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We are the Elohim we are the ancients the first among creation. I am one of the Elohim and my time here is done my job is completed and I am able to leave now. To those that see this threw human perspective will see a sad passing in the night, as me being taken. It is not like this at all I came here for a mission and my mission is over and I am going home to a place I miss so much so im happy to go don’t be sad. Know that im happy where im going and will have others watch over you. The fact that im able to leave means its safe here now and there is no more dark here and it will be ok im not needed for the rest of the Lightworkers and Starseeds to finish there work now I was brought here for the purpose of war and the war is over so now I can have peace for me and my home family. I will always love this earth for the experiences I have had here but its time for me to leave my kids miss me and my wife is waiting on the otherside. I can leave you knowing that your future will be filled with happiness and joy and you will be ok. Where im going we will not probably see each other again im not only leaving this planet and universe. Im leaving this source as well to have a new journey I have completed all the experiences I can get from this source so its time for me to move on and continue my evolution. To my friends and Earth family you will understand soon what is occurring and please listen to the words and wisdom I have given you while I was here and not be sad with my leaving. I have told you id not always be here id be leaving this was not a joke or me trying to be funny it was me trying to let you know this was coming I knew it was coming and I have warned you of this. All my friends form other systems here on earth that will be continuing after I leave my love goes to you all and know that I would not be leaving you here if it was not going to be easy for you to continue and finish this. The golden age of this universe and source has come our mission was a success and the whole is light and good now all will be good from now on out. So I leave you in peace and happiness please hold your heads up high the work is done be happy relax enjoy your remaining time here have fun love your life.

This is my final goodbye love you all

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Comment by Maias on February 6, 2009 at 7:27am
My Mission is all so nearly done, so i will go to, i was never born at this rock,

All i want to tell every one is, you are all safer know, this war has truly ended, I will leave behind some friends that is all, i do not have a family here no children at all, this journey was a pleasant time, understand this humans we was here many of us who was not born here, we came in Love and that we did we did love every one of you,

So i say to you all everything will be better from now on, trust in your self gain the knowledge given to you, envolve as never before take your place among us in the universes and dimensions, we wellcome you all open armed and with love

Maias Nac´tac
Comment by Will on February 5, 2009 at 9:42pm
The only death is dissolution of the illusion. In this one must "die" before they can truly Live.
Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on February 5, 2009 at 7:18pm
so youre gonna die?

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