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We are Ashtar Command
It has been a long time in coming that we are able to transmit and you can hear us quite clearly. The light radiation emitting from the galactic center has begun to disintegrate the hold the dark team has on you. It is also transmuting your RNA/DNA so that your original 12 strand DNA helix is returning back to it's original state. You are rapidly healing and instinctively remembering that you are infinite consciousness that has been operating within a limited field of awareness.You instinctively now remember that your current world is a controlled construct of the dark side which operates between the frequency range between 14-30 Hz. You have awakened and have remembered that you will not remain physical for very long, thus, it is crucial to intentionally and deliberately remodulate your frequency to vibrate upward to 60Hz. We beseech you; one is subject to remaining in the dense lower vibratory worlds unless their signature frequency matches that coming from Prime Creator and the Super Wave. The development and deployment of your Diamond Body of Light is a critical component to remodulating your frequency to the Christ and the New Earth Matrix.You are rapidly evolving and remembering the time is now to move swiftly in the development of your Diamond Bodies of Light. Furthermore, you are instinctively remembering these diamond bodies upload and download information and energy. It will be through these vessels that we anchor ourselves onto the new crystalline Earth Matrix. We are evacuating this reality for another version of Earth only much more rarefied in the Christ frequency. This new grid is a kinetic web of the Cosmic Christ Force. It can only be accessed via your Christed Self. In order to ascend you must develop your diamond body and reclaim your Christ Force as center and access the control panel (The Ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life). You must image the control panel and begin to deliberatively self-modulate to the Christ frequency. You must upgrade your mental belief systems. Our carbon-based bodies have mental operating systems that run between 14-30 Hz. Our new crystalline-based bodies have a mind system, which is multiphasic. This mind consciousness system operates between 9-12 Hz.We are here to alert the ground crew elite that it is now time to claim you divinity and your Godhood. Now is the time to rise to the level of God that you are! Each one of you is a Lord! We are all rapidly evolving and instinctively remembering Prime Creator's kingdom and are natural endowments as Gods. We are here to awaken and be in service to others as one version of this planet comes to completion and another begins. We are here to take back Earth from Anu and the dark team, which has had control over her for the last 300,000 years. Our reality here on Earth is a "controlled mind consciousness system" a sort of virtual reality game, which is currently being used like a gasoline station by Anu. This system is corrupt. It does not honor life. It does not honor Earth and it will not be missed. Reality as you have be conditioned to know is now obsolete. Earth is about to reestablish her integrity. Your Sun along with Earth will be initiated into the Galactic Federation of Light. It will become a star portal to the galactic center and part of The Pleiadian Star System. We are here to fire up and launch the new Earth matrix, a crystal Planet of Light. We are here to be pillars of strength and beacons of truth to the slumbering earthlings during this end of days.We are LEGIONS in your space.
We are Ashtar Command!

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Comment by Besimi on March 11, 2010 at 12:12am
Wonderful ! ..thnx Maite .
:):):) sweet Great girl ,You .Namaste.
Comment by Wade Hutchinson on March 10, 2010 at 2:29pm
I am ready, I say every human should do their part as the galactic center opens up it presents us the greatest opportunity ever to raise the vibration of the planet into higher dimensions with our thoughts. Now is the time, lets do it.

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