is an official screenshot as released by the PR department who promote the collider.  Thanks go to Ciprian Jurma for bringing it to our attention because it confirms that there was indeed an issue for the collider at 12.11pm BST which is 6 minutes after we all closed our joint meditation.  
At 13:11 (which is 12:11 BST) at the end of our session, there was a "Dump due to BPMs in IP6. Rampdown and refill”

This means that everyone’s hard efforts to maintain the connection between the human race and source have been successful.  Whilst we don’t believe in ego I really think you all deserve a big pat on the back.  Thank you for what you have done.  I would be really interested to hear what you experienced, what you saw and what you felt, please let me know through this link -!cc-contact-form/c23ty

Much love, much strength, much hope

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