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E-mail from Benjamin Fulford:


Response to recent accusations against Benjamin Fulford:

Although it is my policy to not engage in mud-slinging and focus on constructive ideas, I have been asked by many people to respond to two recent lines of attack against me.

First of all there is the accusation that I killed Christopher Story. That is serious slander and I may decide to sue. First of all, I was asked by MI6 to please cooperate with them and not reveal the fact that Christopher Story AKA Edward Hale, was never killed. It was all part of a psy-ops. However, they are using Story's baseless accusation that I threatened him with murder as part of a campaign to discredit me so I am now revealing the truth: Christopher Story was not killed and I never threatened him.

The other concerns the ongoing mud-slinging surrounding the OITC. The fact of the matter is that the lawsuit against the OITC and their backers at Davos and the UN has been delayed twice. First by the sudden suspicious death of Joe Bendana (the man who was going to file the lawsuit against them) and now by the fact that all the cables leading to Neil Keenan's server were cut. The lawsuit will go ahead and the courts can decide the truth as far as I am concerned.

The Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate has found itself in a situation it cannot mathematically get out of no matter how hard they try. In their death throes, however, they are revealing their entire global network of bought and paid for servants. My message to them: accept the inevitable, help start the new financial system and then appear before a truth and reconciliation committee in exchange for forgiveness.

Believe me, the average people and the legal system will be a lot less forgiving if you continue to try to drag the rest of humanity down with you.

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