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7 Powerful Mantras To Help You Get Through Stressful Times

by The Spirit Science 

As you go about life you may find yourself in a certain rut or phase that you can’t quite get yourself out of. Perhaps it was a loved one that hurt you, financial issues, health problems, or whatever else you have been faced with, you no longer have to fret. Despite the many adversities our world can bring to you, try to keep these seven mantras in mind for the next time you need to pull yourself out of a stressful situation. 

1. I Can Be Uncomfortable
When it comes to tough times, you are going to be forced out of your comfort zone. You are going to have to remember that this is only temporary and that you are going to be just fine when all of it’s over. Take a deep breath and charge straight through the stressful situation. 

2. I Am So Much Stronger Than This
When it comes to dealing with the loss of a certain loved one, despair can be a very overwhelming emotion to process. 

You must remember that you are a strong person and are able to move on from the past. 

Despite how much love you have felt for this person, you must learn how to be able to let go. I know this is easier said than done, but you must believe in yourself and allow yourself to move forward. 

3. Five Years From Now?
Think to yourself if this certain adversity is going to matter five years down the road. If the problem isn’t that critical or dire, then you should understand that it’s temporary nature for this too shall pass. 

4. From Failure You Learn
Do not beat yourself up over failing on something. With failure comes a lot of knowledge on how to better yourself and to keep practicing. Do not give up on yourself and see your fullest potential in the world. Believe in yourself and you can triumph over any failure. 

5. Doing The Best You Can
All you can do is the best you can. If you put all of your effort and abilities to use, then your best will be good enough. 

If another force tells you otherwise, then do not listen. 

For at least you know that you did your absolute best in trying to help with whatever the situation calls for. 

No one else can take that inner strength away from you. 

6. Listen To Your Morals
Your overall morality is very important. Stand up for what you believe is right and defend against what you think is wrong. You must be able to handle things by yourself and stand by what you believe in. 

7. Only You Can Make You Happy
This is the most important mantra of all. Only you can make you happy. No one else can make you feel something other than your own doing. 

You are the core reason you feel sad or happy. 

If you want to become happier, than you must admit to yourself that you will become happier despite any adversity this world throws at you.


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