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Arcturian11, Expounding on 2012 Wonders, the Hyper-Multiversal Record and the HyperNow

Channeled the afternoon of 12/30/08

(The vessel suggests listening to the Om sound on Arcturian11's page while reading these channelings.)

"The Hyper-Multiversal Record, sometimes called the Akashic Record or Akashic Field, reveals to the initiate of nonlocal informational access, what will be, which of course is what is and what has always been. Gross manifestation and entropy produces the illusion of time, "time" being the apparent changing of manifest reality. Manifest reality, as you can best see it, with gross eyes, and a gross brain designed for nothing more than this, is somehow capable of going beyond these limitations. The Golden Age DNA mutations, still dwell deep, and you have not been base beings long enough to eradicate these advances. So there is hope. Your deepest memories are not of your cells or biological system. THEY are in the Everywhere of past-present-future HyperNow! This phenomenon only knowable through direct experience, creates all the moments of non-reality, which is the only reality!

Unconditional love is the Namaste. Unconditional love is connection, not with a compassionate state derived from previous biological trama, but born of a connection to the HyperNow...the Hyper-Multiversal Record. This is not God or even the mind of is a TASTE of a PART of a PART of God, which is a part of All-God, which is a part of Infinite Love, which is a part of Uknowable Totality forever.

The year 2012 it is said accurately brings changes to the prepared. The unprepared will not even know what they are missing. This cannot be helped. But by knowing these things prior to The Time of Reception, one can ready one's Self. You still must deal with the undeniable fact that you are a gross entity in a gross realm. And this is as it must be, and this is as it always was.

Bathing in the cognition of non-thought, be hopeful, even excited-giddy at the Wonders that approach, for, if you are hearing this message in the HyperNow of forever, then you most certainly have laid the groundwork from all-time to receive the blessings of Realization at the moment of truth!"

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Comment by Arcturian11 on December 31, 2008 at 10:13am
Profoundly humbled by your response jose v of the light. You are in the possesion of greatness and will do great things in this in this realm, bringing you infinte joy forever!
Comment by jose v on December 31, 2008 at 3:56am
namaste brother thank you for let me see the way

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