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Incredible Edible ~ by Ethan A. Huff

British town grows all of its own vegetables, witnesses improved civic life and reduced crime as a result

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) When the small British mill town of Todmorden, tucked in between Yorkshire and Lancashire, first began installing fruit and vegetable gardens all around the area as part of the Incredible Edible program, it likely had no idea that the novel, yet simple, concept would make the town a foremost inspirational and self-sustaining…


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Son of Billy Meier speaks out: “Dear Father, I’ve had enough!”


Billy Meiers Sohn spricht Klartext: «Lieber Vater, mir reichts!» (Son of Billy Meier speaks out: “Dear Father, I’ve had enough!”)…


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You owe it to future generations to make the changes necessary for peace and justice to return ~ Montague Keen 11 December 2011

Message from Montague on 11 December 2011

It is good to see so many of you searching, looking with clear eyes at all that you had accepted as fact, and finding for yourselves that it was no more than a fairy tale that took off and became "historical fact". Your minds were closed to everything else. You never learned how powerful your minds actually are. When you learn to open…


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The truth has a way of revealing itself eventually: it is doing that right now

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 27th

November 2011



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