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a repost: Black Holes - Vortices and Wormholes

Black holes: can be artificially created.

There is alien technology that can create black holes as a propulsion device to move planets and moons across vast territory of space.

Artificial black holes can be dissipated through technology.

A small black hole was used to drive the moon into orbit of this planet...

There are civilisations in creation that use black holes for malevolent reasons.

This planet is strategically important to many other races who will not allow the planet to be destroyed, not because they like humanity but because they want what’s here.

About forty years ago the US government had contact with a certain alien group. They called themselves the Network. They said it consisted of over 17,000 worlds in this galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy and they also said we existed in their territory and that’s why they were here.

And so the president asked them if humanity or the earth would be safe.

The answer that they gave was the earth will be safe but you may not be....

Black holes can be used to visit parallel universes.

You may remember a couple of years ago there were NASA videos of huge vehicles coming out of the sun and of course NASA said they were optical illusions but these were real vehicles and close ups of them showed even portholes, windows in the vehicles.

These vehicles had entered a black hole in their universe and exited it through our sun.

There is a difference between a vortex and a wormhole.

A black hole can be either one.

A vortex is a pathway between two separate universes or dimensions.

A wormhole is a shortcut within the same universe.

There are many alien civilisations that utilise this (black hole) to travel billions of light years in a matter of days. They call them jump points. At least the US government knows about this due to interactions with certain groups.

However, there is a faster way to travel than that.

Again, this comes from the Montauk Project experimentation.

I’ve mentioned before: every point in time and space is unique. No two points have the same coordinates. So if you know the vibration rate of your target destination and you take a vehicle and you match it to the rate of vibration of that target there will be instant connection. And that’s how you accomplish time travel and travel billions of light years in a second. It’s like going from one room into another...


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