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3" X NEW UP-DATES, OF SAINT GERMAIN (23rd november 2011)

Advance Awareness with Caring
23 November 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
Aruna Byers
Ascension has created many ascended masters in man's midst, yet all are not able to grasp the full clarity of their new condition yet. Many are unaware that they have fully ascended negativity. Are masters negative? Never. I Am That I Am considers everything unattractive to be an opportunity for expanding awareness. Are you able to make this an absolute truth in your awareness?

Non-awareness can still need an answer of this kind to become fully anchored in the newly ascended. Changes in your way of thinking may alternate between two different attitudes as this adjustment continues to completion. Change to the mental, as well as the body's chemistry, needs time to be adequately advanced into 5th dimension. This change is natural, no abilities are needed. Complete acceptance deletes any adjustment dynamics.

Facing what occurs without making any demands or holding any negative attitudes is the most conscious way to act as controller activities are being directed at you now. Staying with your own close group and doing non-divisive meditations and clearing work for all concerned will aid in dissolving the negativity in mass consciousness.

Facing the controllers can lead them out of darkness as the next great movement in consciousness occurs, but not now. First, they need an outpouring of energy that delights them into thinking they are delivering more of their goals. Next, the Galactic Federation will defuse all of their attempts to drive the cost of fuel up and the cost of a meal over what anyone can easily afford. Your answer to most of their attempts to destroy can be "I'm doing this my way!" Not calling them on their deceptions now is the difference between ascended consciousness and collective disturbance. Ascended consciousness awaits the attack without making any discernible effort to mount a defense. As the attack comes, an answer comes to thwart it. Our answer is not needed until there's an attack. Waiting without concern is how man can defeat the controllers. He can call these changes unacceptable and not go along with them. We are not advising any attack before the challenge appears. Not now or ever.

Tough love does not act against a minority cause unless it deems that an action being taken is not acceptable. Canceling your account at the bank is not the way to begin. When the tightening of credit comes, get out then. Always demonstrate a response that emphasizes how the control move is what caused that response. Once this type of counter to every move convinces the decision makers that they cannot succeed, no more attacks of this kind will be delivered.

Cash will not be made defunct as the controllers do not intend to delete theirs, but it will become more difficult to obtain. Create a group mind to discuss how to manage with less. Many of you are not close to anyone near where you are living. Can this be changed? Collective dialog can inspire creative solutions. Many of the newly ascended masters can give instant answers to local conditions. In their groups there will be love and decision making that can change all of the controllers attempts to destroy. None of them will be announcing their new awareness, so find them by going out to meet your neighbors. They might be next door. Nice neighbors can be ascended masters. When the day comes to come together, the neighbors may not contact you unless they are aware of your kind attitude towards them.

Faith in the power of the collective mind is more needed now than ever before. Give this day a new dose of happiness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain Aruna Byers

When Will You Disappear?
23 November 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

When the moment of disappearing arrives, the next level of contact with all that is completes. There will be no differences in the way things appear, no change in consciousness needed, and no discord in any attitude of the talk within. Only love will be in the cells, and no matter what occurs to the body, nothing can create disturbance. This is the fully awakened condition.

When the disappearance does occur, nothing that it creates will make a difference to the one disappearing. Only the anchoring of light the body energizes will make it apparent that anything has happened. Each ascended master is going to activate an area of at least one hundred meters in diameter. When this free gift arrives, will anyone change? Yes, as nothing of this nature can be dismissed. It will be like an atom bomb was disbursed, but this destruction will only annihilate negativity. This will be a love bomb, negating neediness and greed as a consequence.

Free the mind of all of its disturbances. Question your attitudes against any drama in your master's training and delete what ha caused you any contractions. Beliefs are not needed. Being NEUTRAL allows you to dance with all.

Nature does not do anything to cause negativity and yet much destruction comes to it. A man's goal to awaken asks to be disturbed so more awareness will continue to evoke the man's ability to wake-up. A new kind of character is happy and dancing to God's rhythm. After actively delivering this gift to mass consciousness, no words will be needed to make a difference. Walls will come down, new attitudes will replace negative ones, and the birth of a different paradigm will dissolve the old one.

Make no assumptions about the ability to ascend. Those who are able will disappear. Not one alone, but many at the same moment. Will those not disappearing know when this occurs? Maybe, maybe not. Being on the disappearing channel is the only obvious way to know.

Allowing God to decide when the disappearance will occur is the ONLY option. No one, including me, can make that call. Welcome to the world of being out of control. No decision can make things go against an ascension contract, only non-agreement. Cause and effect always delivers an effect, whatever the cause is.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the happiest of all? Ascension candidates, bless them all.

Ascended Master Saint Germain Aruna Byers

Moving Forward
23 November 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

What does it mean to disappear? Man is not an object. In the context of divine awareness man in an enigma, dreaming about another dimension than the one he claims to be on. In this dream he is not an answer to any of the mandates he declares―asking for them to be created by divinity. He is the divine creator he asks to do things for him. Silly isn't it, that his dream doesn't allow him to acknowledge the divinity that is his actual identity. Who is doing this? Collectively this is the doing of the mass consciousness. All these dream contributors designate the destiny of the dream. Change the dream and conditions in the dreamers awareness will change.

We of the Great White Brotherhood are also in the dream as allies and aids. There is no ability on our part to dismantle the concepts of the group of dreamers that dominate mass consciousness, but we can assist those who can accept our messages and alter their individual contribution.

Passive curiosity about how the universe works does nothing to change the dream. Collectively there is one dream and all of the mental concepts of an area or a group decide on the character of the drama they create. One dream is the collective awareness, but many dreams contribute to that collective. Anger and deep caring cancel each other out. Many angry answers to daily events continue to disturb all who are not angry. Caring also cancels anger. More and more caring occurs when a tragedy strikes and anger is dissolved as a consequence. Can you now see why anger is needed to maintain duality and caring is needed to dismantle it?

Now we have many who are able to dismantle anger in their group and the larger dream consciousness. Answering the current controller conditions needs more caring to collapse the disturbance. More and more caring deletes negative energy out of group consciousness, overturning anger as the dominant dream attitude. Caring can alter the entire dream.

Negative attitudes are the cause of all the dream's current activities. Greed, dominance and focusing only on achieving material goals negates an attitude of caring. Are you able to accept that this is the current mass consciousness dream? "Think and grow rich" has turned around the dream attitude of caring. It has overturned the neighbor concept and the close knit attitude of "all for one and one for all." Instead of the "all" it is now "all for one―me." Children of God aren't getting the message that an answer to their dilemma is in the caring about all and not only caring about one's own dream over the needs of those who are effected by it.

Personal goals are good, but no goals are better. Goals that make a difference in the lives of others can deliver the caring concept to all who are able to be influenced by another's need. No goals means that caring about others is like the automatic choice made in a disaster or a car accident. The inner call of the master in the body becomes the actor and does what is needed. Caring is natural. Choosing to be loving is not the answer. Not having goals that override the natural desire to give is.

Answers to all of today's dilemmas, including the money concerns, is in caring. Caring about one's own area of delivery is all one can do in a direct way, but divine caring includes all of God's creations and doing things for others not in your direct line of awareness is most important. One world is needed―not in assimilation or money control, only in caring. Solve all the challenges in the current dream as divine creators. Use your own awareness to deliver more God awareness to man's dream. Challenge the dominators to convince them they too can care.

Afraid of them? No need to be. Change comes out of caring. Greed can be dismantled when dreamers demand change. Are those who ascended able to go out of their comfort zone to demand caring about others? Are the homeless in your area cared about? Are the dead and dying in the world able to be cared about? I am not asking for an impossible drama to be altered by your caring. Collectively there can be more. Aren't there enough caring beings to overturn the greed goals of the few? One percent has all the wealth as a consequence of dreams not being chosen that include more caring.

Cancel the dream of dying and the dream of control of your domain and ask how you can contribute more caring. Ascension delivered many masters that are going to completely disappear as their bodies are able to be dissolved by more caring. Caring to deliver more awareness to others will elevate their consciousness to the Christ consciousness in all circumstances. Then they disappear. No "uplifting" is going to occur as methods of doing this are not currently available.

Ascended Master Saint Germain Aruna Byers


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