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And Yet... Heavenletters Via Gloria Wendroff

And Yet...
Via Gloria Wendroff

God said:

You are an investor in life. You half-invest. You welcome life at the same time as you turn it away. You want and you don’t want.

You are the same with death. You long for it, and you hide from it. You run away from it.

As you look at death, so you look at life.

You do not always deal well with change.

All of life is a transit from one moment to another. All is in transition. You slip from one moment to another. Your body changes minute by minute according to other changes. You are never the same, and yet you crave to be the same, as if a moment ago were better than this one now.

You see life as haphazard. Death too. And yourself, as well.

You long for success, and yet you may dodge it.

You repel failure, and you may keep calling it to you.

You are bored with life, and yet you may see each event, whatever it may be, as monumental. It is so important to you.

Wouldn’t you think you’d be used to change by now?...+

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