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Akasha....Earth Changes

Akasha greets you through the life stream of the messenger. Well…I hope you will forgive us but it just seems appropriate to speak on that which is a matter that has affected America and does impact all of your Earth at this time; Humanity, the Earth. The Imbalance and therefore the Burden.

Truly our hearts and the hearts of many from the Angelic and Ascended realms seek to work through the light that is well expanding through some of human kind to assist those who are so burdened to this catastrophic situation in America that is the present cycle of hurricanes. We pray and Great Beings of Light pray for humanity, that more and more numbers of human kind will realize the Living Flame of God that each of you are, are creator beings, capable and constantly qualifying your lives through the energy of your worlds and constantly leaving a path of light or a karmic encumbrance in the atmosphere of Earth that then burdens the atmospheric pressure upon humanity and burdens the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements.

There are many changes taking place even though difficult times are endured on Earth today. One of those changes is that from a cosmic point of view, humanity is no longer governed by the Christian dispensation but rather the Resurrection dispensation, and it is in this dispensation that to resurrect is to rise up and out of all chaos and limitation. In this new dispensation that impacts humanity, one of the positive effects in all present chaos is that a light will fasten itself at the center of that chaos and seek to bring through the humanity an upliftment, a resurrection in which life truly is harmonized and raised as it is compelled to come heal itself.

I assure you that those who have suffered the burden in Mississippi and Louisiana at this time…I assure you that the very strong opinions, the polarity of human consciousness and various beliefs systems, the likes and dislikes…whether people are republican or democrats, whether people are poor or wealthy, whether people are healthy or sick…these things are absolutely of zero concern today to the people who suffer a great burden. In this too is a learning and insightful understanding that is waiting for the world to realize.

I have shared with you on a number of occasions that we see 5 great sufferings on the planet. The First is the African condition which jumps from nation to nation in that great continent, such killings, such disease…this condition will not be addressed until all nations come together to heal the great wound that is in the Jewel of Africa.

The Second suffering is of the peoples of compromised lost will, people so kind, so generous, yet so poor and so mislead that has resulted in the great wound in that part of the world in which the Tsunami struck last year.

The Third suffering we have spoken of is the horrific hurricanes that broadside America with such a vengeance. America must find Her Balance, look after all of her People, come together as one Great Light and be a City of Light to others. Deep Soul searching and the people coming together in America will heal this condition.

The Fourth suffering...cont.

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