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a repost: The Love Wave ~ by Lynne McTaggart

The Love Wave ~ by Lynne McTaggart

The love wave

December 3rd, 2010

Several weeks ago, in Riccione in Italy, when I was a speaker at the Reconnection Mastery Conference, I heard about new equipment devised by Russian physicist Konstantin Korotkov.

As you may remember, Korotkov, a professor at St. Petersburg Technical University, invented the Elecrophotonic Imaging (EPI)/ Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique, which makes use of state-of-the-art optics, digitized television matrices and a powerful computer.

Ordinarily, as we know from the work of Fritz Albert Popp, living things send out a tiny current of photons, perceptible only to the most sensitive equipment in conditions of utter pitch black.

As Korotkov realized, a better way to capture this light was to stir up photons by ‘evoking’, or stimulating them into an excited state so that they shine millions of times more intensely than normal.

Biofield recordings
Korotkov’s equipment blends several techniques: photography, measurements of light intensity and computerized pattern recognition. Korotkov’s camera takes pictures of the field around each of the 10 fingers, one finger at a time. A computer program then extrapolates from this a real-time image of the ‘biofield’ surrounding the organism and deduces from it the state of the organism’s health.

Russia is in the vanguard of work on energy medicine, and the GDV is now widely used in Russia as a diagnostic tool for many illnesses, including cancer and stress. It is even used to assess athletic potential – to predict the psychophysical reserves in athletes training for the Olympics and the likelihood of victory or exhaustion from overtraining.

Thousands of doctors, practitioners and researchers worldwide now use the technology. It is also employed for materials testing – particularly of liquids, because it can detect the subtlest of changes, say, in freshness or stability.

Although Korotkov continues to explore these practical applications, he has carried out his own studies of what has really captured his imagination: the connection between fields and human consciousness. Over the years he has taken GDV readings of healers and a Qigong master while they were sending energy, and discovered remarkable changes in their corona discharges.

Korotkov has even explored the effects of a person’s thoughts on the people surrounding him. He asked a number of couples to ‘send’ a variety of thoughts to their partners, while they were standing within close range.

Every strong emotion – whether love, hate or anger – produces an extraordinary effect on the light discharge of the recipient.

The power of the group
Most recently, Korotkov turned his attention to group human emotion. Korotkov was inspired by research into human-computer interaction and new methods of detecting emotional states of a person through audio signals of the person’s voice or information about facial features or body posture.

Nevertheless, all of these new methods only concerned individual emotion, and required that a person be present. Korotkov was interested in whether he could develop an instrumental method that could detect collective emotion and also do so remotely —a distance away from its source.

Recently, Korotkov developed an Eco-Tester, or highly sensitive Electrophotonic Sensor, by attaching an antenna to his system. The antenna creates a ‘non-homogenous’ electromagnetic field in space. This generates a gaseous discharge, which, in turn, gets picked up by a special TV system. This measures any changes in the space around a person or object.

Korotkov has used electricity because emotions are related to the activity of our parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system, which affects the microcirculation of blood in the body, perspiration and other ‘automatic’ functions of the body.

Whenever we change emotion, we also change the overall electrical conductivity of the body. Korotkov’s theory is that changes in emotion in people who are in the vicinity of the instrument will change the conductivity of space around them and so affect the signal of the sensor.

By way of controls, he has shown that when no people are present, the sensor’s read-out doesn’t change.

Significant readings
Thus far, when Korotkov has used his equipment during a number of public events, the sensor has showed statistically significant changes corresponding to changes of group emotion.

For instance, in August 2008, Dr. Masaro Emoto conducted a ceremony for blessing water at Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal, in the Southeastern part of Siberia in Russia. His data show that the sensor changed readings during any significant moments in the ceremony.

Likewise, during a two-day Reconnective Healing workshop, Korotkov demonstrated that changes in the sensor occurred exactly during moments when the audience was most engaged in the event — when speakers first stepped on-stage or when the audience’s focused attention was captured during training. Signals dropped down during the breaks. Furthermore, his data correlated with readings made by physicist William Tiller. Tiller’s equipment shows that during moments of intense interest there is a build up of a negative magnetic charge in the environment.

Korotkov has used his special sensor during other moments of intense group activity – such as opera performances.

A historic first
Nevertheless, our next Intention Experiment – The Love Wave – is the first time that he is recording remote emotion and how it affects the space around water.

During our December 11 event, Dr. Korotkov will be measuring both our capacity to heal and purify water, and the ‘horsepower’ of our collective love.

First, we will be testing the power of love to ‘clean up water’ by altering the molecular structure of the water, its pH and the bacterial content. But then we will examine the changes in the ambient energy field from the collective emotions of a group.

Our community of thousands of people from countries all over the globe will take part.

The implications of this historic event extend beyond the ability to use intention to purify water. We may be able to show scientifically that love changes the very atmosphere around us – and sends a positive charge.

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