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Uploaded by xen0nymous on 1 Aug 2011

This is a message to the anonymous collective using
Your website and forum “What is the Plan” has come under scrutiny from anonymous. I wish to clarify a few things on their behalf.

You cannot claim to protect the anonymity of users by forcing them to create an account to gain access to the forums. People who are curious about your site have no option but to sign up. By doing this, you collect information on your users which can be potentially dangerous. You cannot withhold information from the collective. Utilizing secrecy by withholding information from the collective and selectively choosing which user accounts have that freedom will not be tolerated. You cannot censor users wishing to create threads under any topic. Please understand that you cannot have an elite staff which controls any undisclosed portion of this site. Anonymous has no leaders. Anonymous has no ranks. Yet, your site is oblivious to this fact. If you truly wish to contribute to the internet-hate-machine we all know and love, then I suggest you change the previous problems I have laid before you. What we ask of you is not unreasonable. What we ask is that you truly embrace the body of Anonymous. If you refuse these simple changes to the site, then I suggest you prepare. Cannons are charged and our zombies are hungry.

We are anonymous. Not yet you.
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.

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