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~Be That Which You are Without Waiting for Ascension~

SaLuSa again draws attention to the 11-11-11, which we’ve heard Archangel Michael
also describe as a particularly-fruitful occasion, one that could see some people
ascend ahead of the rest of us. I’ve called these “early risers.” 
Now SaLuSa calls this the “Love Wave of 11.11.11.”
He tells us that the energy for change is now unstoppable and that the Company of Light
will see that it is not interrupted.
The long-expected collapse is near and leaders realize that
only a completely new approach can save the situation. 
He tells us that the authorities are preventing news escaping
about our popular protests and that the Company of Light is stopping them
from promoting situations of violence against protesters.
He says that Great Beings “are using their influence to ensure that the leaders of these
movements are inspired for the right motives.”
We have heard AA Michael say that he worked on military leaders
and will be working on financial leaders.
We are past the deadline for disclosure and I think the intervention of these “Great Beings”
is one example of what they can do now that they may not have been able to do before.

He tells us that the Light is spreading around Earth, stirring and awakening people
and will be helped along by the wave on 11-11-11.
He reminds us that we are being prepared to become Masters, Cosmic Beings
and to look at the galactics for what our future will bring.
He invites us to act as Masters now and now wait for Ascension.
He acknowledges that many of us are experiencing hard times but tells us that life
will soon take a turn for the better and we will come through these times. 
He points to 11-11-11 as “the commencement of the new period of Light 
that will signal the opening of the Pathway to Ascension.”
He tells us that the final battles between dark and Light are taking place on many levels
and the Earth allies are preventing any last-ditch attempts at chaos.
There is no doubt that not only time is continuing to speed up,
but events important to the necessary changes are also reaching a climax.
It bodes well for the immediate period which is highlighted by the Love Wave of 11.11.11.
Good news travels faster than ever amongst the Lightworkers,
and the network of information continues to expand.
It all points to an exciting time ahead and the fulfilment of your expectations.
The energy for change is unstoppable and we will ensure that
it flows uninterrupted by those who oppose it.
We are in regular contact with your leaders and even if some reluctance is shown,
they are generally co-operating with us.
The world teeters on the brink of collapse, and they realise that only
a completely new approach will provide a way out.
The dark Ones believed it would be to their advantage and their aims to take over,
but we have turned the tables on them to bring about Ascension.
The people have as expected risen up against those who have perpetuated the conditions
that have held you in their control.
It is sometimes a painful process of change,
but unavoidable as you break out of their hold on you.
We are preventing the dark Ones from using such occasions to
promote situations of violence, and create a false impression of those who demonstrate.
We see you as being very restrained, and endeavouring to keep them as peaceful as possible.
It is your right to demonstrate, but authorities fear such opposition to them.
It is why they try to prevent such news being reported.
However, it will not make any difference as the movement for change
has progressed beyond their grasp.
It is also helped along by great Beings, who are using their influence to ensure that
the leaders of these movements are inspired for the right motives.
Be assured that there is far more help being given than you would realise.
There is a beautiful Light spreading across the Earth that is linking many groups,
that are in turn attracting more people.
Where some have been unaware of the confrontation between the dark and the Light,
there is a stirring within and many are now awakening.
That will be helped forward by the powerful surge of energy that 11.11.11
will bring to you all, including Mother Earth.
There is no going back and indeed why would you wish to,
when such a wonderful future awaits you that will release you from the cycle of duality.
For each soul the future is yours to decide and you will be granted the freedom of choice.
Be guided by your intuition and stay with your own understanding of what lies ahead.
From being very limited during your lives on Earth,
you are suddenly being prepared to become Cosmic Beings.
Look at us and see your future in us because that is your true potential.
We are Masters, and you also are about to move up to greater levels of consciousness
that will return you to your previous status.
Many will doubt that they are capable of doing so, but we assure you that it is your destiny.
We ask you to wear the mantle of Light at all times,
and be that which you are without waiting for Ascension.
Stay calm and peaceful within the midst of uncertainty and change,
and you will doing all that can be expected of you at this time.
It will not be long now before life will take another turn for the better,
and you will know for certain that the final acts are taking place
before the curtain falls to end this cycle of duality.
Yes, many are experiencing hard times, but you may take heart from knowing
that you knew the end times would be very testing, and that you would come through them.
Worldly events are shaping up to suddenly take a surprising step forward,
and it will lift your gloom as much is being set up of which you are unaware.
We do not advertise our exact intentions,
 as there are still those who can interfere with our work.
However, once we decide to go ahead we will not tolerate interference and it will be stopped.
Our way is not to use violence, but peaceful persuasion and we never use threats.
So you can now look forward to a few weeks of anticipation
before you all experience 11.11.11, and it will carry a powerful energy with it
that will noticeably uplift many, many people.
You can view it as the commencement of the new period of Light 
that will signal the opening of the Pathway to Ascension.
You have come a long way and experienced much to be here at a such a momentous time,
and the significance of it all will soon dawn upon you.
Look forward to meeting us and your ancestors from the Inner Earth whose presence
has been kept back from you,
like so much knowledge that reveals the truth of your real selves.
The time for concealment of the truth has passed, and in future you will given
all information appertaining to your contact with us and the divine plan for you.
Armed with the truth,
it will dispel any remaining doubts you may have held regarding the future.
As more souls stir from their great sleep, your knowledge will be invaluable
as you can give those assurances that will put them on to the Path of Light. Hitherto,
it has been difficult to find the truth against the background of false information.
Over many centuries you have been overwhelmed by the Church and State
that has presided over your education,
and placed you in a position where you have been dependent upon them for all knowledge.
Now you are sufficiently armed with the truth, to build upon it and break out
of the hold they have had upon you.
Many of you have an extremely strong intuition, and can measure your beliefs
and those of other souls against it to help you decide what is true or false.
In truth you have all knowledge within,
and are not new to the higher truths that you hold subconsciously.
Trust yourself in all situations, but nevertheless always be ready for a greater truth to be revealed.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased that progress has speeded up,
as you have been patient for such a long time.
The final battles between the dark and Light are taking place on more than one level,
and on the physical side our allies are proving victorious,
preventing any last ditch attempt to create chaos.
At the higher levels the battle has already been won
as the Light surrounds the Earth,
and continues to grow very rapidly.

All is well, Dear Ones, and the sensitives amongst
you can feel that the oncoming changes
are  nearing manifestation.
We walk with you all in Love and Light.
Thank you SaLuSa
Wednesday, September 28

Mike Quinsey.

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