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Here it is: Perception and thought, and thoughts and thinking...are the mothers of ALL mental suffering...The proof:

When you are unconscious, as in a very deep sleep, or in a rare and special state of relaxation, are you upset over past, present or future problems? 

Just know, that right now, if you happened to be in that state, your worries would be nonexistent. If you agree with that, then the real problem is having a frontal lobe.

So then, Awake by relaxing. And become Free by mastering "waking sleep." A place of deep relaxation, while awake, where nothing perturbs you.

It's all an illusion...and someday, without a doubt, you will know THIS, to be...The Secret of Secrets.

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Comment by Trudy on January 28, 2011 at 3:38am

For me, encountering a person who manifests with constant low energy, is always a challenge for me not to give in to these low energy. I hear the applause from my guides as I direct forgiveness immediately and stay present in my own energy.
That feels for me as THE SECRET OF SECRETS.


And... do I come close to your revelation dearest Arcturian11  ;)

I am in gratitude Master Arcturian11 for this trigger of Truth Namasté

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