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Hello there. Clinton asked me to post this to you :)





This will be my last reply on saviors, I am moving in a new direction. I thank you all for being there with me in my growth. I love you all dearly and appreciate the growth and the constructive critism you have given me, it has allowed myself to fully be more aware and grounded and has accelerated my intelligence and made me a stronger human being.
I am truly humbled by the support and the lack of in saviors, and the amount of growth it has given me. Yet for now I have made the decision within myself that I must move into a new path and follow my passion further creating for others and helping in new ways.
Many people here have not understood who I am and what I stand for, why I am here and what I do, and where I am going. It was really the same as a child living and learning through their parents how to walk and how to act and the challenges that were brought up through the interactions I have had on saviors have vastly moved my consciousness into something vastly more pure than when I showed my face here in 2008.
I appreciate you all, Antonela my twin, good luck I will not be seeing you again, but I am very glad we met this life and you showed me greatness, PA, Chelley, Brenda,Tony, Becca, Reb, Kigre, Ambers, Andromeda, Marriel, Mystical Enigma, Salvador, Betina, Tors, Bloodshot Buddah, Ian, Besimi, Kerrie, Simple Man, John Jones, Crystal,  LW, Daisy, Brad, Trudy and all the sceptics, I love you so dearly.
I found myself in darkness looking for the light; I found the light I was looking for through everyones interactions. Everything is clear to me in reason and growth and why we all connected and for this amount of progression was so needed for all of us to communicate and grow exponentially. You guys have been my greatest teachers some lovers, some friends some haters, all searching, all moving, all reflecting on what we are doing here on earth and what is happening ,taking in what we have learnt through our experience wishing to share our wisdom and grow in new ways.
I am sorry about the limitations we got into as some were great fighters of their belief systems, and I found the consciousness understandings between each individual and the reasons of fear, and the manifestation behind their actions.
For me to leave you with one last message.
Support each other, love each other, instead of arguing about the outer reality listen to your heart, hope you find peace within yourself and know that you all have the power to truly SAVE THE EARTH. I have seen people grow here in ways I could never have imagined, becoming leaders, warriors of change.
Remember to listen to what you are saying and what impact it has on others, how it makes them feel as individuals learning through there issues and understand that there is growth in their actions.
I have no fear for anything anymore!
There is no one I do not love here, and no one I am not happy about. You have shown me the light I wished to achieve, and the hard road learnt has allowed myself an opportunity to heal everything that I was wounded by. I see many wounded people here, the lack of understanding in channelling and the consciousness point of view towards these many people that bring through in that medium has created hate in some love in others. The irony of the hate for this situation is that some have taken channelled information as god and have not looked at the state of consciousness these channelers are in. Everyone channels many have the ability but..... does that make the information helpful, what is the message and how does it help you in your present reality. Does it give you hope and then no actions are seen, or does it give you empowerment. The only teacher is one that has mastered his or her limitation. If you are going to teach people how to read, you have had to struggle doing so and because you have learnt how to do it you have now the ability to teach others how to do it as well.
Remember nothing is by chance, everything has a great reason behind it, if you cannot see the connections then it is fine, but do not dismiss people when they are Wrong or Right about something that does not resonate with your current circumstance.
We all wished the aliens to save us, or jesus, or Ghandi or this or that or that or this. My final message to you is stop whining lol... and start to take responsibility for what you wish to save and become leaders, there is no excuses. If you don’t like channelling, if you don’t like this or that, understand more about the information presented the feeling it gives you, and work with that resistance within yourself and I am telling you, you will be free of limitations.
Look for information that serves yourself, that helps you grow out of limitations, all stories of changes in the future by prophets or this or that do not serve your current reality and allow you to do nothing about change and wait for miracles to happen.
You underestimate the amount of power you have, the amount of learning you have done in the school of saviours of earth website. Start small and start to create day by day and be the change you wish to see in the world. You are awakened and powerful... own that, love yourself and be creative, spread love and compassion, and movement of a new earth. Go into your passions and create a better world through that, If its consciousness change, if it is technological change, if it is physical health or looking after others that is your passion, do it... become It..... live it.
Remember you are most powerful when you are healed, when you are whole, when you are expanded and not wounded. Concentrate on expanding yourself; start to open yourself up to receiving energy from others in a positive sharing. Do not live in lack..... “push abundance become abundant”, because if you guys can become abundant, then the world will surely know the ROAR we give off when we are in power and that power will be of love, equality and sharing, and this is why we all came together because we do not wish to stand and be controlled WE ARE FREE!!!! WE ARE AWAKE, and my god we have become AWARE!!!
Thank You For Everything
Love you all Clinton.

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Comment by Becky on March 14, 2011 at 2:47am
Well said !!!...wish you well on your path !!
Comment by Brenda Watts on March 14, 2011 at 1:30am
Clinton, you know how I feel about you, my guides guided me to you and I love you. I have loved watching you grow. I am so proud of you. So proud to be your friend. Happy trails dear Clinton. We will meet again. Perhaps in New Zealand. Your already here in my heart. Once touched, never forgotten. Love and light Brenda
Comment by Antonela Di Filippo on March 14, 2011 at 12:37am

=) Honestly Clint, it is understandable that you got a bit "bored" about this and wanna try something "new" or learn bout other stuff or do different things or this or that, its also cool and i actually support that... but... this looks like hmmmm... its just my point of view here ok?... that you are actually running away cause you cant deal with yourself, or maybe theres something here that bothers you and dont wanna see it anymore or deal with it, it is also undestandable... like feng shui on self (taking the bad stuff out and the good stuff in) its personal and its being fair with yourself... Im not trying to say anything against this desition you took, its just that you cant hide the elephant under the table, believe me ive tried, its easier in a way but you know the elephant is still there...

Everyone has his/her own time to process stuff and I totally respect this desition youve made, but guess what? I have the strong feeling we will see you again here, its called magnetism and we both activated it...

So take your time to explore new ways and enjoy the learning process, we will be waiting for your arrival the next time with arms wide open here, cause Im not going anywhere...

Love you dear Twin, my biggest teacher...


Comment by Lydia on February 13, 2011 at 8:34pm

LOL.........Love THAT  kamal ~ "we are with you on the 'inner net' even if you are not here on

the 'inter-net'

That Is Soo Truuueeee.......... xox ONE xox

Comment by Simmy on February 12, 2011 at 10:24am
I sincerely wish you all the best Clinton. Be at peace :)
Comment by Lydia on February 11, 2011 at 1:54pm

Hmm......and I was never aware of Any Frictions.... what frictions ?
We mayBE Differnet But are ALL ONE xox  ;o)

Comment by JIM4HOPE on February 11, 2011 at 1:01pm
I will miss you brother and as Lydia says please keep SOE as a place you know you always can return so never say you will never return that just has a real negative sound to it .I always tuned into what messages you were trying to send even though there was a bit of friction at times .As it remains with respect to you as it has been ,and as it still is were all on the same side ..So have a great adventure where ever it takes you Brother we excpect to hear a report from time to time where your adventures have taken you .
Comment by Besimi on February 11, 2011 at 12:45pm

...missed and always welcome back ,Dear Clinton.

....much love & successes,beloved friend. Namaste.

Comment by Bishop on February 11, 2011 at 12:29pm

arr really? maybe youl be back again in time to come :) your welcome to strill this place when ever you like lolz!!


L&L  my good friend!

Comment by Lydia on February 11, 2011 at 11:29am

Ohhh..............Clinton ~ Why and Wheeeerrrreeeee Did You Goooo ????
Will Miss You Brother !!!  XOX

HOpe to see YOu back say Never ~ As ONE NEver Knooows ;o)

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