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The sky is so blue and inviting today! Beats seeing those chemtrails any day. I really hope Obama will put a stop to all of this crap; because that's what it is, crap, meant to make us sick in the long run.

I know I ramble a lot about this, but you have to understand that I worry about my girls' future and mental-health. Did you know that most anti-depressants are fluoride based? So, lets see... (1) we drink it in our water (2) we brush our teeth with it (3) we get fluoride treatments at the dentist (4) we bake our foods on non-stick pans (made of fluoride) (5) we then put our kids on anti-depressants because their brains are screwed up once they're teenagers. (6) and then they become suicidal and psychotic. How are they supposed to be all better when we keep giving them this substance that eats away at their brains? It a very ugly vicious cycle to me.

My aunt just placed her youngest, 15 years old, on anti-depressants because she doesn't want to deal with him. Wow. If anyone has any brains left after drinking and absorbing all that fluoride, they deserve a gold medal. Fluoride is a deadly toxic waste from Aluminum factories that has the death skull warning sign on its barrels. What makes me sick to my stomach is that companies like Pfizer and Merck create vaccines with mercury and aluminum (which destroys peoples brains) and then they make pills to aid Alzheimer's (which were triggered by heavy-metals in the vaccines in the first place). They've created a monster!

Just wait when humanity wakes up and those big guys behind all of the pharmaceutical companies get put behind bars for genocide. I will laugh so hard, I will pee my pants.

Alright, now, on to other things.

I'm in the middle of detoxing my body, and I feel wonderful! I've lost weight and I have a lot of energy. My brain-fog is still there but I'm waiting to get the rest of my fillings out before I can truly start the healing. If anyone's interested, look up Colloidal Silver, Lithium Orotate and Gelsenium. The two last are natural neuro-protectors, and Colloidal Silver will keep your immunity high so that your body is able to repair itself without worrying about constantly defending itself.

I love my life and I appreciate myself even more now. I feel like I have been put into a deep sleep and I have finally awakened. It's nothing religious, no, far from it. I know people may think I've lost it (especially the sheeple ), but I haven't at all -- I've gained understanding, vitality and happiness.

Nothing is ever coincidental in our lives, every choice that we ever made is perfect and has brought us where we are today. I've searched long and hard for something missing, before collapsing and hitting myself against a brick wall. The thing is, I've forgotten to look inside myself first. Always follow the voice of your intuition, for, it will forever guide you on the right path.

The girls are so filled with life and laughter, they take up my whole complete time and I would never ask for a more perfect reality. I can proudly say that both me and my husband are stay-at-home parents, and that's a gift a lot of children are denied. We, humans, run around like rats to make ends meet, to have more money, more "stuff" to buy, more stuff to throw away. The thing is, does all that material and monetary value really make you happy in the long run? Not me. I'm past that. I may buy something new, once in a while, but I value my time with my family and myself more than any gold or castle in the world.

With work, we keep ourselves occupied and then once we're home, we still keep ourselves busy going out shopping, activities, cleaning or sleeping. Have you ever thought that maybe, a few minutes of silence with yourself is just too painful to bare? Because, when there's nothing else for your mind to keep busy, it is obliged to turn inward and introspect. Then comes the questions, the choices you've made, the guilt, the piled-up resentment, sadness, anger. There's a reason why introspection is so important to your well-being; there's a mountain of blackness accumulated that needs to be cleaned out.

When have you last forgiven yourself for feeling this way?

When have you last forgiven others when, deep inside, you still hold a grudge?

If we were perfect, we wouldn't be here -- so it's important to keep our mind open to others. Everyone has something to learn from someone and then comes the time to give in return. We're helpful, compassionate and loving beings that learn to overcome duality in this existence.

I just noticed that I hold resentment against the pharmaceutical companies...

I forgive you Pfizer and Merck, thank you for you have learned me much and I send you light and love in return, in hopes that you open your eyes and come around to what really matters.

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Comment by Terrell on February 19, 2009 at 1:04pm
I just read your blog and I have to say here here! I do so resonate with your thinking! By the way, I am a stay at home dad and I love it! Mother stayed at home while I was growing up by teaching Piano lessons at home. It is such a special thing and the right way it should be to have one or both parents at home while the children are growing up.
You are so very in tune. I had an argument with the dentist just days ago about flouride being toxic in any amount.
Also I just read in a health newsletter I subscribe to that a sugar substitute called erythritol can help prevent tooth decay. Some sugar free gums are made from it. I'm not sure yet about any toothpastes using it as a sweetner. something I'm going to check out.

Love -n- Light


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