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There has been so much scrap metal dealing going on around here there is hardly any left. I have been wondering what are they doing with it all. First I thought it was for building underground base. What if all the scrap metal is being collected to build a fleets of space ships.

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Comment by Tiger Lee on August 19, 2011 at 6:58pm
Oh, and they did the same thing in Japan. Their relief stations were packed and filled with 80,ooo people and they then told the rest that the radiation levels were safe, when now we know they were not. Why? B/c they didnt think they could handle more people. Take this to another. Could you imagine millions of migrating people?
Comment by Tiger Lee on August 19, 2011 at 6:51pm

 If a false flag were to be used; then what would people do? Will they run? Yes. 


The biggest lie right now is that these natural change are abt to happen, and many governments know this, and are saying nothing about the millions of people who are in the way of some of the biggest changes.


WHy? Do you think they have said nothing? At least if your not working for NASA, lol.


They call it the stampede effect. That millions of million of people migrating at the same time would strip the land of its resources. In their mentality; better then to let them be at risk.


So, if they do a false flag, then it would be like giving people an excuse to move away, which they do not want. They want as many of the people in the coastal and at risk cities to stay there.


You also have to take into account the biggest natural disaster that scientist have agreed on will happen any moment; solar flares knocking out communications. If it were to happen at the same time; how then would world governements be able to communicate that info to the public?? Old school, and in an "instant" wanting society that just doesnt fly.


The technology they have is more expanse then what we have in public, yet it is also very limited at the same time. Things like HARRP are about to back fire on them, and they have no clue.


What are they doing with the steel? Earthquakes, permanent flooding, volcanos, solar flares, plaque, etc will bring down most cities. We might not see cities in the millions in along time. Having building materials will put a country back on the map more quickly, while most will be 1800's lifestyle. It is China that is buying steel from Australia with the rest of its USD on hand, lol, that has been in the news. China is also into gold, and has the most saved up next to the Arab world.


Actually, now that I think of it, lol. It was the president of Iran (I beleive) that told us that they had no interest in getting into a war, b/c he had to prepare for armegeton and that was much more important.


The USA, sadly, has no long term plans; whatsoever. The fact that we are a gemo and nuclear store house may turn against us. AS the rest of life goes on, that which survives will have to mutate to the pollutions that we have put out on the surface. Things will begin to look different.

Comment by patrick on August 19, 2011 at 5:11pm
Very intriguing. Aliens come saying humans threaten all life on earth, annihilate them. All the nations of earth come together to fight the aliens under an 'emergency' world government. This is the false flag we have been warned about, but evidence of the alleged alien fleet in those huge ships around Saturn etc is quite compelling, i.e something real is out there.
Comment by JIM4HOPE on August 19, 2011 at 7:52am
I do know there getting a lot right now for scrap metal .Also when I purchase steel like in 20 foot lengths angle iron ,flatbar ,channel ,and even the 4x8 sheets of plate steel its all most all from China,So I imagine thats where all our scrap is  going to there are very few smelters up and running here in the USA and Canada...

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