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Area-51 Scientists Eye-Witness to UFOs at S-4 Complex (Groom Lake NV) ~

Dr. Dan Burisch and Marcia McDowell Ph.D. are talking about their experiences at Area-51 and about their involvement with Majestic-12.

This website is a recent aquisition, designed to target information people want about Area-51 and the Labs at S-4. The flagship website, Eagles Disobey was originally started in 1998 as Marci's effort to focus public awareness on Dan's situation, and pressure Majestic to let Dan free from the virtual prison he was in, working on extraterrestrial biology at Area-51 and S-4. Marci became a thorn in Majestic's side, and they responded by locking Dan down even further. What was surprising was the fact that they took no action against Marcia. It was later learned that her father, then deceased, had been a highly placed Majestic courier, and due to family ties she was not to be harmed.

Majestic was seriously irritated though, and made every attempt to prevent Dan from having any access to Marci. When Dan finally revolted and refused to work or cooperate in any way whatsoever, they decided to allow limited contact between he and Marcia. That helped, but they did not get the cooperation from Dan that they wanted, so eventaully Majestic approached Marci and swore her in - hoping to stabilize Dan and keep him working productively for them.

In 2005, to everybody's surprise, Marci received a set of orders from J-1 to read to Dan. Majestic was allowing she and Dan to retire, but tasking Dan with a final set of orders; to tell the world the truth about the extraterrestrial presence has he has personally known it. He was to base this on his experiences working directly with the J-Rod, taking tissue samples and communicating with him while he was in proximity to the Clean Sphere at S-4.

Marci and Dan followed these orders, and created a DVD called "Tell The World". Once fully retired, they worked on several more DVDs giving the public even more information about Area-51, S-4 and various secret projects Dan experienced directly. They have also begun releasing autobiographical material from Dan's early debriefings. So far there are 9 CDs available (MP3 format) with many more to come.

Today they are married, and involved in their own personal research projects, writing, and humanitarian efforts (Angel Eagles - feeding the homeless). And recently they made a historic agreement with a well-respected UFO organization to expose even more information about the secret base where the J-Rod was housed (S-4) in an upcoming project soon to be released to the public. More information will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

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