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A special message from WDDTY editor Lynne McTaggart: the power of eight

A special message from WDDTY editor Lynne McTaggart


What if you could have a team of healers for an entire year at your disposal?

Here’s a rare opportunity for you to work with your own close-knit healing ‘tribe’ and help them heal their own lives, too!


Just once a year, international bestselling author Lynne McTaggart opens her doors to offer intensive teaching on the secrets of intention and the Power of Eight to one highly select group of students.


Lynne begins with a six-week webinar course, then places all the members of the class into groups of eight to meet for an entire year under her ongoing supervision.


You meet with them virtually via Skype or Zoom regularly – weekly is ideal – and just watch the miracles unfold. They’ll become your intention family, to watch your back and help you heal. You’ll never feel alone again, for they’ll become your friends for life.


When we’ve monitored Masterclass members who attend these sessions regularly, close to 100 per cent get positive results: physical healings, dream jobs, financial windfalls, healed lives.


Like Mitchell Dean, who healed lifelong depression, or Patty Rutledge, who healed her debilitating chronic fatigue, all with the help of The Power of Eight Intention Masterclass.


Over this year you’ll learn


· Lynne’s 12 rules of intention mastery to focus your thoughts with laser-like accuracy.


· Ingenious ways to become a better reader of other people’s intentions


· Powerful techniques to counter negative intention –from yourself or the people around you


· Secret intention tips to improve all relationships, even the most difficult.


· The deepest group intention experience offering an instant transformational state of oneness


· Special ‘retro-intention’ and ‘future-time’ techniques developed by Lynne to heal the deepest of wounds from your past and design a better future.


Lynne’s techniques have been subjected to more than 33 university studies, demonstrating that the group-intention experience places members of the group in what can only be described as a state of ecstatic union.


This group dynamic is so powerful and life-transforming that it enables individual miracles to take place.


Find out how it works and what former Intention Masterclass members have had to say about their own experience of Lynne’s course and the Power of Eight:


Book now and you can claim a special EARLY BIRD price – orders are coming in fast and the offer is available for a limited time only!

Give yourself the best present of all – the gift of a healthy and fulfilling life. Unleash your true power to heal and be healed.

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