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a repost: "what is love?" - by david icke

"what is love?
love is not always about the lovey dovey stuff.
love is also about putting yourself on the line,
love is speaking the truth,
love is standing up against oppression,
love is standing up against all the shit that comes your way,
because you believe that what you are doing is right and serving the greater good !
that's also love,
even though you might lose your temper here and there,
the reason you are doing it is because of love..."

as the man said: "i have been to the top of the mountain
and i have seen the promised land.
i may not get there with you, i'll frickin get there with you ...
i'm not going until this change, this transformation is over.
i've invested too much of my life in this !"

- david icke

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