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As far as I remember, I always had this obsession for the time of castles, knights, wizards and princesses. The felling was so strong, that I decided to try the past regression, the result was incredible; I had found a lot of information which help me to understand, dreams I had had, memories that appear in my mind from nowhere, and nostalgic feelings that are triggered by pictures of the Old Europe, and yes I lived in those times of straggle of the crusades, I used to be a Templar, and even though I had the opportunity to learn about many other lives, this one in particular was the most intense, that is why I try to be as close possible to this feelings, so there I am, wearing the armour of a Templar. Like a kid, it is so simple to try to be happy.

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Comment by Melisa on January 10, 2009 at 10:01pm
I had two past memories as well. I also liked the renissance era as well as teaching children. In my meditation I saw myself as a Nodric royal early 1600's so at one time I could of been a leader and a teacher in the year 1893, in Wisconsin. It made me feel very good to know that I am remembering. In one of my 1st meditations I was able to talk with my higher self and found out I am from the adromedan Galaxy and I go by the name of Alora I am was born here as my mother was a lightworker so that makes me a star seed. My son also has special things happen with him including having contact with two alien beings in his dream. I think he is special and I told him to hold onto and work with his special gifts. Take care
Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on January 10, 2009 at 2:58pm
erm, i was a nazi soldier of quite a good rank. i dont think i wanna go back there. hahaha

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