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Are you ready to Awaken into Full Consciousness?

Hello Grand Beings of Love and Light!

We now have full internet connection and we are going to resume the Awakening Sessions for those ready to connect in fully with the Light. These sessions are offered in Unconditional Love, and Love Donations
are requested, but not required. We would like you to know that we are here,
and in complete service to Humanity, and your Awakening. Many ask what the
sessions are all about, the answer is they are different for everyone. We offer
a wide range of services including:

*Answering questions about the Ascension Process, what's happening on the Planet, what's in store for 2011 & 2012

*Full astrological reading and reports, both Western and Mayan

*True information about Twin Flame relationships

*Assistance for Twin Flames through the Transfiguration

*Energy Readings

*Contacting your Guides and Angels Teams

*Assistance with removing energetic blocks that prevent full Connection with Source

The list goes on as to how we can assist and support You. We have been highly trained in Human Consciousness to help facilitate Your Unique Awakening Process. For more questions or to set up a
Session, E-mail Us directly at and we can
move forward from there. Currently we have several options for the Sessions,
including text and voice chat, plus we have phone and video on the way.

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