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Benjamin Fulford - Let the New World Order folks stew in their own juices a bit longer

Let the New World Order folks stew in their own juices a bit longer
There has been a lot of panicky maneuvering behind the scenes these days with multiple sources trying to feed the Black Dragon Society with information that cannot be verified.
First we have a group claiming they have already restored the US to constitutional law and that the states have taken back their rights. Unfortunately, that does not seem to have ended the sickening Zionist/New World Order Obama media circus so we remain skeptical.
Then, we are hearing Obama was summoned to China for a secret, emergency trip. Two separate news sources linked to Naval Intelligence (“Sorcha Faal”) and a source some people tell me is a front for Dick Cheney (Casper) both say this took place. We will try to verify this soon.
However, time is not on the side of the New World Order thugs so our instinct is to lay quiet and let them continue their panicked maneuvers for a bit longer. I know people are running out of patience but we are dealing with very dangerous, mentally sick individuals and we must continue to avoid giving them an excuse to start WW3. Time is not on their side. Reality will continue to deconstruct their illusions.

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