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Ban GMO's: We ARE free men and women making our own decisions about what goes into our bodies.

No Man's liberty or property is safe while Congress is in session.
Mark Twain

No Person's Food Is Safe, Either!

The Senate is in recess but the count goes on:
Tell Senators we will not allow our food supply to be industrialized!

Even Democtratic Members of Congress Fear Frankenfish!
Tell Congress to Ban All GMOs NOW Before It is Too Late!

Had Mark Twain lived today, he would have added "food" to the list of things threatened when Congress is in session! Today, however, thanks to each and everyone of you, to the vast displeasure of Big Biotech (you know, the people who have brought you unlabeled GMO corn, soy, canola, wheat, papayas, cotton, etc., etcl., and are pressing hard to bring you equally unlabeled GMO salmon) and Big Chema (the folks who make the chemicals which pollute the earth and our food and disrupt our hormones) we, you and I, kept them from getting what they want: a totally industrialized, GMO's, tainted and totally controlled US food supply.

"NO!" we roared, in our hundreds of thousands.

NO! We will NOT allow you, in your pride and madness, to take away our food freedom, our choice and, with it, our health


"YES!" we roared, in our hundreds of thousands.

YES! We ARE free men and women making our own decisions about what goes into our bodies.

When the US Senate and House adjourned today they left behind a mountain of unfinished business, unpassed special interest bills. One of the bits of unfinished business is S. 510 and another is S. 3767. Last week, according to S. 510 sponsor Durbin, the bill was pulled off the calendar because "it would have taken nearly a week to pass the legislative obstacles." So? There was plenty of time to shepherd it through those obstacles. No, what he was actually saying, in Politispeak, was that we, you and I, have been so effective in our opposition that the Senate did not dare to pass that bill, not with elections coming up which could do so much damage to both parties!

Another bit of unfinished business, by the way, is unlabeled GMO salmon approved as if it were safe to eat (although it has never been tested) or safe for the environment (although it is quite certain that these super-growth fish will doom natural salmon if they escape into the wild, which they are certain to do). Even the Congress of the United States condemned the FDA's approval of this monstrosity Read more here:

What now? Now we press hard, further and deeper than we have before. When the Senate comes back after the midterm elections, whoever wins will find that they have no smooth sailing on these food freedom issues. Over the interim recess, we WILL pound the US Senate harder than we have already done. You KNOW that when it returns, the Senate leadership will push these bills forward in an effort to make the lame duck session of Congress not only lame but lethal.

We could back off of our effort and give them ultimate victory. Somehow, I do not think that is what we will do. You know the drill: Take the Action Items above and help motivate every single person you can reach. Then, please, join the

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Comment by CHRISTINA on September 30, 2010 at 3:35pm
"..... everything you need is already within you ......"

Namaste Alex
Comment by Alex of New Human New Earth on September 30, 2010 at 12:45pm
My Beloved Soul Family,
Please know that great changes are presently underway. There is little question that it is for the better and the beginnings for Our New Earth. Be will feel it and know it within your own Heart. Hold your faith, trust and allow...we are ever so close. Despite the illusions of outward appearances...the old system is in ever accelerating demise. Never doubt this for a moment. Stay strong, focused and stay in whatever you must to keep your vibrations high. Good self care is called for during these times.
Joined together, There is Nothing That We Cannot Accomplish or Create. This is the time of great cleansing and at the same time, astonishing growth. We will all do what we must to assist in the cleansing of the dark energies and miscreations...such as making our voices heard by way of peaceful and loving activism. While we go about cleaning things up...Always envision in your Heart what Our New Earth is to look like, the way it feels, the colors, the activities, the wonders and the Love of it all. Dream Your Biggest and Most Wonderful Dreams. By keeping this as your primary focus, vision and vibration above all else..We bring it into IS-NESS...It Becomes...It Manifests. But...for a little while longer...we have a few more chores left to do. All of Creation knows You have done the most Remarkable and Astonishing works, and that your efforts and creations have not gone unnoticed. There is great gratitude and love for you and all you have done.
Each one of you play a vital role in all of are Masters at may not have full recall of this just yet...but soon you will.
I do understand that we all weary and we wonder if there will ever come a time when the struggles and darkness will end. I tell you now it is within sight...YES IT COMES NOW....The Great Tipping Point is Here...We Have Done It! Remember the old saying...It is always darkest before the dawn (Light)...this applies. This is the time to really kick things up a few notches...dig deep...everything you need is already within you and you have nothing to fear. This has been a long, painful and exhausting labor...and now we are at the crowning stage of our birth process. There is no where to go but forward....You Can and Will Do This! Breath, focus, and ready yourself for the last great push. We are giving birth to Our New Earth! The moment you see the beauty and hear the life cries of our New Earth, all the difficulties and pain we be forgotten and replaced with great joy, love and gratitude. What a blessed event! So My Beloved Soul Family...Do what you must, stay focused, keep you vibrations high...and trust your process and that of Heaven and Our Star Families...allow, go with the great flow... breath through it...we are very nearly there. All Is Very Well Indeed!
With Gratitude and Love,
Comment by JIM4HOPE on September 30, 2010 at 10:05am
Why dont we get the opurtunity to ever vote on any laws anymore period .And why cant it be that a clause be put into law by we the people that says clearly if you dont defend the constitution you will be relieved of duty immediately .No where in the Constitution does a corporation have the authority to tell you what you can grow to eat or to barter with .Right now as we speak there doing everything they can to destroy the constitution I no its not perfect but it is the first ever self governing where all the laws were in place to keep the government from stepping on your rights to live free
Comment by CHRISTINA on September 30, 2010 at 5:54am
"Their solution was to deny you access to healthy food and supplements and substitute these with a wholly toxic food chain. They expected this to cause massive pandemics designed to kill billions. These ones have no use for the average citizens of Mother Earth; to them you are a waste of space and resources, and better off dead. This belief is common among those who make up this global cabal, but it flies in the face of a simple, divine truth: all life is precious!"
Comment by CHRISTINA on September 30, 2010 at 5:11am
For those in Europe:; on GM-free food production: a unique selling point for Ireland - the food island.
Comment by CHRISTINA on September 30, 2010 at 4:23am
"....what he was actually saying, in Politispeak, was that we, you and I, have been so effective in our opposition that the Senate did not dare to pass that bill, not with elections coming up which could do so much damage to both parties!"

Thanks Alex of NHNE for posting this.

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