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Simpleman's Blog – February 2010 Archive (2)

Subtle Energy Work: Basics by Nick Totton

Preliminary Thoughts

1. Energy Follows Thought Follows Energy.

The first half of this says that, where our will, attention and visualization are focused, energy will follow. If we expect success or failure, health or illness, improvement or worsening, we'll tend to get it. Our most powerful, expectations, of course, are often unconscious! This is what 'channeling healing' is about - energy tends to flow where we imagine it flowing.

The other half is that thought… Continue

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The Holographic Model of Brain Function

The Holographic Model of Brain Function and the Orgone Energy Fields Theory © 1996

by Ignacio E. Ochoa Pacheco (Neurobiologist)

It has been regognized by scientists that the brain constantly stores and uses redundant information. Some of the higher brain functions such as memory, intelligence and consciousness do not have an specific anatomical site associated to their function, instead they are localized "every where" within the brain. Clinical proofs demonstrate that the… Continue

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