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Government scientists (the secret government) purportedly labored alongside an alien force to work out the sundry ways the general population could be brought under an ultimate totalitarian control that would leave humanity as little more than farm animals to be used for breeding.

This very first paragraph is very telling!  It should do nothing less than make every person in the world sit up and take notice! If it does not…, then those who remain “unmoved” are ALREADY under some form of MIND CONTROL!

Firstly it tells us that SECRET GOVERNMENT SCIENTISTS (human beings born here on Earth) were working side by side with “ALIENS” – and experimenting on humans and human DNA (a cosmic crime) in order to see if they could literally “design them” to be even more perfect slaves. If this does not enrage you…, then you are already under some form of MIND CONTROL.

Dulce was built and set up as as Earth’s first main joint United States Government/Alien biogenetics Labratory! It was built FOR THE GREY’S so they could do their work BY THE GOVERNMENT!

Therefore what the Aliens were doing there, becomes the total responsibility OF THOSE IN THE GOVERNMENT AND THE SECRET GOVERNMENT!

And what were they doing there?

The “white washed” version is that thousands of young females were being abducted, and even created (cloned, etc.) for use as sex slaves by aliens!

I have read “other” versions of the Dulce Battle that tells of “young children (boys and girls) sitting NAKED IN CAGES who were also being used as sex slaves and being experimented on!


This next paragraph from Part One should also tell you something about these “ALIENS” who were working at DULCE as early as 1978 and probably a handful of years before that.

….By 1978, the NSA Department X was warning the human commanders of new programs starting at Dulce that were so frightening that even seasoned men of war were shocked. Thousands of young human females were being ‘created’ in test tubes to be sex slaves for the aliens. But these clones were proving to be less than satisfying for the aliens, because they didn’t suffer the same way that once free victims did….

Okay…, WHAT?    They didn’t like the “clones” as sex slaves…, becasue they were NOT SUFFERING ENOUGH?  Could that be because the ONLY way the ALIENS were having sex with these women was to TORTURE THEM?  Get them to scream for their LIVES??

What are we “Learning” about these Greys?

1) They are totally SADISTIC and EVIL.

2) They are demented and deviant.

3) They are psycopathic and sociopathic

4) They “CRAVE” the suffering of others for their PLEASURE AND ENJOYMENT.

Am I “missing” something here when I wonder why our government and our secret GOVERNMENTS are working with these ALIENS??

But wait…, IT GETS BETTER!

What we find out is that this is EXACTLY what the ELITE HUMAN BEINGS (KINGS AND QUEENS, ETC) who are behind the secret governments of the world are like as well! This next paragraph tells it all….

…….The labs at Dulce started cloning human females by a process perfected in the world’s largest and most advanced bio-genetic facility – Los Alamos. The elite humans who manipulated the world’s governments from the shadows would soon have a disposable slave-race for medical culling of body parts and their own perverted sex pleasures. Just like the alien Greys, the U.S. (secret) Government secretly kidnapped and impregnated young females, then removed the hybrid fetus after a three-month time period, before accelerating their growth in laboratories……

Okay…, so now I “get it”.   The ELITES were also doing the very same thing!  Abducting human females and trying to create a hybrid race of SEX SLAVES and SEX TOYS!

That they would give the ALIENS the permission to help them only stands to reason.

But one thing we ALSO KNOW…, and it’s been basically PROVEN, is that the ELITES behind the SECRET GOVENMENT are all…, each and every one of them PEDOPHILES!  They love to have sex with children as well!

And since they ALL WORSHIP SATAN…, when they are having SEX WITH YOUNG CHILDREN…, they usually torment and torture them while they are doing it!

But hey…, don’t take “my word” for it…, let’s hear what JAY PARKER, a man who was born into a “generational SATANIC family” has to say about it…..

In the above Video…, you will hear Jay Parker say that SATAN worship is the RELIGION of the ILLUMINATI.

He does not say…, it might be…, he says it IS WHAT THEY DO! He says that the Satanists are working for the most powerful people in the world…(the Bankers) etc.   in other words THE ILLUMINATI!

Jay also says that they are ALL PEDOPHILES.  He does not say that some of them are pedophiles…., HE SAYS THAT ALL OF THEM ARE PEDOPHILES!   (ALL OF THEM)

Jay tells us that his “parents” had sex with him as a young boy (six years old) and that he was basically raped 2 or 3 times a week by his own parents and others in the SATAN WORSHIPPING COMMUNITY.

So this is how we “KNOW” that those who are the ILLUMINATI are in fact…., without a doubt, and NO they can’t lie about it…, PEDOPHILES!

Jay also tells us that his parents told him that “they” knew that they were working for and with the REPTILES!

So the “HUMAN BEINGS” that we see as our own leaders are NO BETTER than the Greys…, and are completely psychopathic MONSTERS.

If this does not get your DANDER UP…, and make you want to “do something” about it…., then YOU ARE ALREADY UNDER SOME SORT OF MIND CONTROL!

Because of Jay Parkers testimony…, it is far easier for me to believe that the “other” versions and testimony of those who were involved in the BATTLE OF DULCE…, soldiers who were there…, and who said that they saw row and rows of young NAKED CHILDREN locked in cages, is completely accurate and true!

That JIMMY CARTER did something about this – makes that man a HERO!  Not only a hero here on Earth…, but a Hero for all time to come in the UNIVERSE!

That MARK RICHARDS led the strike team of soldiers who rescued as many of the people on the lower levels as they could, makes him a HERO for ever!

That he has been in PRISON (on trumped up charges) for over 30 years is a crime!  If this does not bother you…, you are under some form of MIND CONTROL.

Now…, that this article also tells us that ONLY WHEN GEORGE BUSH SR. (A NAZI SYMPATHIZER) got to be President, were the ALIENS ALLOWED to restart their work on the lower levels of DULCE, tells us that he is both a SATAN WORSHIPER AND A PEDOPHILE!

But don’t take my word for it…, let’s listen to what Cathy O’Brian…, the woman who wrote the book” Trance-formation of America has to say about it!

(See Part Three)

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