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An Open Letter to the Bloodline Royals, by Adamu of the Pleiadian Monad

Updated: An Open Letter to the Bloodline Royals, by Adamu of the Pl...

Update: There is some disagreement about the Sphere Alliance's identification of Zingdad, I have a friend on the ground that will check it out but in the mean time I'm pull the data as it may be in error.  Once I correct or verify that data,  I will repost the data.  We occasionally find bad data, just like in any earth database there is incorrect data.  

That's the very reason you DON'T want your doctor solely making diagnosis from computer records, rather than from skills and intuition.  Data sometimes gets messed up.  Sometimes people doctor data to misdirect.  Sometimes errors arise from hardware failures or corrupted databse indexes (earth hard drives are notorious for that as is software that references the drives) Seen it a million times in my 20+ years in IT.  

My intent was not anger Zingdad or his followers, but to share this very excellent letter.  The original article is here, and is titled "An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodlines".  I did not have that title when I received the article.  So I used my own.  

In no slight to Zingdad or his readers, there are two family line groups controlling the planet in a competitive alliance because of a shared mutaul interest to control this planet.   

The Illuminati is an esoteric society with a mix of both lines and beings of neither line.   The are many many secret societies out besides the Jesuits and Illuminati.  Whatever your bent, there's a box you can put yourself in this matrix.

The Draco King controlled Dracos on the Chinese (Draco means Dragon) AND the European side, and its not limited to Orientals and Occidentals (Ben Fulford notes all their dark past of the western cabal - they were just the Western faces - yet ignore the other side of that coin in the east). If the Dracos are doing what they said they are doing, and time will tell, they are coming around towards Oneness.  I thoroughly commend them for that move.

The Bloodlines  are controlled by a separate being I call the Bloodline King.  The text below, in MY OPINION, is very poignant message to the Bloodline Beings (most often Royals and Gov't leaders) that run the Countries and banks.  There was very little intermarriage between the Bloodline Families and the Draco Families.  They originate with two different beings.

This article was also earlier mistakenly dated from 2012, it is in fact just weeks old.  Thank you to everyone who caught the mistakes.  I have added attribution to the original article above using a URL given to me by Zingdad.

Posted by American Kabuki

A reader in Texas sent this... this letter is pretty darn accurate in many ways.  Its a channeling of a Pleiadian being Adamu, by a person named Zingdad. There is one ironic twist in this artcile, the quarantine of Earth mentioned by Adamu (he didn't know), was in part inforced by the Bloodline King inbodyment among the Pleiadians themselves and the way it was done only cemented the control here even stronger... as the Pleiadian counterpart of that multidynamic being was very aware of who he was in all realms.

So here it begins… an open letter to the members of the ancient bloodline families from Adamu:

My dear friends

I must begin by saying that you are seen, known, understood and loved. Just as you are, right here and right now, you are loved. Perhaps it will surprise you to hear me say this? There is so much judgement of you wherever one goes, is there not? You are labelled as “dark” and “evil” and all your actions are automatically assumed to be “vile” and “despicable” by those who know almost nothing of you or the long and winding tale of how things came to be as they are and you came to be who you are.

So allow me to begin by assuring you that I am not here to damn you or even decry you. I am here to offer you a perspective and a choice. But to do so from a place of loving understanding.

Before I might get to this, allow me to say that I know that your only real “sin” is to be born as you were into the family you were. Between the intense expectations that were placed upon you right from birth, the very specialized training you were subjected to and the derision that was heaped upon those of your line who did not “make the grade”, you were programmed right from the very beginning to be what you have become: a wielder of power over others.

There are ancillary issues too. Such as the fact of your familial bloodlines. A pure ancestry that can be traced back through the ages, via all manner of illustrious forebears, right the way to the high-priests that served the ancient gods themselves back when gods still roamed the earth.

Perhaps you, yourself, now think on the stories of those ancient times of gods, heroes, magic and monsters as myth or superstition. Perhaps you understand it to be the literal truth and know that those ancient gods were actually visitors from other planets in the galaxy bearing highly advanced technologies. Or perhaps you even take the more religious view of matters and hold those deities to be as supernatural as your distant forebears did.

It doesn’t really matter how you interpret these things. What matters is the incontrovertible evidence of the powerful ancient truths that were given to your forebears and that have been passed down through the generations, which have allowed you to rule over the rest of humanity. Not all of humanity, mind. There have always been groups, peoples and nations that have been beyond your grasp. But you have been told that it is your birthright, your responsibility and your privilege to rule over the whole planet and all upon it. And you have believed that. And it has certainly seemed to be true. The ancient teachings that have been placed in your hands have served you and those like you very well indeed. As has your cunning. Those amongst you who rise to the top are nothing if not brilliantly canny. You have used the advantages placed in your hands very, very astutely. Firstly for your own benefit, it is true. Then for the benefit of your family and to ensure the continued ascendancy of your familial line. Then in service of your family's contractual agreements with other bloodline families. And finally in consideration of the custodial role you have played over the rest of humanity.

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