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The following information is a summary of one of the greatest movies regarding German Anti-Gravity technology that was developed during WW2. The development of this advanced technology also came at the a time when there was strong evidence of off world contact. Actually you have to go back to Vienna before the second world war to understand this technology. These people in Germany talked about the impending new age. The thoughts of humanity are the mirror of the conflicts between good and evil. The white road of unselfish is the idea that is basically good. Power without love can lead to catastrophe. Hitler came to learn many of these ideas. In Vienna, Austria 1917 four men and a woman met in a Cafe in Vienna called Schopenhauer. Medium Maria Orsic (a spiritualistic medium), Fighter pilot Lothar Weiz, Officer Karl Haushofer, Rudolf von Sebottendorf, Fralef Gallerf from the Knight Templars discussed making contact with distant worlds. The subject of this meeting was the coming of the new age. This coffee house meeting gave birth to Vril Society and Thule Society. This group believed in something called the black sun which is what would light the soul of man. This was the beginning of German UFOs.

The following information is a summary of one the greatest movies regarding German Anti-Gravity technology that was developed during WW2.

The Black Sun
The emblem of the black sun symbol can be found in many Babylonian and Assyrian places of worship. The Assyrians depicted the black sun which is the God heads inner light in the form of a cross. The German knights cross was found on their fighter plans in WW2. The origin of this cross is many thousands of years older than Christianity.

The Thule society was formed and its center was formed in Munich. Adolf Hitler was engaged as a political orator at this time. In 1919 the Vril society met in an old hunting lodge. Dr. W.O. Schumann was there at that time and his area of expertise was alternative energy; however, the leading figure was the medium Maria Orsic. Maria presented information that she had obtained from the Summerian alphabetic and something from the Knight Templars. The Vril Society dedicated themselves to the construction of a time machine. The Vril society carried out experiments for almost 2 years. The experimentation was the inspiration behind the Vril levitation power unit. At the beginning of 1924 the machine was dismantled and placed in storage.

Viktor Schauberger
Viktor Schauberger was another advocate of this new technology. There was a quest for another science that used implosion instead of explosion. All divine creations have always been creative and not destructive . A technology that is based on explosions cannot be in keeping with divine intentions. All internal combustion engines work on the principle of explosions and they will ultimately be destructive. Viktor Schauberger had prototypes that were functional in terms of levitation. The Germans set up two departments for research into this new implosion type of technology.

The entire universe was created using the idea of sound or resonance. We see the principle of harmonic proportion in the universe. The secret teachings of Pythagoras were passed on. The Alpha and the Omega deals with the concept of spirit and matter.

Viktor Schauberger came up with a technology that harmonized with the natural order of things. The Vril society by 1934 had created the first circular craft which used a kind of anti-gravity technology. The RFC1 was created by Dr. Schumann and another engineer. The Vril society had determined at that time that they were receiving messages from a highly developed society in the constellation of Taurus. The main star in the Constellation of Taurus is called Aldebaran. The Vril society also created the RFC2 which had some of the characteristics of UFO in that there was the optical blurring of its edges when it was powered up. It also changed color depending on the power output, the colors included: 1) Red; 2) Orange; 3) Green; 4) Yellow; 5) White; 6) Blue; or 7) Violet. The RFC2 remained virtually unnoticed by the political leadership of the time.

The SS showed some interest in the work of the Vril society. They set up a research organization to do work on something called the Haunebu 1. The Haunebu made its maiden flight in 1941 and it was a complicated machine. The RFC6 or Haunebu 2 was seen at this time as well. There were also conventional jet powered disc shaped craft at this time. During operation paper clip some of the scientist from Germany were brought to the United States. There was the development of the disc hover crafts that were brought over at this time as well. In the winter of 1942 there was a single seater disc flying. It was designed with 3 30 mm cannon as well as other weapons. The much larger aircraft was called the Vril 7. As early as 1935 the Germans knew that there was life and technology in the universe. The Germans were the first to open the window to contact with higher forms of evolutionary intelligence. The larger Haunebu was developed to carry scores of officers. In fact, there was a very large interplanetary space craft that was on the drawing board.

Plans for Giant Flying Crafts
The SS had plans for a giant space craft the Hannebu 3 that was going to be over 400 feet long. The Germans also planned to develop their own UFO space station that was assembled in the old Zeppelin hangers. In fact the Germans had a plan for something called the Andromeda machine that was going to be a kind of space station that was based on anti-gravity technology. This craft would have weighed more than 100 metric tons. The Vril gravitational engine could have lifted this machine with no problem.

The Vril Society had their own plan the met in the German Baltic Sea resort called Kalberg. We dont know exactly what was discussed; however, one subject was operation Aldebaran. Maria Orsic gave some more transmedial information regarding maps of the Aldebaran solar System. The sun Aldebaran has two inhabited planets in it. Maria Orsic received transmedial communication about the Aldebaran. The solar system of Aldebaran is 68 light years from the earth. There seems to be some relationship between Aldebaran and the Sumerian Empire. The Vril project was going to make a huge space ship that would travel to Aldebaran and Hitler himself discussed this issue. Hitler and Himmler discussed creating this huge ship that would actually travel to the Aldebaran system. It is clear that the major impacts of UFO technology occurred in the area of Germany. Many of the officers of Germany saw UFOs in the sky over Germany. Germany would be the most likely place for the contact by higher intelligence. Some of the best scientific minds in the world were in Germany at that time. Logically Germany would be a likely place for contact with higher intelligence. The disk next to this paragraph of text was photographed at the Vril testing site.

Admiral Byrd
The Germans may have actually had visits from Aldebaran. We know that in the early parts of the war that Hitler had a flying disk that was capable of 1,200 miles and hour. There was another craft that was capable of 2,500 miles an hour and had a laser weapon that was capable of penetrating four inches of army. Both of these crafts were capable of vertical take off and landing; in addition, they can make 90% turns. German UFO were even said to have traveled back in time. Admiral Byrd and the Allies invaded the Antarctic. There were 30 missing German submarines after the war that allowed them to stay under water weeks at a time. Some of this advanced technology could have made it to Argentina and other lands. In 1947, Admiral Byrd and Admiral Wood brought 4,000 soldiers, an aircraft carrier and other ships to Antartic. The operation was abruptly terminated when the the invasion force was quickly defeated by superior technology. Admiral Byrd was given eight months and unlimited funding to pull this off; however, in eight months he was totally defeated. It is believed that an alien group was working with the German and they quickly defeated admiral Byrd.

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Comment by JIM4HOPE on February 9, 2011 at 7:28am
I have know I liked it  very much and learned a few things .Thanks Christina
Comment by CHRISTINA on February 9, 2011 at 4:59am
Comment by CHRISTINA on February 9, 2011 at 4:43am
I believe anti-gravity is actualy easier to achieve than we may be led to believe

Yes Jim, have you watched this vid?
Comment by JIM4HOPE on September 16, 2010 at 4:04am
Thanks CHRISTINA I am surprized they never made a hollywood movie about Admiral Byrd or at least some thing similar .I believe anti-gravity is actualy easier to achieve than we may be led to believe.
Comment by CHRISTINA on September 12, 2010 at 5:58pm

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