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It has been revealed who the evil aliens are that are among us. It may Surprise you!

A very long time ago a race of beings known then as the watchers came to Earth to continue a program that was being used to train spirit beings through illusion. It was a detailed program that dealt with using matter or three dimensional technology to be a form of training spirits to evolve at a super fast rate. This intense program was designed to allow for choices. Instead of being locked into spiritual law, a new law was created. A law that allowed for choices or a freedom of choice. This was done almost as in type as a virtual reality training program, somewhat similar to what pilots use when learning to fly aircraft, using flight simulators.

An entire realm was created almost in a sense of a game, but this game was deadly serious. It was being used to allow for spiritual divine growth at rapid speeds. But like with any simulation when one is trying to learn a craft, there are mistakes O' plenty. It is not expected to jump in with both feet and everyone comes out a victor. The fact is we make mistakes when learning something new. And this was something spirits could not do. It was impossible to make mistakes under spirit law in the higher spirit realms.

Because of this the time it took to advance in the spirit world unto higher levels of knowledge literally took forever, because there was no friction against anything we tried to do which actually speeds up the process. When we were created we were not created perfect avatars or divine masters of wisdom. Wisdom can only come with experience. We had to earn that as with anything. The divine creator did not make us as robots or clones of itself. We were created as perfect beings with all of the attributes of the creator except we lacked advancement in knowledge, we were as a child. Similar to humans, we all have the same exact capacity as our human parents, thus we are as much of a human as our parents are. But that does not mean we have anywhere near the knowledge, experience and growth that they have, That comes with time, training and learning. So as in spirit, we are as equal to the creator as we are to our human benefactors, but we lack training and education for advancement.

The three dimensional program is tantamount to an embryonic development of spirits advancing to higher levels of glory through a process that is similar to birth. Each level is accessible when we are developed enough to enter that realm, thus it is somewhat apropos to say we are in a constant state of being born again. If we fail to advance at any level we are simply aborted and then we try again as with any test of opportunity.

This is why galaxies are formed similar to that of an embryonic sac where a child is being born, in appearance. These are star children not flesh and blood children. Therefore the stars are all equivalent to spirit born children of the divine creator. Each star in the matter illusion world is our very own glory that we are manifesting in the spirit world via a spiritual birthing process.

This process has been going on for a time unknown. In fact there are worlds beyond worlds that are all at various levels within their training. For example if you are using a virtual training modulation, it begins as with anything new as an entry level operation for position. As you advance you take more difficult tests and enter higher levels. So within the matter universe there is a training ground for higher levels of spirits also. So we are not all on the same footing. There are worlds much more advanced than us even in the physical realm and of course there are worlds that are less advanced within differing dimensions as well as quadrants.

As time has advanced for what might be billions upon billions of years using our time clock, so also have precarious developments occurred. From time immemorial great avatars of wisdom have been produced through these various training programs. Many are advanced beyond imagination of the human mind. Yet with all things there is also a failure aspect. There are those that move forward into higher levels and there are those that fail their tests and often go backwards in their development. However it is all a learning process towards eventual development.

Such is the case with the Earth program.

The Earth Program is one of the greatest guarded secrets in the physical universe because it appears it is a failed program, but that is truly not the case, it is a program that is more difficult than pretty much any other program in existence. You see when the friction which is our training process becomes more difficult, so does the speed at which we have opportunity to grow and also advance at amazing rates and levels. Yet the opposite is true, the failure within this program is also at a much higher rate, which has induced severe trauma on the spirits taking these tests. But again I repeat there is no spiritual failure only the failure of taking tests.

It is now important to begin to realize what may have taken place that has also been a guarded secret. There seems to be plenty of proof that spirits that had advanced to higher levels of training in the 3rd and 4th dimensional realm were severely aborted and have literally gone backwards.

You have heard of the term, Wheat and Tares. It was stated that when the Earth garden was planted it was a fruit bearing field that was beautiful. What this meant was we spirits were the seeds planted into this realm to bear fruit. I do not mean physical fruit as bearing children, I mean spiritual fruit as advancing as spiritual children. We are the beautiful flowers and plants upon this planet.

However in the process of time somehow earth was seeding with tares. Weeds began to grow among the beautiful flowers distorting and destroying the beauty of this realm. Earth had become a garden filled with weeds amongst the beauty that is now hidden. The question is how did this all occur?

You must begin to understand, that in the higher spirit realm where we were created in perfection as spirit beings it was impossible to commit error. However in the training realms errors always surrounds us because not everyone can successfully pilot their own craft. Decisions are made that are incorrect and thus everyone is subject to faulty decisions.

Evidently a major error, a gross error began to be committed within the higher realms by beings that had advanced beyond the Earth Program. These were called watchers. In effect what these beings were, is they had qualified via their tests to move forward into higher realms of knowledge yet still existed within the matter and semi matter training realms. One thing that has always been true, when a spirit advances no matter what realm this takes place in, most will come back to help others advance also. It is who we really are at a spiritual level. We always care about everyone else.

As they advanced to higher levels they were then used as teachers and guardians over the lower realms that they had advanced from. The Earth program has long had beings of higher realms watching and looking out for us, but as with anything they cannot interfere, or better stated, cannot take our tests for us. We must advance on our own levels of knowledge gained.

However something happened that changed everything about the Earth program. Since this error occurred, the divine world realized something that first had to be done, and secondly the process was changed on how we develop. Earth no longer was an entry level program but a highly advanced program that made it difficult for anyone to pass the grade, but if you do, then you would advance at amazing speeds. However if you don't the results would be drastic, but not terminal.

Prior to this taking place, Earth was a wonderful program that had great wonders. I am sure you have heard of Atlantis and Lemuria before they left the scene. I am also sure you have heard that we as humans were higher level beings, what may have been called light beings. We were not so dense in the earlier program. Matter was not so primitive as it is now. We still carried much of our knowledge and glories from the spirit world, but the training was still effective because we were still dealing with a lower vibration, however our spiritual advancement was much slower at that time.

But something happened that changed everything. Consciousness changed here rapidly, and both the powers of Atlantis and Lemuria were desolated and Earth became a dense program that was very difficult. Once you entered this program you could not move forward until you passed the grade. You could not go to higher levels of training until you successfully passed this program and then you could advance to higher levels of spirit even beyond that of some of the most difficult programs in the training realm.

So two things occurred. The Earth program became "the program," more advanced, more difficult with more failure than any other program around.

The intensity level shot through the roof so to speak. It was literally an oven to mold clay in a rapid fire advancement. As well as then turning coal to diamonds.

The Earth program was the most revered and most difficult programs around. Thus many spirits would never touch it because the potential to move backwards within spirit was too much of a possibility and the probabilities to get back what you lost would take too much time to regain. Those that had already advanced to higher levels did not want to take the chance on having to move backwards. So the Earth training program has become the most guarded secret in the Universe and those that are aware of it are filled with amazement to see us here. They cheer us on but would not want to be in our shoes.

So what occurred based on my limited understanding, is some of the watchers, who were our guardians once upon a time, who were our angels that had moved up to higher levels and now came to us to be our teachers in a sense actually failed at a higher level. It was such a failing that it was called all through the universe as angels falling, or the fallen angels.

These were beings that had advanced to higher levels of training, but within those higher levels they failed there tests and actually began to go backwards. It was never heard of before in all times. This was something no one expected. There were too many checks and balances along the way to ever foresee this type of attribute. Some of the watchers
began to get so entrenched into the matter realms via the 3rd and 4th dimensions that they lost their first estate because they became wandering spirits no longer taking tests for advancements but now harming others that were taking the tests.

With matter advancements came a virtual spirit world, this is very important to understand. These watchers for no other better term are the ALIENS, LORD GODS, and they started to become absorbed into the matter creations, which were nothing but virtual reality programs and all but forgot where they came from. In a sense they got lost in the game and forgot who they were. There fell was so great, other watchers that also advanced had to come on the scene and a great war commenced between these groups of watchers/aliens.

Fortunately the primary watchers defeated these fallen ones in the great war and thus a sentencing took place when they had taken them captive as prisoners. No one could have imagined what the sentence would be. It was unheard of ever before. The sentence was to place these fallen watchers upon the Earth and sow them into as seeds upon the once fruit bearing realm, and let them grow up as tares amongst the wheat from one incarnation after another until the plan was fulfilled to separate them.

Now what I am about to reveal to you is a very guarded secret that is now time to be revealed, but only a few will understand. We live in a world that now has great technologies, somewhat similar to Atlantis and Lemuria. However, the technologies of the previous worlds were advancements used in tandem with spiritual powers we also retained. They used certain aspects of the matter realm to magnify our spiritual powers that were subdued while entering the lower vibration. As in type Crystals which could tap into the spirit realm while being in the matter realm, advanced our energies.

What these fallen watchers began to introduce was a technology that all but eliminated any connection with spirit, totally devoid of spirit and truth. They began to create things that were equivalent for the virtual reality game rather than spirit. We can see even today one of the key aspects they are creating is the illusion of telepathy by creating an extension called cellphones. It gives the illusion that we are all connected in mind but it is not real. We had the real power of telepathy but all of these physical creations are being made to eliminate any sign of spirit and completely believe in the illusion.

We were then introduced to radio and television signals which were mock copies of our ancient ability to tap into spiritual frequencies. Thus an entire realm was created to cut us off from spirit by introducing a fake remedy. Thus it was stated we were cut off from God or the Divine Creator. Not because the Creator cut us off but because we cut ourselves off by dabbling with fake technologies that resembled spirit but were not.

We began to love the virtual training and made that our real world and we but all forgot about where we came from.

Now here is the guarded secret of the ages.

On this planet there are two types of beings that exist together and they both appear human but they are not equal. However one of them is and was the watchers that fell, and the other were beings that simply want to take tests to advance to higher levels. Yet together the program has been made extremely difficult.

The question that should have been in our minds from time immemorial was why did the other watchers sentence the fallen ones to a planet where spirits were simply trying to take tests to evolve to higher levels? WHY?

In the spirit world there is a law, all shall reap what they sow. I have written extensively about this for many years, saying if you make your bed you better realize you are the one that is going to lie in it.

What you must understand is the Earth program is tantamount to software in a computer creating a virtual reality world to allow us to experiences our decisions. In the simplest of explanations if we were going to learn to fly that jet, then we must do it accurately or else we are going to crash that virtual jet. Do not be deceived, if you do not operate the controls exactly the way you are supposed to, then you are going to reap the consequences, no one can or will take the test for you.

Secondly, even Einstein realized that in our universe time is something that is totally different everywhere, remember the formula that revealed if you could move fast enough into space, one hour of your time could be like many years Earth time,. The time we have here on planet earth is based on our particular solar system for the virtual reality program, almost like an interactive DVD video program. The time that is in other world's is totally unique to their own program. It appears as if we are all connected, but only in virtual world. It must be understood that in the virtual reality game, time is not linear it is subjective according to the realm that is being operated by it. What I am trying to say, is the worlds beyond are not in another space but another time, other dimensions, other realms of the virtual program. The universe is not connected in a linear fashion it is mass of unique and different realms with differing times for each program to function accordingly.

These watchers that fell did not fall thousands or even millions of years ago, but potentially millions of years in our future. They are futuristic time bandits.

The great war in heaven between the good and evil watchers occurs in our future not our past.

What was decided in the decision of the watchers is that something was amiss in their training and thus they were sentenced to Earth to finalize the problem.

However we have another conundrum... If these Watchers failed their tests in another time long past the Earth realm then why bring them back here with spirits that are just trying to get by and pass their tests? Why make it more difficult for the wheat by allowing these tares to intermingle with us?

Why allow this alien race that fell to haunt our grounds and bring their problems to us, it does not seem fair.

You are absolutely right, it is not fair based on that conclusion, but here is the missing link to all knowledge in the Realms.

These watchers are not aliens they are US in the future that have been brought back in time to remedy a problem that began here.

We are the fallen angels... We are the race of watchers that failed and were defeated by our brothers and sisters and sent back here.

Now learn the mystery...


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Comment by Pat on May 3, 2010 at 4:50am
Me too...try to keep an open mind about all possibilites
Comment by Trudy on May 3, 2010 at 2:38am
The time has come not to doubt what you truely are ... a survivor ... a human body with a great divine spirit...
Comment by Pat on May 3, 2010 at 12:48am
Sounds like it, if we don't realise who we really are and change ourselves

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