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Making Awareness Apparent
25 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

Freedom from all of life's misery can only come with awakening. No drama comes to anyone that is not needing it. To entertain the conditions of change, notice how all of your lives are constantly changing. Nothing keeps on as it was before you notice. When noticing, ask yourself "Who is noticing change?" Are you the one that is observing or are you the change deliverer? Can this question generate another question? Are you the questioner or are you the one with the answer? Are you either? Both? Neither? Please ask these questions of the mind.

One answer is from mind consciousness, the creator of all mental answers. Another answer comes from the heart's awareness which is beyond the mind. Can you tell which is the deceiver? Which claims to be the one with the answer?

Am I deceiving you with my questions? No, only challenging and guiding answers to the one who has the ability to question. Freedom is when the last question being delivered is not needing an answer.

Are you confused? Nothing can be added to all of my questions except the next level of awareness. Are you going to give these questions your attention? All of these questions are for moving the controlling mind away from its mental choices.

Answer this: Am I the master or is another master more competent? Are you able to accept the master within as your only choice? Consider this the most aware thing that man can do. Break away from choosing answers, and instead, give the question all of your attention. No answers are needed. Are you getting my drift? Can we agree that no answers are needed? That all of your answers are available in the heart of any man, woman and child? Practice asking for the answer of the heart and cancel all other contributions to awareness.

Face the fact that all of you can get the answers you apply for when you are quiet. The dream of this life is of your own choosing.

Prepare to ascend with the use of questions. Not just asking yourself these questions and accepting all the answers that come in response; changing the questions will deliver more awareness. You close the door on mastery when you do not notice all that the master inside is giving you. Patience is needed. Question your concepts, all of them that appear when you are awake and divisive thoughts arise. Cancel them by asking "Who wants to know?" This will align you to your contract and bring more growth in awareness.

What I have said about comet Elenin does not include any delightful contributions, only challenges and control driven answers to its path of destruction. In the next days more control of the human condition will be attempted by the dark cabal as an asteroid comes into view. Give it no concern. Fear is the only way this asteroid can alter your matrix of materialization.

Politics is not the way to move things forward in a growth of awareness manner. Outcry is. Give those in the center of this current outcry applause, and anything else you can give. Are they the light in the darkness? Absolutely!

No more can be done to change the minds of those needing more awareness, but we want to activate action in those who are able to be their own answer to their contract and divine expression. Make this day the most active example of what you can do. Free the masses with your divine light shining in awareness. Allow the divine being that you are to live as an example.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

About the Details
25 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
Please consider my teachings about ascension and "God's will not mine" to be awareness assistance. Nothing being said about either of these mental details is about the more important concept of awakening the divine nature inside of everyone. Are these teachings for those who are already awake? Yes, because they can lead to more cleansing of any dross that is still maintained in the human energy field. Practices like meditation, awareness of the moment, and giving full attention to each co-creator is the most critical detail of these messages. Not the details themselves, but rather, what they can do for you.
Ponder this: Who is the light bearer in the body? No matter how this question is answered, there is only one accurate answer: "me," the God of the inner dimensions of consciousness. This "me" doesn't need any coaxing to be light - you are this light, always, not the dross you act out instead. Giving the dross the death of its creativity is the making of awakened awareness.

When I mention 3D consciousness details, I do this to give those needing these details their cause to awaken. In dense conditions the awakening of light is most needed. Are you willing to release your concern about 3D details? Are you open to hearing the most important things my messages are conveying? Why are my messages giving no absolutes about the conditions that are already developing in the 3D realm? Because, which one of these will be the best experience: the new development or details about the future that are overlayed on this experience?

False prophets abound. Am I one of them? Many are considering this. Naming a specific date and over managing the details is not in my ability. Should these predictions fail, or not come out as we are intending, another dilemma will be declared. But only in the dream. In the deep, dark contract that you made, the details are already declared. Today? Monday? Saturday? None of it matters. Your details will be fulfilled when the timing is right.

Ascension will occur. Can it happen the way we are forecasting? Only if many accept at the moment the call comes. Not all who are able are going to accept. Choosing one detail like this can alter your destiny's timing, but it doesn't alter the contract.

Friends, Gods of the human dimension, you are in charge. Make me right or make me incorrect in my future destiny guesses. Who is in charge? You are.

My channel cannot continue to deliver these messages when they are not dependable, so why would we be claiming the details we are? For the gift of ascension to be yours for the answer "I Am That I Am."

Changes are occurring. Maybe you haven't noticed the darkness lifting in the conditions of human affairs, but we are happy to observe less demands on others being called for and more action in attention on the call for more consciousness. Follow the media for news of the changes already in motion. Elenin activates more dross and debris in the cycle of man's home environment. Check out what has already occurred in Asia. China and all of Asia will continue to be devastated by the doorway of destruction caused by Elenin. More typhoons are coming. Big catastrophes mean the end of man's climate control days. More deaths will come from this creation of man and the comet's destructive influence.

Sharp minds find cracks in all details. Move this mental concern on to the dross collector where it belongs. Concentrate your attention on the heart only. Free yourself from mind's dominance. Awaken and have a great day in each moment.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Change Consciousness
25 October 2011 - (Ascended Master Saint Germain)
Change is beginning for all. Most of humanity will be aware of the deceivers by the day(s) of ascension. As exposure does not equal dismantling any of the corrupt details, those nations not yet acting against their governments will. Total chaos can result. If the directors of the masses are detained or murdered, more directors are to appear. Mass consciousness AGAINST what is occurring denies the growth in awareness that is needed. Calling FOR change does not. Care to discern between being FOR vs. AGAINST will matter. Joy can override negativity. Ask and challenge with loving attitudes. Give Truth most of your attention. Change comes next.
Arab countries are not the only ones corrupt in their attitudes. All countries are controlled by the dark awareness of greed and dense consciousness. Free your own mind of corruption, then deny nothing about the ways corruption is being mirrored in every country. Mind denies, and a denying mind is a corrupt mind. Change denial to more awareness to clear the negative attributes that now exist in your world.

Face the fact that all is a reflection of the negative attitudes in each of our dear brothers and sisters. Own your own negativity and give it no match in the world. In the near future, no negativity needs to come to the demonstrators who are aware of the negativity they oppose.

Change does not have to be created with attack attitudes. Change can also come out of caring. Ask the crowd for more caring among all who gather. Will they be opposed? Yes, and they can be caring to their opposers. Are these demonstrations going to be activating in making change happen? Not as we would like things to change. Many of the controllers are not going to accept that their duties are corrupt and will grasp for more of the same. When they are called to leave their jobs they will not go of their own choice. Stay in the heart, as they are not conscious of their own denials. Change can dismiss many who are not aware of their own part in this play.

Another dream is in the making. It is not any more real than the current one, but needs the contribution that will come from ascension. It needs more love and caring in the demonstrators and in those being called on to disburse their control. Attitudes will determine the way change will come.

Free men and women are not caught in any negativity that comes with confrontation. Make sure that you maintain open, caring attitudes when controllers confront you and your loved ones. Act as Ghandi did, never get violent against anyone.

Please do not ask me to discuss other channels through this one. I have delivered numerous details on how to discern for yourself. My channel does not care about the contents of these messages or the content of messages delivered by others. You must choose the messages that are for you on your own. Choose carefully! Some will deny the darkness in their messages and claim their own creations to be negative free. An awakened one does not deny anything. Be awake and care about none of this dream. Welcome whatever comes.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

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